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December 16, 2020


Sarah S

I've been learning to entertain myself at home - especially trying out new recipes and playing some strategy board games that I bought a while ago and never had time to play!

Coby Hanna-Butler

During quarantine, I jumped into a project I had always been intimidated by - socks! It's awesome to have a knitting friend, as Lauren was the one to nudge me to do it. She even knit a pair at the same time so when I had questions she could help! Since that first pair, I've made two more. Same pattern each time but eventually I'll switch it up!

Anissa Miller

During Lockdown, I started a Bits and Bobs Blanket by Kay Jones. I wasn't sure if I'd enjoy the same two stitches over and over again for an entire blanket but it's turned out to be just what I needed during such a weird time. Two stitches can bring comfort in stead of boredom in the right situation.

Chris Wells

I've been working remotely from my mom's house most of this year so spending extra time with her has been wonderful!

yolanda v

I have set up a green house and a veggie garden, along with my partner. We have also redone a spare room into a sewing room. Spent lots of time in nature! STILL at the top of the list is knitting my first pair of socks!

Cindy Carpenter

I get off work about 1 AM. I really miss getting a drive thru sandwich on the way home like I used to. Now all the 24 hour joints close up at 10 or 11. But everyone is safer with the extra cleaning.


Definitely more gardening, and plants in my life.Decluttering and also organizing my stash...

Susan Mercy

I have time to knit and cross stitch again....EVERY DAY! I've never had time for a KAL and now I'm participating in one (and so far, keeping up) during December. I'm also learning classical guitar. And I've learned a heckuva lot about teaching music lessons online, and how to improve the sound of students' musical instruments.

Cheryl Boles Cosart

During this lock down I am finally getting a lot of little odd jobs done in my home that I have put off for a few years because knitting is much more fun! From time to time I have to give my hands and wrists a break due to too much knitting!! Go figure! Just added more yarn to my stash....Merry and Bright yarn and tote! Merry Christmas to me!! Our group, Ohio Knit Wits meet on zoom sometimes since we can no longer knit in public. We are all looking forward to rescheduling a road trip to Simply Sock Yarn this next year! We had to cancel our last one we had planned for March 17, 2020 just as everything got shut down.

Kathy Robbins

Lots more time devoted to reading, which is great as I have a long, never-ending list of books. And have gotten back into quilting---and of course, more time for knitting!


Although I was never really on "lock down" and have worked the whole time, we haven't done any traveling or car shows or much of anything out of the house in our free time. The first part of the year I knit a lot of hats! After that I quilted, then sewed handbags, then sewed kids clothes for charity and now I'm sewing clothes for myself. I've been able to sew more than I ever have before!

Samantha Arten

After some initial resistance to developing a solo at-home yoga practice (I have always loved the feeling of practicing yoga in community), I found some online yoga teachers whom I love and have been doing yoga near-daily--and now I can for the first time in my life get into my splits!

Renee S.

More time for knitting knitting and knitting!!


I have had much more time to knit and to learn different knitting techniques, like Brioche and Double Knitting.

Teresa Knittingdancer

I watched a lot of British tv series such as Downton Abbey, Call of the Midwife, Doc Martin, etc on dvds from my local library. I have done jigsaw puzzles along with my knitting.


I have been practicing Yoga, Qi Gong, Pilates and breathing on YouTube. I’m actually not a fan of exercise however I am enjoying doing these activities and feel I’m helping my health.

Jennifer McKee

Our adult kids have both spent a couple months with us for WFH. It’s been so fun and we feel lucky to have had this gift of time!


I destashed all my fabric and made 30 rag quilts for charity. I started to attend Vogue Knitting Live every month and have learned more techniques. Knitted lots for sure. Watched lots of British Crime dramas.

Geraldine Scott

Curbside pick-up is amazing! I have a bit of a mobility issue, and that has been a delightful way to shop local. I have also revisited my bins of cross stitch projects, and have enjoyed reviving an old hobby....

