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December 17, 2020



I am very lucky that my husband is dedicated to having Christmas decorations. I did not celebrate growing up but it is great now that we can marry (see what I did there) our traditions for our family. Tree, stockings and reindeer garland all mandatory! Next, I hope to replace all stockings with my own knitted ones.


Decorate? Nope. We have cats. We don't have kids. Nobody is coming over, especially this year. The holiday season tends to be a big nonevent around here most years, and this year even more so.


Hi Allison - I have pretty much decorated the same as I do every year. I just have to be sure and cat and dog proof everything.
I have to say that you know how much I love Opal yarn. My husband has 42 pair of Opal socks now, and I have been waiting for this shipment to arrive so I can order more yarn.


I decorated a little tree and hang a wreath on the front door. Minimalist.
Place a few cards on mantel.


I have two ceramic trees, and each of my children has a tinsel tree. I put a ceramic hanging snowflake (I made it) on my front door, and I have tinsel decorations on my exterior lights. Target had some really pretty decorations this year - I got each of my kids a ceramic tree ornament to give them on Christmas eve!

Hilda Clegg

We never made Christmas a big deal when I was a child so as a adult I don't do a lot. I've put out a couple of felted wool table toppers that I've made in years past, both with snowmen, and a very small tree I knitted with a snowman ceramic piece standing next to it. That's it.

Chantal Paquette

OMG! I didn’t even know these were a thing! Absolutely love these minis, and I just added them (along with your website) to my Christmas list!!

yolanda v

Oh I am BIG on Christmas decorating. BUUUT, my son got a rescue dog last year and I don't want to take any chances. OR tempt him. So this year I decorated the mantle, very simply. Powder room. And I put a 4 ft. Christmas tree in my Sewing Room and one in my Fiber Studio. Kitchen is decked out too. Just my son and I this Christmas. I LOVE decorating. Maybe next year I will get to REALLY decorate go crazy!

Chantal Paquettr

Just found the question!
I just moved a week ago, so no decorations so far, but I did keep my Christmas boxes handy, will try to do the tree this weekend...


We love to make our home Christmasy.
We have a shelf that looks into the main room and we put about 40 of the nutcrackers up there. There are more nutckrackers thru the room. We do have a tree and ornaments. Then thru the main room (we live in a condo) we have stockings and a huge ornament with the initial of our last name on it and it is placed next to the fireplace. I also love putting red plaid pillows thru our place.


More decorations this year, to combat the blues!


I decorated a little more than usual this year, I had more time and so not some gnomes and some Christmas trees for the mantle. I’m retired so we will be staying home this year and I’m looking forward to it. I do love Opal yarn, my favorite for socks.

Lynn B

I keep my Dicken’s Village up year round.
Love it! I have a small faux tree with my
favorite ornaments on it. From walks in
the neighborhood, I would say people are
“going all out” this year. Opal is my favorite sock yarn.


This year, we are doing both more and less. My husband wanted to do cheery so he put up lights (more). We put up our tree with less ornaments and I have decided to give my adult children all of their ornaments. Up until last year, I gave each child an ornament every year. Last year, I declared, "done" and this year I will give them their ornaments with no strings attached. It was a fun run. There are only 2 stockings on the mantle (less). I plan to give each "child" their stockings and one for each of the 2 new daughter-in--loves. My husband suggested stuffing them one last time and I told him to "go for it!" We shall see what happens. Praying for peace and health (as usual, but more often).


Yule decor is my favorite and I am usually teased by my friend group about putting it up as soon as Halloween stuff comes down. This year, a lot more of them joined in early decorating - I think we all need a bit of sparkle this year. I have a vast collection of Santas that I love putting out each year.


I usually don’t decorate too much, but I knitted myself a stocking this year so I hung that up. I also bought some little wooden houses from the Target dollar spot and used a white paint pen to make them look like gingerbread houses and created a little village with some garland and lights. I’m not big into the red and green color scheme so this was nice and neutral for me.

Samantha Arten

We have an Advent wreath, Christmas lights up, and paper snowflakes that I cut out some years ago. No tree yet though!

Joyce Correia

We gave up the Xmas tree about three years ago. Donating an entire day to decorating and undecorating was too much. Donated the tree to charity. Donated all of my glass ornaments to my daughter's basement so granddaughters could choose for their trees. Now it's just small decor for the holidays.


