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December 09, 2020


Shaw Mumford

You are my hero. Every year or two I wash the curtains (for dust and animal hair reasons) and it never occurred to me to iron them. My logic in your situation would have been "the folds will fall out eventually". So you are heroic.


Oh my gosh. DO THEY fall out on their own??? Is that a thing? I guess I just assumed that they were foleded so long that I should iron them. And now.... gah.


You probably could’ve just hung them & used a steamer to get any remaining wrinkles out. The only time I use my iron is when I sew. I can’t believe you (or anyone really) would pass up an offer from someone to do ironing for you! I LOVE those gray & white curtains. I’ve always been fond of 2 neutrals together. Probably my favorite shoes EVER were a pair of brown & grey Spector pumps with a stacked heel (it was ~1979 when shoes still had practical , comfortable heels).


I have never ironed curtains. I put them in the dryer and take them out as soon as they're done. Hang them up right away. No wrinkles.

Alison Badger

I agree about the steamer. Use it to block and use it on curtains and things you can hang up
and then steam drapes, and coats
and whatever. Start with low heat and practice on towels if you are afraid to burn something.

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