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December 20, 2020


Shelly Leavitt

My stash has probs doubled!! Online ordering is so easy and even though you can’t feel the yarn, you can figure out softness by reading the description and by fiber content. The pandemic has been awful to my yarn budget (budget? What budget?🤣)

Heather Fairman

My stash has definitely grown! Scrolling online for hours at a time has led me to many new lovelies, with several beauties from SSYC.


My stash has thankfully remained stable (not sable :D) throughout this year. I opted to spend my usual "for fun/hobbies" budget on books not yarn this year, so I don't believe I added any yards to my stash! I do all my yarn shopping online though, so I had many venues tempting me though ;)


My stash has grown by a lot, thanks to online shopping. I've used Etsy, your shop and a few others as retail therapy.

Donna Reed

Early on made a blanket with a knit a long and used up neatly all my worsted scraps. But I buy most on line so the purchases have been about the same.

Samantha Arten

My stash has grown a bit, mostly because I put in my first order for Lettlopi for sock knitting. One of the unexpected side effects of the pandemic is that our local yarn store, which was in the middle of its closing-out sale, has actually put closing on hold, so for now St Louis still has a yarn store at least in theory; I don't think they're open to the public but I still get emails about virtual knitting classes.

Mary Ellen Merchant

I have replenish stash a 100 times over! I discovered your shop online when I learning to make socks. You When not knitting, I’m looking at all the beautiful yarn you have. When this awful pandemic is over, my girlfriend and I are driving down from Traverse City, MI and physically going to your shop!!!!


I've done slightly more yarn shopping this year. I bought yarn special for a Steven west shawl early in the quarantine to have a project to do. And I've continued to buy a skein here and there. I totally used Wonderland yarns in my painting bricks shawl and loved it!

Annie Shace

I love your store. I have a lovely stash and hope this goes to someone who doesn't have one. Blessings of the season to all!


My stash is continuously growing despite the fact that I know full well that I am completely out of control. COVID and the holidays have only enabled my yarny compulsions.


Hummmm lets see I guess I could say that I have used more of my stash.....but then I find another bag...Shhhhhh


My stash has grown. Most likely because I have bought more items in general in line this year.


Well, it has not grown, but it still will take years to get it down to a reasonable size. I keep knitting!


I have used some of my stash but found myself ordering bright colored yarn to cheer myself up.I think my stash has increased but so has my production.I met my Christmas yarn obligations before Christmas this year.


Hard to tell--I've used up some really old stash but I know I also purchased many wonderful skeins of MWP too!
One day a few years ago I was sorting a table full of yarn and when my husband saw it he looked at me and said "Honey if this makes you happy, you can have all the yarn you want!"
A keeper for sure!


My stash has grown, as I’ve wanted to support my favorite yarn stores like SSYC and my favorite indie dyers. But the result has been almost entirely yarn that I know I like, without the unexpected discoveries of yarns or dyers if I’d gone in person to a yarn store or fiber festival.

My new year’s resolution defnitely needs to be knit from stash only though— I keep it well organized but it’s taken over the entire closet of my office/workroom.

Carol Engstrom

I have been increasing my stash due to online buying and being able to go to Oklahoma to a couple of yarn shops. I love shopping for yarn as much as I love knitting!

Jennifer Kilkenny

I ordered a lot of yarn from the knit knit shop in Cour De' Alain ID when the pandemic started. She carries tons of Crazy yarn and each skein is unique. I cant get enough of it!! Now I'm broke or I'd be buying yarn all over the internet. I think I'm addicted but I don't want help. XD


At he beginning of the lockdown, I decided that I would use up as much of my stash and finish as many UFO as possible, only buying what I would need to finish a project. On the plus side my stash has been depleted quite a bit. On the minus side, I still have a ton of projects to work through.

Alison M.

It's a little bit bigger because I have bought yarn and knit nothing.


I think my stash stayed stable. As much went out as came in.


I’ve been knitting from stash...but I want to support my LYS, so I’ve been very intentional when I do purchase yarn.


Oh my yarn stash has doubled in size the past 10 months for sure. It’s like TP 🧻 you can never have enough yarn stash.

Lori Lee Reed

Since the pandemic, my stash has increased. I am lucky enough to still be working, so continue to support businesses online. Unfortunately, the pandemic does not mean I have more time for crafting😜.