Ellen Bruns

I am really pretty much a home body so this pandemic has let me not feel guilty about just staying Watching a lot of Netflix too with my husband.


I’ve been getting more acquainted with the internet. Have started more shopping on the internet Have even found SSY and their great products and blog. This could turn me into a yarn junkie!


Finished up some large projects that languished for years in my UFO pile. And I read, read, read.

Elle Essenmacher

I have cut up every Tshirt I can confiscate into yarn and knit it up into “rag” rugs. My husband is guarding his laundry.

Tina Stellhorn

I have to say I have really missed out knitting club get togethers. We moved one knitting club outside, which was very nice to get to spend time outside and keep in touch with members of our small group of 5 people.

During the lockdown I did do some stash sorting and passed on some yarn to others.


My husband has been working from home and we have been able to spend more time together. We have always enjoyed together but more so now and we have been married for 20+ yrs.
I have also been baking a heck of a lot more and giving out homemade gifts--baked goods or prayer shawls as well. Normally I do not have as much time.I also have taken a bit more time for self care.

Lynn B

Trying to declutter and stay with it.
Of course, knitting and reading more.
I have tried to challenge myself, in regards
to knitting. So far, so good.


Been baking more with yeast, including perfecting a chocolate babka!

Theresa Martin

When everything shut down and we all started working remotely, my husband and I were able to spend most of our spring and summer at our quiet lakeside cottage in the woods. It was heaven! We didn’t have to leave for meetings, or other commitments. As long as we have internet, we can still work. It was peaceful and good for the soul to experience a quieter pace of life!


I've finished up some years old UFO projects, worked on the garden and read more.


I've started cooking...which I hate to do! We mostly eat out/takeout. But I started cooking, again. Learned I'm pretty good at it! But I still hate it!

Sandra Sprouse

I recently got back into cross stitching and I have really enjoyed it.

Dana Harper

I’m a home body. My life really hasn’t changed that much. I can tell you my house is more organized and cleaner.


This year has brought challenges that I never wanted. Husband has been on chemo therapies (4 different ones) since January 2020, to try to beat lymphoma. The side effects of a couple of them are so bad, he couldn’t use his hands or feet. The Prednisone caused horrible mood swings, and skin damages. So nursemaid duties are how I’ve spent the year. But I have learned to cook from what’s available, make up new dishes using our stash of food, and giving him nutritious high food value meals. Knitting is a mind savior at times like this!

Dana Snyder

One thing I’ve done that I never did before was watch old monster movies. I love them! We started getting take out and watching Svengoolie on Saturday nights. My husband has a collection of old monster models from when he was a kid that he found later and repainted. Oh and I got married Labor Day weekend. That was interesting with just immediate family and a select few very close friends. This year, we decorated for Christmas which I love to do but I haven’t decorated for a long time since it was just me and I always take off for the holidays. The other thing I never did before was teach remotely. It’s a lot of work but I’m finally getting to where I have a lot of lessons and activities made and so next semester won’t be so bad. I’ve worked more this year than I did my first year of teaching and this is my 23rd year! We’ve had to postpone so many trips so I’m looking forward to lots of rescheduled vacations in 2021! Our honeymoon won’t be till July. Lol It’ll be more like a one year anniversary trip! I have to admit, I’ve bought way more yarn this year than I ever have!

We’re getting a big ice storm today and I was supposed to teach from home but now we’re completely closed. I’ll be knitting all day! The hubby still had to work but he’s home too. :)


We set up the Christmas tree for the first time in 4 years. Living on the opposite coast from aging parents and halfway across the country from the grandchild means we have traveled at Christmas for the last few years. It didn’t seem worth the effort to put up the tree those years.
This years it was so nice to reminisce as we hung the decorations made by our now adult kids and picked up on vacation trips.

Mandy K

The shutdown (not really a lock down where we lived) opened up some spots in a really good daycare that usually has years of a wait list. I really needed a good place to send my 3-year-old, because working from home with him there wasn't really working. I also feel like the children need socialization with other kids. So this was a COVID blessing for us. I have also been able to finish so many knitting projects lately. It's been awesome!


