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December 21, 2020


Laura B

One year I thought, “I’ll knit a hat for all my coworkers and also my family!”And I crippled my hands for months. Not doing that again. For the past few years I knit my mother sweaters, but this year she wanted mittens! That’s so much faster than sweaters!

Ruth Clukey

I use yarn like this to make baby blankets. scarves and mittens. They are easy to wash and are warm.


I like to knit sweaters for my nephew. Right now I’m knitting him Tin Can Knits Gramps cardigan out of Cascade 220 Superwash. I like to knit gifts out of superwash wool.

Colleen Dallura

I do alot of easy care gifts for family. Cowls and shawls mostly. I keep all the socks for me and my little minion.

Victoria Schrader

I knit easy care gifts. Usually socks, mittens, or hats. Smaller things that I can put fun patterns in, but use an easy care yarn since I know my family won’t always pay attention when they go to wash them.


Baby blankets are a frequent handmade gifts. A very few special people have received crocheted lace tablecloths as wedding presents.

Donna Stull

For gifts, it’s hats, scarfs and such. Always in super wash. I’m not good about hand washing what’s supposed to be, so no plans to make anyone else do that.

Melissa Westphal

I knit easy care/superwash for most of the gifts I give. Epically for kids. The exception is when I know the recipient is easily able and willing to hand wash items.

Renee S.

I mostly knit socks for my grandchildren. Tow of them out of college and one in, one in H.S. And they don’t get too old to ask for them. I use all the sock yarns from SSY.COM. Love seeing all the different colors and blends galore!!


I usually make all my socks to giveaway. I tell people to wash them on cold and lay them flat to dry.


Most of the time I knit hats and baby blankets and use washable yarns

Renee Huffman

I mostly use superwash yarns for others outside my family. Anything goes for my husband or kids since I will be the one caring for the FO

Becky Hertling

Depends on who it is for. New mom? Easy care! Trusted knitworthy friend? Fancy is good


Well - I knit baby blankets for new little ones that can be machine washed. I also have knit a couple of sweaters for my husband which can be machine washed on delicate. I also knit socks for family.

Sarah D

I rarely knit gifts specifically for others. Usually what happens is that I knit a project that I like, and while I’m knitting, or after I’m done, I decide I should give to to a certain person. So usually it’s knit with whatever yarn I like. Occasionally if I knit something for my kids it will be acrylic or super wash, just to be easy care.


Baby Blankets and baby gifts are in Superwash wool or a wool/acrylic blend. All the scarves, shawls socks are in wool.


I like to use cascade 220 to knit Christmas socks for each new member of the family. With marriages and births my mantle is getting very full of decorative stranded socks.

Sonya messer

I want to knit up hats for the nicu. Been here for almost a month and haven't been able to knit without my knitting MOJO. I just been so focused on functioning but I miss the clicking of my needles. I like to keep its simple but fun when it comes to making things for others. I know sometimes things get thrown in the wash and I try to pick yarn that will handle a few washes without guilt.


I don’t do a great deal of gift knitting, at least not without the recipient’s knowledge. If I’m going to knit a sweater for someone, I want their input on color and styling and I will use a favorite sweater as a measurement guide. So gifts are more likely hats or headbands. This Christmas, I made two headbands for teenaged recipients. I don’t worry much about fiber content because I don’t expect they will do much to care for them. The main criteria is color and softness.

Lynette Utter

I tend to give easy care gifts because most people don’t realize how much time is spent on knits. And, the easy care ones seem to be used the most!

Suzzanne Lawrence

When making gifts for others, I try and use easy care yarns.

Joyce Purcell

The fiber I choose for gifts depends entirely on the recipient. My sister gets silk and other lux fibers, along with a bottle of Soak. Kids get superwash. Everyone gets a mesh laundry bag.

Carolyn Zewe

I knit easy care items for others using super wash yarn. Unless it’s for my husband and I will be taking care of it. I wouldn’t like to spend all that time knitting something for someone and then have it ruined, so easy care is the way I go when gifting. 😊

Amanda Ives

Socks for my close family and they require a little more care. Hats and scarves for others and I just use big box store yarn.

Sabrina Snyder

The last 3 years I have been making tons of baby items. In 2018 my daughter gave us our first grandchild. Followed in 2019 with one of my 2 BFF'S first grandchild. Followed in 2020 by my other BFF'S first grandchild. Guess who is getting a second grandchild in 2021? ME! Guess what I am knitting? If you said baby items, you are correct! (College graduations, marriages and babies seem to be our lot with 7 kids between 20-30)
Anyway, I make sure everything is washable. I don't believe in putting a baby in anything that can't be washed.

Carol Herzog

I make socks as gifts and include washing instructions for the gift recepients.