Kay Flores

I have enjoyed knitting with my stash, and I have REALLY enjoyed replenishing it. I want my LYS to stay in business, andI want other yarn suppliers to flourish, so I am quick to buy or order more when I see something I love or want or need. I convince myself that the number of hats I have given away this year makes it okay to own a mountain of yarn that will someday become socks!

Diana Byrum

I have so much time now to knit and I did increase my stash with items from your fabulous sales

Wendy yount

Because money is tight from not working much, I haven't done any stash 'enhancement ', I'm trying to knit with what I have and be grateful.

Mary Tymeson

Mine has gotten larger.
I felt I needed to support my lys! That's my story and I am sticking to it!!!!

Stephanie V

I made a decision not to buy any yarn at all during the Pandemic. My stash had been fed regularly for years and I felt I could challenge myself. It was mostly fun with a couple of blankets made which were waiting...and waiting for the time. Sweaters, lots of socks, hats, scarves and shawls all helped in the reduction. Next year I plan to fill in all the gaps again.

Deb Monnin

I have really been trying to knit from my stash this year, but am finding that I have been having to supplement with new yarn to finish my last couple of projects. I’ve been buying on line, in that case! Thanks so much for having such great photos for the SSYC yarn on the website!


I've had some skeins I kept saving...sounds crazy but didn't want to use they were trophies or something! I decided this could be a disorder of some kind so I"bit the bullet" and have been knitting them. Only another knitter would understand....

Renee S.

My yarn stash has definitely grown larger due to going on SIMPLYSOCKYARN web site more often and taking advantage of the sales.

Meredith Barker Yarbrough

My stash has gotten bigger! I have bought a lot more yarn and I haven't had time to use it all.


If anything, my stash has grown a little since I have not been able to do as much knitting lately but, for some reason, the same didn't seem to apply to my yarn purchases :) But, overall, not a huge change one way or the other. Those Wonderland yarns are beautiful!


My Yarn stash has continued to grow mostly through SSY- but the way I have bought it has changed- online only and I miss touching and smelling yarn before I buy it!🧶🧶🧶

Jennifer M.

My stash has grown big-time! Between supporting my local yarn shop and finding new indie dyers and yarn shops online through Instagram (like yours) I really have had fun adding to my collection!


My stash has exploded this year! So much pandemic-induced stress shopping!

Sue Cooper

I have not been in a yarn store since February and that has certainly helped to keep my stash from growing any more than it has. I am an impulse buyer of yarn when I can actually pick it up and see the true color of it. I only ordered yarn to knit 3 toddler sweaters for my grandchildren and it seems I ordered at least enough for 2 more sweaters. Recently we learned a fourth grandchild is on his way so maybe I didn’t over order???

From existing stash I have made socks and several shawls so maybe I am coming out even..........

Carolyn Zewe

I haven’t bought as much this year but I did purchase my first yarn advent calendar. Not being able to go to shows or yarn crawls has cut back on some of my purchasing. Instagram is a great enabler though. 😁

Linda L

My stash has only grown a little bit because I found a couple of sweaters I wanted to do, and I never have sweater quantities in my stash.

Erica Engle

I've knit a couple of projects from my stash but I've also supported my local yarn store more by going in and safely shopping rather than ordering online


My stash grew more than I had hoped. Trying to support local and participated in a huge virtual crawl this fall. Lots to do in 2021!!

Gaylyn B

Well, I don't advertise this fact but my stash has really grown. I have knit more than usual, have tapped some ancient skeins, and online shopped frequently. But when all is said and done, yes, facts are I have still more yarn now in the spare bedroom. I've had to buy additional plastic storage tubs. The Container Store has gladly sent those items for my yarn storage needs. :)))

Stephanie Merrill

I have really cleared a lot of my stash out. I really love knitting with natural fibers and have found that a lot of my stuff that I had stashed away isn’t what I’m into any more. I have been teaching my niece how to knit and crochet and she is getting a huge collection from my stores yarn for Christmas. So I have shrunk what I have any buying only quality fibers.

Mary Jacques

My yarn stash?!? I have used many yarns as well as purchased from local shops and my favorite online yarn stores. So, my stash is quite full, my projects bountiful, and my heart full in knowing I have help shops stay open, and they in turn, have helped my creativity continue!!


My stash is organized!

Tracy May Adair

My stash had increased because I decided to range a bit further afield to find some stores that were still open. Then I decided I needed more yarn from SSYC...and then maybe a bit more from SSYC....and now I’m drooling over some of your sale yarns when I absolutely don’t need any more yarn!