My husband and I rode our tandem bicycle more than we have in years! (Amazing how much time you have, when there's nowhere to go, all your conferences and other related travel have been cancelled, and you're looking for outdoor activities to do together.) On days with hot forecasts, we'd sometimes even be on the road by 6:30, to get out and back before it got too unbearable. I'm trying to remember the last time I was willingly up and out that early, before last summer.

Shirley Nygaard

I have learned to be content with the here and now. Those first few months were a struggle, but when I was finally able to let go of what I couldn’t do, I began to see more clearly what I could do and what I have.

sherrie mckee

A cookie delivery company started in my hometown. After ordering once, I decided I could do my own cookie delivery. My grown children and their families live near me. It has been fun to surprise them and to try new receipes.

Megan H

I really didn't get a chance to stay home during the pandemic due to my job. However, I'm still making Christmas cookies myself and the people at work. I figure we all need something like that this time of year.


During shelter-in-place I have enjoyed frequent visits on Skype with our kids who live in London, playing games of Battleship and Mastermind, leading Grammy’s Science lab with quick kid friendly activities, listening and discussing the Alien Adventures that my older grandson reads to me, and just chatting! These experiences brought us joy and strengthened our connections during these challenging times.

Becky Creighton

The knitting store I worked at went to online only and the owner was handling everything on her own. After many weeks I went in to wind yarn to be mailed out. Eventually she was able to reopen but in the end had to close the brick and mortar store and be online only. So since September I’ve not had the relief of getting out of the house and being surrounded by beautiful yarns and safely spending time with our wonderful customers. It was only one day a week but I relished that time. So I’m knitting more gifts than ever and I’ve been sewing and quilting too. Creating is my happy space.

Jessica McConnell

You hit the nail in the head for me! My kids are teenagers normally I wouldn’t be able to spend this much time with them. It’s been the one blessing in this whole thing.

Sally G

Because we are retired and are seniors, there really hasn’t been anything new or different that I’ve done. My usual day is to do household chores then spending the rest of the day knitting, working puzzles and watching TV. It’s been more of what I miss doing - visiting my children, grandchildren and sisters. Plus we used to travel quite a bit and of course, COVID put an end to that! However there is one thing new - we moved during the beginning of this pandemic- that was interesting!


While working from home earlier this year I started taking long daily walks in my neighborhood. I listened to so many wonderful audiobooks and that hour or two were the best part of my day. I really miss it now that it's cold and still try to at least go around the block every day.

Peggy P

I have learned to use online grocery shopping - which isn't the easiest! I am better at it but it still takes me nearly all week to get it done, just in time to start again.


I love these colors! I'm getting to enjoy spending evenings w/my hubs. We've been "inventing" cocktails, making puzzles, testing new recipes, and of course, practicing COZY. I got us a pair of Santa PJs that he refers to as "loungewear". ;)


I've learned how to use my sous vide! Also, have made extensive progress using up my yarn stash. 2021 yarn purchases will be made with absolutely NO GUILT!

Ellen Bartlett

My husband is working from home so we have started walking together every afternoon. It’s been so good for us mentally and physically. It has most definitely helped us get through this weird season. I’ve also cleaned out all the closets and kitchen cabinets-not as much fun as walking, but an accomplishment none the less. On the knitting front, I’ve been attempting to improve my color work skills.


I listen to music a lot more often, and am actually finding myself in the kitchen doing some baking and trying out new cookie recipes!


Sleeping until 8, instead of getting up at 6. I'm working from home, which means my commute is from the bedroom to my computer, instead of 45 minutes of driving. It may seem like a small thing, but that little bit of extra sleep is really helping!


I've learned how to enjoy being still. Just my knitting. Or just a book.


I've been able to work from home every day instead of 1.5 days per week. I miss baking for my co-workers though so I'm going to be baking this weekend and dropping it off at the local homeless shelter next week.