Love the Holiday Season!! We always have outdoor holiday lights on all the trees and roofline, in addition to wreaths, greenery, etc.... indoors we have our decorated trees and stockings🎄❄️☃️


We have handknit stockings hanging on our mantle. A lovely vintage aluminum tree complete with vintage ornaments and a hand-dyed and strung felt garland. Plus a window view of vintage ceramic trees. We plan to get a 2nd tree for next year for our growing collection of family ornaments that are currently on a baby tree. We love the cheer it brings!

My cousin does 30+ trees throughout his home each year and it's a sight to see!


We decorate a artificial tree, hang stockings & run some old-fashioned looking Christmas lights on the outside of our house. We normally travel over Christmas & New Years to see our families so we leave our decorations up into January to enjoy them longer.


I love to decorate! but this year we have not done any decorating so far. We usually do an outside tree on the porch and an inside tree. I also have tons of snowmen I love to put all over the house.
With teaching virtually and in person, I have not given myself the time to focus on decorating. I have been using my spare time to finish an afghan and small yarn presents with my needles and hooks.
I am loving your pictures of the way you decorate!!

Louann Chatfield

A little less than usual....just the two of us this year...but it dosen't change the reason we are celebrating. ....Merry Christmas

Merrill Walsh

We did a little less decorating this year as I had a knee replaced and couldn’t help. Still very festive with our tree and decorations scattered throughout the house.


We go artificial with 3 cats. We also wrap presents early so they can kinda fit under the tree. When it snows, it really helps get you in the mood for Christmas.

Peggy P

No kids and no visitors - it just seems like too much bother this year. As my husband said - we'll know it is Christmas and that's good enough for him!

Mary Kay Ross

Radko ornaments galore, garland wrapped in Christmas lights adorning my mantle for weeks now. i needed lots of bright and shining to bring Christmas joy into my home. No snow as yet but maybe a dusting on Christmas Eve.

Kathy Robbins

Just simple lights this year due to our loved ones not being able to visit due to Covid.


I have my usual decorations out and bought some new holiday blocks for my mantle and a fresh outdoor wreath from the farmers market. My elf on a shelf ran away in a bag with a Christmas puzzle on a parking lot masked visit with grand kids. Hahaha. They were thrilled that my elf ran away to hang out with their elves. So I lost a little decor in exchange for smiles and laughs.


Not many holiday decorations for me. A few twinkle lights, poinsettia plants and lots of candles.


I celebrate Chanukah. My "decorations" are low key - a Chanukah wreath on my door, menorahs near my front window, a "Mensch on the Bench", and a "Mitzvah Moose" (the last 2 are plush items each with a story book).


I put up a Christmas wreath on my door and a friend sent me a vignette in a lantern that I put has a Christmas treet, a chair, a knitting basket, a crochet blanket and two pups who look like mine, but it may stay up all year because it's fantastic! I may put up a small, pre-decorated, pre-lit tree or's just me and the dogs so...


More lights outside for the holidays this year as my state is trying to light up our mood. Not as much inside and a smaller tree.

Lisa Smith

Everything is decorated this year- inside and outside. Lots of trees and lights everywhere. We do this every year but did start earlier this year than ever before.

Shirley Nygaard

I decorated as usual this year with one exception. I laid out a Christmas picture jig saw puzzle on my dining room table. I won’t be using it to seat my family for Christmas dinner this year, so it’s been put to another use.


I have decorated less as all gatherings are on hold. But I did decorate around my fireplace a bit to keep me cheery.

Beverly J White

I haven't put up a big tree for several years since there are just the 2 of us. I do have a cute little flocked tree that's 30" tall. It has tiny mercury glass ornaments and strings of lights that are battery powered. It's just right. I also set out the smaller decorations. If the grandkids were here I guess I set up a regular tree.


It's the second Christmas in our new house and we're keeping it simple. Last year was just a small ceramic Christmas tree. For this year I found the perfect skinny, pre-lit tree to hold all my Margaret Furlong angels and wrapped it with a sheer gold ribbon instead of tinsel garland - it looks quite elegant! And we have a fireplace for the first time (formerly lived in FL) so I'm furiously knitting stockings for the mantle - should be done by the time to take down the decorations.

Thanks for the opportunity.


