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December 04, 2020



You have outdone yourself this year, despite everything! Thank you so much for all the great yarn you have offered this year, and tried so hard to get for us knitters. The boys look great, too! Thanks, Allison xoxo


Girl, how do you do it? Makes my head are "something else"...Bless you


How cute are your boys! Wonderful photo. Happy Holidays!


It's very striking in this Christmas photo how much Henry looks like you, Allison. Sweet!


Beautiful yarns, gorgeous tree, and such handsome & happy-looking boys! Thank you for all the hard work you & your crew have done this year to keep spirits up with all your lovely yarns.

I am too slow a knitter to make a gift before Christmas with this latest batch, but goodness, it’s hard to resist! If I’m quick enough to snag any on Tuesday, maybe I can get a jumpstart on 2021 gifts. Here’s hoping next Christmas we’ll be celebrating the end of the pandemic with all our loved ones!


I love the boys smiles! Thanks for filling out lives with color!! Knitting is my peaceful time. So many beautiful offerings to choose from!!


Thank you Allison for all you have done to make this year so much better!
This post has me wanting to just say "one of everything, please". So much fun in store.

Best wishes to you and your family and to all the SSYC crew and theirs.

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