“Zoom” is what’s new for me, since the pandemic started. It’s been great to get a group of people together in this way, when you are unable to meet in person. My family has even got my 90 year old mother using “Zoom” to connect with family and friends. You can teach an old dog new tricks!

Carol Anderson

I have enjoyed looking through my stasb, finding projects I'd forgotten about, but still love and want to finish

Kim Napier

During this time I was blessed to spend time with my daughter and grandchildren, in California, before they closed down but during fire evacuations. When I came home I have been busy making a skirt for my granddaughter and a dinosaur sweater for my grandson as well as socks for the soup kitchen.

Barbara Devino

I decided at the tender age of 73 to learn Spanish. Using the Duolingo program every day for 3 months, I have learned more than 3500 words and grammar basics.
All my grandkids will be receiving hand knit scarves, plus a blanket for the granddaughter with a holiday birthday.
Lemonade from lemons!


I have noticed being home every night after work. I always seem to run errands, meet friends, or stay late at work. I love looking at my calendar and knowing I am going home every night after work... I hope I remember this when we can move around more freely...

Lynn Taylor

I have been able to spend some extra time knitting and spinning. Although I am working more than ever since the pandemic, I am also realizing more than ever the importance of relaxing and doing something fun every day.


I picked up cross stitch and quilting again after a few years hiatus.

Nicole S

I've enjoyed getting to know my new roommate. I would have had one whether there was a pandemic or not, but if it had been easier to find work (or easier for him to go to the university regularly) we might not have gotten to know each other quite this well.

Deborah Grce

I haven't stopped working, or worrying. Howver, I DID finally get the Neverending Fuzzy Pink Cardigan finished and off to its new owner. I NEED COLOR TO KNIT WITH STAT!!!! <3

Regina-Anne Cooper

Because my job reverted to a remote setting, I've been knitting and exercising more because I don't have to travel to work. I'm using that former travel time to tackle more intellectually challenging knitting projects (basketweave stole, Russian lace shawl, Icelandic mitts). My son has challenged me to take up cross country skiing for the first time; he bought me a new set of skiis at a garage sale. Hopefully getting snow this weekend! Looking forward to weekend of knitting and skiing!

Linda L

I re-attacked purging boxes from years of moving.


Sweater knitting! I could never find enough time and focus to complete a garment. Now I just have one sleeve left on my first sweater.


I have Biked over 1800 miles outdoors, walked 350 miles in state parks and completed more knitting projects. I have cooked more foods and healthier foods at home.


I've learned to play MarioKart! Video games have never been my thing, and I'm not very good, but my daughter gets so excited when we play together!

Joyce Correia

I've knit a pair a socks that has been on my to-do list for a long time. But, more importantly, I've gotten on my exercise bike for the first time in several years. Now I have strong calves again.

Pennie Nelson

I have enjoyed a more leisurely pace especially in the morning since the start of the pandemic.


We have saved more and done some home improvements during the
Pandemic. I have slept more too.


Never did Zoom before or even heard of it. But thru Zoom I have been able to connect with my Ravelry friends and also keep up a biweekly yoga practice.
I also knit - A LOT.


I'm glad I've been able to enjoy video games again. And I'm very glad to be able to work from home through the pandemic. I guess my thing I figured I enjoy most is not sitting in traffic and being able to somewhat keep up with chores and then also having way more time to knit!

Dense Farringer

Just now putting up tile in kitchen, I've done a lot of quilting and knitting. My dog is very happy


I've been taking regular walks with my family through the neighborhood. We don't wait for perfect weather anymore. Ok, I still refuse to walk in the really hot sun. The discussions on the walks are really nice and take us away from the responsibilities waiting for us inside.

Paula F Rowe

I have learned to do different heels on socks. I love it when I finally get it 😃

Carolyn Frank

I have develop a taste for whiskey!! I love a glass with ice while I knit!!! This also helps to relax after a hard day of working at a Foodbank with the Ohio National Guards!!! I feel like it is ground hog day over and over!! Love today’s blog and contest.