We always wait until the day after Thanksgiving, and then put up our Christmas tree. As we have grown older, we downsized to a 4-foot realistic artificial tree that we can place on a small table. The finished look is that of a full-sized tree, without so much work! While my husband gets the actual tree put up and the lights on, I go about putting up our Christmas wall hangings and other miscellaneous stuff on the mantels and shelves. Then I out the ornaments in the tree. It all takes us two or three days. We love the decorated house! It brightens our spirits, especially this year.


I love Christmas! I decorate for myself and my grandchildren. I love to look at the tree lights sparkling. I've decorated 2 trees outside also. Many Christmas figurines too. I have lots of angels. When Christmas is over I'll get the snowmen out!

Eve R.

I decorate a tree with lights and ornaments and place a vow on top! Thats all🤣 I keep it simple!


I just couldn't bring myself to do any decorating this year. Just me and my husband and our pets. The dog likes to terrorize the cat and I'm afraid the decorations wouldn't stand a chance. 🙂


A wreath in the door and a crèche this year. No tree due to a kitten in the house that loves to climb.

Dana Snyder

This is the first year in a while that I decorated. I’m always away for thanksgiving and Christmas so I never seem to have time to do it with my work schedule. I’ve put up my tree and we put up a lot of lights outside even though not many can see it. My house sits back from the road. We can see it and my neighbors can. That’s all that matters, right!

saffron shipper

no decorations here - hanukkah - and it's mostly for the kids. menorah on the mantel is about it.


We did get some decorations out this year just to brighten the place up and have something new to look at. So far the cats have only knocked over the 4-foot fake tree twice!


We decorated with stockings as usual. 2 trees ( one very small with wooden ornaments from Germany but I put a string of lights on it this year. I have a grouping of mini trees on a cupboard in the kitchen. Most exciting are the 3 trains under/around/near the tree.


Made a bunch of crocheted ornaments to decorate the tree this year!

Missy Garber

I went a little crazy overboard with decorating this year. Lots of extra lights, especially outdoors. My tree is super colorful and playful, a little psychedelic. We just need some brightness and joy right now. —@monkeyjg on IG

Sheauling Kastor

We have been decorating much the same this year, but have done a lot more of diy art for the season.

Connie Bennett

I haven’t decorated this year. With the social distancing and Covid restrictions I decided against asking my daughter or grandchildren to help out with Christmas decorating. I am making cookies, breads, and candies for friends and family which always puts me in holiday mode. And of course in between the kitchen fun I have 2 different pair of socks in progress.

Stacy D Sprengeler

Small Christmas tree in the living room with ornaments I've collected from our travels. Icicle lights and a lighted wreath on the front porch. Love Christmas!


I have a big inflatable hippo with a Santa hat.


My Christmas tree is up a lot earlier this year


Less time for decorating this year. I’m a laboratory worker and to say we’re busy is an understatement.


Totally decorated living room, dining room kitchen. 9 ft tree covered in red and white ornaments. Second tree in the basement with all the ornaments my son (22) has received. Just put my red and white Santa wreath on my front door.

Melissa G

We’ve done less, way less. The Christmas village is out and the tree is up, has garland on it and extra lights but not otherwise decorated. I’m not sure why but I don’t have the ambition to get it done this year. Same with the Christmas baking.


Early. We decorated early. We put up our outside light mid-November and put up our tree the day before Thanksgiving. The only thing that went up in December was our stockings.

Margaret Paschal

I live alone with a Siamese cat, so I gave up on a tree years ago. I normally just put wreaths on the farm gate and front door. Nobody is coming over this year, so I didn't bother. Besides which, I wasn't driving 30 miles to the city to what I am very sure is a crowded farmers' market to get them. Next year I will splurge on bigger and better.

Brenna Delosier

We got a tree spinner this year. The tree turns so the whole thing gets seen. It’s pretty awesome.


I love looking at my Christmas decorations that have a lot of memories. I decorate the same way every year

Nicole S

I don't decorate for the season at all. Most years I would be going somewhere else for Christmas Day anyway. This year, it just didn't seem important - my roommate doesn't celebrate Christmas, and I am not the biggest decorator in any case.

Kimberly Dzingel

This year we definitely did things a little differently. I just wasn’t up for the usual level of decorating and we only put up our tree. We did however buy some new things (always do!) and those items are on display! We have lights outside too. 🙂

Sue Cooper

I used to go all out when our 3 sons lived at home. I even had the bathroom mirrors decorated with those plastic window decals -- snow flakes, holly leaves, elves.