Jeanne Bush

I've knit a lot of socks for friends and they are usually easy care. I think easy care is the best choice for gifts since non-knitters don't really understand anything else and handknits.

Laurie Alexander

Socks, cowls baby blankets, and shawls for friends. Love baby alpaca for cowls and sock yarn for interesting scarves. Easy care is the best, but an occasional hand wash is ok too.
Seasons greetings! Be well and safe!


Socks and shawls. Whether they can be put in the wash depends on how much faith I have in the recipient's ability to remember not to. My mom, yes. My bff, yes. My partner, yes. Everyone else, probably not, unless they're also a knitter.


My family has let me know that they all want socks. This year I have over 25 pairs in my gift box but they'll have to wait until it's safe to visit. No way am I trusting all of those socks to a delivery service. I always use superwash yarns that I'm familiar with like Opal, Regia and Trekking. That way I know they'll last even if they aren't treated gently.

Teresa Knittingdancer

I use superwash wool when knitting socks for friends. I choose the colors based on the colors that they usually wear. I let one friend choose which color she would like to have from 3 skeins I had with me that day.

Sarah S

I try to knit easy-care items so that others don’t have to put extra effort into washing. Unless they request something different, like in a super soft alpaca - and then I’ll advise them on how to beat care for the item.


When knitting for others it is usually hats and occasionally shawls. I did make a baby sleep sack out of cascade 220. I probably know with superwash yarn most often, as hats are usually for grandkids!

Deb Monnin

Hi there! I love to knit for others and when I knit socks, gloves or hats, I don’t worry about how they’ll be taken care of as they typically are super wash. When I knit shawls, I often will let the recipient know that I’ll wash it and block it for them if they ever need it to be cleaned. Thank you so much for the questions each day! I love to see the answers and share mine also,

Rachel Elliott

I've been knitting hats this year. Mostly I use superwash and some acrylic. All easy care. I don't want people to worry about taking care of the gifts.

Rena Ballew

I usually knit hats, socks, and headbands. I include washing dir3ctions with everything.

Kimari. Wright

I love to crochet shawls or sweaters to gift, sometimes with matching hats, fingerless gloves and scarves to go with them.

Joan M

I love to knit socks, but also shawls and dishcloths, mostly as gifts, though I finally started using the dishcloths I've knitted! My husband is my sock model! Cascade 220 is perfect for shawls and scarves and cowls and so many things!!!

Katie Porter

I love making baby blankets and I most definitely use superwash yarn for that. I also like gifting hats, scarves and shawls. I use more luxury stuff for that because they don't require as much regular washing. I tend to keep the really good stuff my things I make myself, I will admit that.


This year for my two special friends I made mitts and socks with wool. Gave them the care instructions. Fingers crossed!

Dawn F.

I love the 220 Superwash and have used it in blankets and outdoor wear. I like Superwash for items that are used a lot and save the non washable yarns for special shawls.

sherrie mckee

I mostly knit hats and scarves. My stash has lots of yarn that needs to be babied. When I was a new knitter, I bought what looked and felt good, not realizing what I was getting into. A couple of my knitted gifts met an untimely demise when washed the first time. Now, when I'm buying yarn, I look for machine wash and dry.


Easy care is definitely the way to go for gifts! I made lots of hats this year and some Mitts for gifts. When I make shawls or scarves for my sister or niece I enjoy making patterns that are easy care and don't require reblocking.


A lot of the yarn I use is superwash which seems to be the norm right now. It is good for hats fo the men in my life, but not as good for lace, which is mostly what I knit.

Crystal Parker

Gifts are always easy care. I want to make sure the person I give it to can enjoy it for a long time.


I mostly knit socks, scarves, hats, and a few shawls, but usually out of superwash or easy care yarns.


I give away easy care hats, baby blankets and afghan squares. I think your mesh bag companion gift is a great idea.

Joni Orwick

I love to knit with Cascade Superwash Yarns because I know they will last and are easy for the recipient to take care of: I do a lot of charity knitting like chemo caps and scarves for service men and women but also sweaters and hats for family.


Mostly superwash, but not all. It depends on how much I trust the recipient!


I knit socks for gifts, and always use superwash yarn

Donna Gerber

When I knit for others, what I knit and the care it requires varies from person to person. For my grandchildren, I knit easy care items. For my daughter and daughter-in-law, I've made items that require a little more care and are made with nicer yarns. I also include care instructions from the yarn labels so they will know how to care for the item. While I do enjoy knitting for others, most of my knits are for me. Working full time doesn't allow me to knit all the things I'd love to.