Victoria I Moon

More knitting for sure and doing the puzzle page in the newspaper...brain exercise!

Alene Sternlieb

I have finally begun to use my leftover sock yarn to make a patchwork blanket. I am enjoying remembering the socks and other items that these leftovers came from!

Barbara J.

After reaching out to two acquaintances, I discovered kindred spirits who have become good friends. It makes me feel like a teenager again (from back in the late 60s) when I look down and realize we've been gabbing on the phone for over an hour!


I'm retired and a homebody so not much is different for me. Still enjoying my knitting and trying to use more of my stash!!


I started knitting sweaters - I’ve mostly only knitted smaller items before this (socks, hats, etc.) so it has been interesting to dig into some bigger projects. I’ve knitted 9 sweaters so far this year (which funnily enough is the number of months we have had of quarantine).


I have used this time for finishing up lots of unfinished projects!! And thus finding those needles I need for more I'm retired and have read a lot, cleaned this crazy house top to bottom and sorted out a bunch of yarn from my stash and given it to to ladies who have only been knitting about a year and are doing a whiz bang job of it. Love your shop and mention it always to other knitters.


I've been taking long walks with our new 80lb dog every day. Our other dogs are small and don't need long walks, so it's been wonderful as an excuse to escape the house! I've also enjoyed knitting like mad and sending off care surprise care packages to friends.


Doing more couple things with my husband, playing Scrabble and even working in the kitchen together.


I have really upped my cooking game. I have been trying new recipes and found that I am enjoying it more than ever. I also tried sewing on a machine, something I haven't done since 8th grade. And, I noticed that I am truly enjoying the little things like my morning coffee, the sunset, and watching the birds at the bird feeder. I guess I slowed down a bit to take the time to "smell the flowers".


Due to COVID, my boss decided to retire and so did I. My hubby and I made the decision to downsize, and move to Texas, to be closer to the grandkids.
Also I’ve had more time to knit and crochet so, I made several items for the new grandson due in January.


I've enjoyed being able this month to listen to Christmas tunes during my work day.
Overall through the pandemic I've knit a bit less but picked back up sewing.


My husband and I started watching the Great British Baking Show during the pandemic, and that has been a real treat! We are even starting to attempt to make some of the baked goods! Also, at work, I've had to beef up my technology skills to provide digital learning solutions for students, so that has been a bonus--forced professional development. :)


I’ve been able to pick up my cross stitching again.

Leigh Ann

Baking Bread I never tried before and now bake either bread or rolls weekly. I am starting to branch out from basic white to wheat and cinnamon raisin.

Hilda Clegg

I'm retired so staying home is what I do normally but what I've been doing during this time is trying
new techniques. I've always wanted to tackle stranded knitting so I found a "simple" pattern and made a cowl. Surprisingly it turned out pretty well if you don't look closely! I've also tried different sock heels.


I got to try working from home for the first time and find I’m way more productive at home!

Joan Bowden

Studying Hebrew online


On top of working from home since March, I learned how to bake bread. Various kinds but am currently trying to perfect sourdough. I had no desire to bake bread before but fresh bread is so delicious, I should have done this years ago.


The lockdown has changed so i am, not just what i did. I have always loved my family and my church family and loved being together with them all. Now i LOVE seeing them...i no longer take that freedom for granted.


Definitely the extra family time has been great. During the holidays, this very non-baker has been whipping up Christmas cookies and candies. The best part is when the first batch becomes a disaster (because it always does), we just start over, because that whole pressed-for-time feeling isn't anywhere near the level it used to be.

Christine Becker

Since my husband and I are spending so much time at home without plays, school programs, dinners at restaurants, museums, etc., We are really relaxing and enjoying our decorations. I love looking at our tree!

Suzzanne Lawrence

We have been able to do more things together as a family, like eating meals together, playing games, which are difficult with a teenager!

Rose Birchall

Being retired, nothing really changed. We've been practicing social distancing for years.


Getting several back burner projects done. Helping our son move into his first house. Lots of time for reflection as well.

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