This year is a simpler theme. Crochet snowflakes like Grandma used to make, small glass ornaments, and a wooden snowman ornament my dad made for me over 20 years ago are on the tree. I will decorate the mantle and put a few other things around the house but there are about 3 large tubs filled with decorations that will not be used this year.


My twin sister and I decorated our tree as we always do. Since I am working from home, I put up a small tree, the Arne and Carlos Christmas stocking I knit, and a festival alpaca on the bookshelf in my background for all the virtual meetings I have. I love Christmas and Opal yarns!

Karen Leonard

We’re over 70, and downsized last year, but we’ve still put up our little tree, decorated our apartment door (there’s a contest), put up stockings, and my 3 remaining Byers Carolers — Victorian Santa and Mrs,, Clause and their lighted tree, and original Santa that was my first ever to collect. When we downsized, all my other thanksgiving and Christmas carolers went to a daughter. We may be celebrating alone this year, but we’ll connect via zoom with our daughters and their families.


About the same as every year, inside and outside the house. Instagram 24 day advent countdown to Christmas, 8 days Hanukkah lighting, and Instagram photos done for Twelve Days of Christmas Dec25-Jan6. It has been fun, now I am tired ... resting up for my birthday tomorrow!

Kimberley Buergel

Lots of twinkly lights this year!! Went out and purchased additional strings of lights. Really loving all the lights this year...and feeling like I really need them this year. Helps combat all types of darkness!

Maureen DesMarais

Less this year as we need to be able to pack it all away Christmas night. Heading south for a bit and my college aged son would just leave it all till we returned. Haven't made Christmas cookies but might make a few batches next week to take with us.


We moved to our house last January and had downsized a lot. I wasn't sure how much room I would have to decorate-- so it took longer this year- trying to figure out where I wanted things and finally having a fireplace mantle to decorate. I love looking at my tree and seeing all my cute decorations. I have less this year but I love it all.


I added three additional trees to my house to really brighten things up! I typically have one large tree but I added the three others just for ambience. The more twinkle lights, the better!

Deidra Mathena

I used to decorate lots for the month. But now I don't. I pretty much keep it to a memory candle for Winter Solstice night for the loved one that we've lost this year.

Geri Heagy

My decorating will happen (hopefully!) this weekend!


We just lit our 8th Chanukah candles. To us, it's beautiful to sit and contemplate the lit candles in the menorah, no more decoration is necessary.

PS Thanks for running this giveaway, I am a huge Opal sock yarn fan


I thought it was important to “have Christmas” as best we can, even though this is going a Zoom gathering of the family at best. We got an artificial tree in the fall—anticipating the continuation of pandemic restrictions. Also bought a balsam scented candle to add that incomparable smell. Sent Christmas cards to 50 people & getting some warm wishes back. Lots of baking, which the birds will inherit in January. I am blessed & will carry on.

T Craven

This year, we only have the tree by the corner fireplace decorated. Construction begins Monday on my studio space. Super excited and we didn't want all of the decorations collecting construction dust. I am okay with that! Oh, and I made the hubs a Grinch facemask, which he loves to wear when he does the grocery shopping.

Mandy Byrd

I decorated simply this year. I have a small live tree that I decorated with handmade ornaments and lights. Stockings on the fireplace I have a candle Christmas tree on the dining table and of course a nativity. We just kept it simple.

Janice W

I’ve been knitting hats for the homeless and chemo caps. I’ve left them out surrounded by snowmen. Seeing them pile up reminds me that I have much to be thankful for!

Rene Bowman

I LOVE Christmas trees, and we are blessed with a large house, so Each room gets a themed tree! There’s the traditional red and green tree with traditional ornaments, the silver snow land tree, the crystal tree, the all the things my now grown up kids made for me as they were growing up tree, the angel and manger scenes tree, this year there’s a red black and white buffalo check plaid tree, there’s a wizard of Oz tree, a music themed tree, a sports ornaments tree, a miniatures tree, A rustic woodland creatures tree, an ornaments from all the places we visit tree, and I know I’m leaving something out...


We don’t decorate. We celebrate at our son’s house.


Minimal decorations this year. Just do t have any extra energy. Its just me and my husband. We have been burning a lot of candles.