Beverly Vinson

I knit a mix of easy care or hand wash. Typically I make cowls abs hats in easy care yarn and then socks and shawls in hand wash. Depends on the client to some extent.


Most yarny gifts I make with machine washable yarn because I don't want to assume my hard work will be taken care of properly. The only exception are things I've made for my sister...she's a crocheter/knitter as well, so she understands the care that needs to happen.

Debra Cohen

I love your idea of giving a mesh bag when gifting socks...wish I’d thought of that! This has been a year of knitted baby blankets from Cascade. Last year it was toddler sweaters... again washable. I know that these years should be reversed... but it looks like more toddler sweaters, hats and mittens next year...

Erika Price

I usually stick to gloves, hats, and neckwear. People usually know about the gifts in advance because I want to know if they or a housemate have allergies, what textures they like, and colors. But they still enjoy the gift when it's done.


Anything I have knit or crocheted and gave as a gift has been easy care.


Hats scarves mittens ornaments and gift card holders are this years small gifts. Wraps don’t go very well as no one wants to hand wash and lay flat to dry. Hope to be doing baby cardigans for next year! 😊


I'm a pretty selfish knitter, but when I do give knit goodies to others, it's usually socks, which are mostly at least able to head through the washer a time or two before anything bad happens. Baby stuff is usually superwash wool or cotton because babies. For the most part, those who get knits from me are encouraged to wear and beat up their items. They're meant to be used! I can make more! I've repaired holes in everyone's socks and I enjoy doing it.

Anna Marie

I mostly knit for my grandsons and I use easy care yarn because they usually need to be washed often. You know how boys are.


I knit caps, mittens, scarves, socks and ornaments for gifts. All require little or no care.

Linda V.

I mostly knit socks, shawls and cowls as gifts mostly using superwash yarn because I don’t want to set the recipient up for failure. Selfishly, I also don’t want want the gifts ruined after putting in so much time and effort. If the gift is for a knitter I’ll also include some Eucalan or Soak in with the gift.

Sandra Sprouse

I try to knit with machine washable yarn when I’m giving to someone else. Fingerless mitts are a great gift!

Ellen C.

I only gift easy care knits. No fuss, no muss, no guilt if it goes in the dryer. Hats, scarves, neckwarmers, washcloths, dishcloths, an afghan or a shawl once in a while.

Diane Palec

I do similar care socks so that I know to care for them all the same way. I have only made a pair of socks for a gift in the last 30 years. Before then I made scarf/hat sets and an afghan as gifts in easy care yarns.


I use whatever I have on hand for the project I want to do. Mostly charity items that are either wool or super wash wool. I hardly ever use acrylic. Most of my family members live in the south and truly don’t appreciate my knitted items, so I concentrate on charity and the few people that I know appreciate my knitting and how to care for it.

Ellen Bruns

Love cascade 220 superwash yarn.


I mostly knit socks, hats, cowls, scarves and mitts for family members. Easy care and not much fitting required.


I knit others in a yarn that can be easily laundered. My sister has 3 kits, so anything she can machine wash will be more appreciated. She is good about not drying them.
I know I can knit my husband something that I can hand wash.
I've knit a few shawls for gifts and well, I never saw them again so I stick with cowls and hats that can be easily laundered.


I use easy care yarns knowing that the item I’m making is going to be used. I want the person I made it for to have an easy time caring for it 😁


I usually knit easy care for gifts - hats and socks - especially if they are going to kids - but gotta admit I love a nice soft alpaca or cashmere blend for those people I dearly love!

Lori Putman

I like to knit hats to gift. I try to use yarn that the recipient will not have to concern themselves too much with the care.


I typically do slippers,hats,etc...easy care gifts. Eventually , I would like to try my hand at something more delicate but for now am happy with the things I make as gifts for friends & family.


I enjoy knitting for my family. They appreciate all the time, work, and love that goes into every single piece. I have enjoyed knitting baby gifts and always place a special handwritten tag indicating the special care. I use super wash for gifting. I love your idea about the little laundry bag for gifted socks!


I usually knit easy care items for others. I have a special tag that personalize for each item I give. That way they know yarn content and care.

Melody R

I have knit toys, hats, and scarves as Christmas gifts! I try to use washable yarns so that the gift recipient doesn't have to worry too much about washing instructions. And then I have tried to give written instructions and care to them to make it as easy and enjoyable as I can.

Diane Dunleavy

I always have at least one pair of socks on my needles. I enjoy knitting with the self striping. I try to use super wash yarns if I am making hats or mittens for my grandchildren. I always include wash instructions when gifting.

Carol S

All my gifts are easy accessories and are given to people in my immediate household. They are the ones who seem to appreciate the time required to complete the projects. Mostly hats and fingerless mits.