We decorate by making sure it looks like Christmas blew up all over our house. Every surface has Santas. Christmas trees, everything Christmasy on it. Over the years we pick up a new decoration or two at the local craft fairs (not this year, bummer). We are super fortunate because our kitty gives it all one sniff and then moves on. A Christmas miracle!!

Kim Kieffer

I do less and less each year. This year just a regular and mini tree

Rose Birchall

We put everything out earlier. The tree is on more. The lights outside are on longer. Now will the real tree last to Little Christmas?

Kate s

We are doing the same as previous years except I actually filled the advent calendar. Tree is up and outside lights are on!

Vicki Maynes

I don't do a lot of decorating any more, but I always put out my collection of ceramic trees and two little houses that were made by my aunt in the early 60's. She cut popsicle sticks and glued them together to look like log cabins!


I haven't started. Recovering from Thyroid surgery due to cancer on the right lobe and my husband's only sister passed away Dec 3rd. Hoping to do minimal decorations because after all, it's Jesus' birthday.

Robyn Durand

I decorated outside this year (finally got my new window boxes up and filled with greenery, yay!), but indoors is minimalist because...9 cats. 🙂


My goal is a tree in every room! We go all out, I think, while still falling in the realm of tasteful. I add a little at a time, so I'm never spending a lot of money in any given year. This year I added a new tree (on our recently renovated third floor) and more outside lights.

Rachel Elliott

We got the outside lights and decorations up by Thanksgiving and our 7yr old daughter insisted that we get the tree up earlier than that. But beyond that I haven't been able to get anything else done. I miss my mom's decorations. She was big time into the holidays.


During a normal year, I have a 9-foot tree that we put up with my huge collection of Hallmark collector ornaments plus others that I have collected over the years. I decorate my mantle with stockings for Hubby, I and the dogs plus my bottle brush tree and mercury glass ornament collection surrounded by twinkling lights. There is a big wreath on the front door and the door between the garage and kitchen. Hubby decorates outside with lights along the edge of the roof, a big lighted star on the side of the garage, a different big lighted star on the chimney, plus Christmas blow-up in the front yard. When we lived on an acre, before we moved to town, Hubby had a huge computer controlled Christmas display that was choreographed to music that you could tune in to from your car radio. What can I say - we love Christmas!


I decorated pretty much the same amount. There were a few things I didn’t get out this time, but I also bought a few new things, so it’s a wash. I am more of a winter decorator. I am obsessed with snowflakes and love icy blues and greys ❄️ When Frozen came out my family and friends all joked about Elsa being my animated spirit.


We have outside lights and a Christmas tre inside. Much less decorations than normal.

Coby Hanna-Butler

I LOVE decorating for Christmas, but I have two little guys who are autistic and that means many of the breakable items I love can't be unpacked. Even our tree has changed over the years and now only has ornaments that can't be broken. Instead of a "pretty" tree we have a "fun" tree now. : )


I decorated a bit earlier this year but kept it simple as always. No tree but I did string lights in the living room and displayed some of our favorite ornaments on shelves and lamp shades. I have a collection of elf like hats that also sit on the lamp shades!


I have a wreath on the door and some snowmen in the entry. I have decorated my moms tree with her vintage ornaments. It is bright and cheery and I think it helps.

Maureen Barger

Your decorations are so pretty!
I only have an LED tree up, it's about 24" tall. Makes it festive when the sun goes down though!
I think my Animal Crossing home is more decorated than my real homes have ever been!


This year we (sadly) did not get a proper Christmas tree, but rater decorated our Norfolk Pine and gaint potted lily. They have lights and ornaments and are VERY 2020! We also have wreaths on all the hallway doors and, garland and advent decorations in the kitchen. Our living room has tiny glitter trees on either side of the mantle and my husband made us a wooden moose to hang over the fireplace as a stocking holder. Oh. And Elf of the Shelf is moving about the house too!!

Kim Holbrook

I decorated less than usual, mostly because we moved to a new house a few weeks ago and things are still a bit of a mess. The tree is up, though, and it feels like Christmas!

Eileen La Porte

No tree this year. For many years my grandkids have helped decorate the tree, even as adults. This year since we can't see them because of the virus we won't even be able to celebrate with them or any of the rest of the family. I did put up many lights and my collection of santas to brighten up the house.

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