I almost always use superwash when making a gift for someone, unless I know that person doesn't prefer it. This is especially true if I knit something for a baby. No one wants to hand wash baby clothes/blankets.


If I’m knitting a gift it would be super wash or acrylic. I usually attach washing/drying directions.


Usually- I do presents in superwash and usually I knit socks for others because I love to knit socks!!

Melissa Stein

Beanies and more beanies, usually from superwash. BUT if I gift to a knitter, I gift socks, and out of great yarn - care is self explanatory when I gift to a fellow knitter or crocheter. :)

Kimberly Baker

I have been knitting socks for gifts that can be machine washed.


I use to knit a lot of baby clothes and used easy-to-care-for yarn. Nowadays, I tend to knit for myself - mostly sweaters. Currently I am working on a hat and think I might make several as gifts for this next year.

Linda Lau

I love making blankets and afghans for others. I always use a superwash yarn. If I’m gifting to another knitter, I know they’ll hand wash so I can use a non superwash.

Shelley B.

I usually do easy care items like socks, fingerless gloves and hats.


for gifts i use superwash wool or wool blend. I like hand dyes...

for a knitter relative I will knit non superwash wool, a shawl or hat.

I like knitting socks for gifts but I prefer to give them to knitting friends. Most other people don't get hand made socks. They think they are cute but can't figure out why someone would make them. Most of the time after I give away socks, I never see them again or hear about them. If I give away a hat, I usually hear if they wear them.

Hats and cowls are pretty easy to give as gifts to anyone.

I used to make acrylic afghans and give them to family members... after 20 years some still are in use. I got tired of making them but they were fun for awhile. I started feeling like one of those old ladies at the church bazaar selling coasters and afghans. I still have two of them, my mother has one. There may be more. Do you remember the TV show Roseanne? They looked like the afghans draped on her sofa. I suppose that is why I stopped making them. I should have tried quilting instead!

Sue Gilck

Most of what I make as gifts are hats and scarves that don't require any special care but occasionally I give a shawl that requires blocking.


So many great ideas on your blog! I love knitting everything, but there’s something so special when knitting and gifting hand knit socks!! I have gifted hand knit socks to my daughters college friends who also absolutely love wearing them!🧶😍


I knit all kinds of gifts for my loved ones - gloves, mittens, hats, socks, cowls, scarves, shawls, sweaters. I always use easy-care yarns for my nephews but may use non-superwash yarns for select adult recipients who know how to care for wool.

Stephanie Gordon

I mostly knit gift knits from superwash wool, but once in awhile I have gifted a shawl to knit worthy people - I tell them I will always wash their shawls so it will be protected. (:

Tera Liles

Most of the time I use easy care yarn to knit when I plan on gifting it to others. I am just recently starting to knit things with wool content, but am nervous for if others being careful when washing their gifts.

Kimberly Dzingel

I tend to go with super wash for most projects, gifts or not. Once I tried it, I said a big ol goodbye to acrylic! That way they are easy care. I love to knit for my kids, my best friend, my mom or my sister. I’ve done socks, hats, sweaters, blankets and toys. All so fun!!!

Carrie Jones

I usually use easy care yarn. Mostly for cost, to be honest. Only kindred yarn spirits get the really good stuff, because I know they will take care of it and treasure it.

Joanne Christman

I like giving cowls. A useful gift when given during the cold days of winter.

Debbie Hostos

I knit for me. This may sound selfish when first hearing it. However, I find that knitting for me is the stress reducer that I need from knitting. Knitting or making things for others just doesn’t draw me to want to make things. Knitting and crafting is a major stress reducer for me. There are times when I have a piece that’s done that I wake up one morning and say, whoever compliments me on this today, it’s theirs. I enjoy that kind of giving. I knit with good yarn, so most is needed to be soaked to be cleaned.

Deborah Gill

This year I have made over 25 pair of socks, 4 lap afghans,1 full size afghan, 2 shawls, and a few scarves as gifts. I also made three twin size afghans, about 20 hats and 15 scarves for donating to a charity we sponsor at work. I use all types of yarn, depending on the project.


I rarely knit for others anymore. My immediate family loves all the fibery goodness of hand-knitted items, but I have been burned by having others not appreciate the gift.

Lois Pennick

I love the 220 washable yarn. I have made many hats for my sons, nephews, husband and grandchildren. So very soft, warm and durable. Both my grandsons have comfy blankets made with this yarn also. And the best part - no worry about special care instructions😊

Deborah Adams

I like to knit hats, mittens and socks for gifts. And instead of me deciding who might like a particular item, I let people choose their own preferred color and item.

Christine Newman Aumiller

Mostly stuff that can be hand or machine washed gentle. Never dry clean.

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