Geraldine Scott

Pandemic hasn't changed my habits. I tend to buy everything online since I don't have a great LYS nearby....


It hasnt affected it much. I have about the same ampunt as when it started. I have bought a lot on-line for customer orders. I have always done most of my yarn shopping on-line anyway.

Colleen D'Allura

The first half of the year my stash decreased. I stayed home and used what I had. During the second half of the year my stash increased. I stayed home and supported small yarn business!!

Barb B

I went on a yarn diet and used up some yarn and then repeatedly, shopped online to help keep SSYC in business. I think its about the same as I knit a bunch and then bought more. :D
Merry Christmas to everyone at Simply Sock Yarn Company!!

Kristi Elkner

I have sadly added WAY more yarn to my stash, thanks to the Pandemic. I really missed getting to go to my yarn/fiber events in person, but really felt compelled to do my little part in trying to keep small, indie dyers in business.


My stash has grown somewhat in size and variety. But I have done a lot of knitting this year. I haven’t gotten as many new tools of the trade this year, a few more fixed circular needles in sock knitting sizes. I have done a little more organizing this year, which is almost as much fun as buying yarn. I have also purchased a few more single patterns from designers I like than in the past.

Diane Palec

My yarn stash has grown significantly. In fairness, I have focused on finishing up projects that I started and set aside and haven't really hit the new stash purchased at the beginning of the pandemic.

Nadia Severns

That’s not an easy question to answer. I’ve probably bought no more than three skeins of yarn (all sock yarn) this year. Our income has been hit really hard, so I find buying for myself makes me feel frivolous and guilty. It’s been such a sad COVID time for us that I find my concentration is off when I do try to knit. On the other hand, looking at all the beautiful, colorful yarn and planning new projects always works to lift my spirits. Your business is a gift, even if I can only look right now. Thank you.


I guess I’m not really a stash person. I only buy what I need for a project when I’m ready to do that project. Now, I do have a few partial skeins leftover from those projects. Are those considered as stash??


I have bought yarn to make gifts and bought myself some yarn during the virtual sheep festivals. But, I finally made the time to put all my stash in an excel sheet so that I can use some of the yarn I have purchased over the last 20 - 30 years.


My stash grew a little bit before the pandemic hit, but it has really stayed the same. I haven’t had the energy to pick up any knitting projects until about a week ago and now I feel like a collector of great yarn lol

Diane Dunleavy

Since the pandemic, I have bought yarn only for specific projects. I have been using my leftover stash to make mittens and hats for my grandchildren. So I would say my yarn stash is dwindling.

Debbie Golden

My stash has grown so much that I’m running out of places to put it! So now I have to buy more bags to store the stash. Ridiculous right? But it works for me.

Melissa Weipert

My stash has remained about the same. I knit some and I ordered some. I have completed more projects this year than the past couple, so there is that.


Uh oh. Moment of truth. My stash has grown quite a bit this year. I'm an ICU nurse, so my knitting time has been more restricted this year as I've worked a lot of extra shifts, but bright yarn and planning projects has been relaxing for me. Next year I will have a list of projects and yarn ready to go!

Adele Danielsen

My stash has stayed about the same. Purchase new for very specific projects otherwise use my stash. I have been trying not to increase my stash over the past few years

Chantal Paquette

I had enough to keep myself busy during the pandemic but then spent part of the summer visiting various LYS in my area to refurbish my stash 😉

Marilyn Patoprsty

I truthfully think my stash has stayed about the same. Butitalways welcomes some new yarn into the group.


I've mostly been knitting from stash.

sherrie mckee

My stash has been erratic. I shopped at the lys when entry wasn't allowed, they did all the shopping. I brought the skein that needed a complimentary color. They brought the choices to the door and I picked one. Very efficient. Later, when shopping was allowed, I bought needles and pom poms. Yarn was purchased online for a mystery knit-a-long and for yarn to match a hat that was made some time, ago. The last yarn was purchased in store with minimal time spent looking around. Seems I've tried every option for shopping!

Josephine Marrero

Since the pandemic my stash has grown.

Sometimes I will take a trip to my local yarn store because it's not too far and I will buy yarn.

Most often, I will support a yarn Dyer online.

I know that I'm doing it as an escape from being indoors all the time

I have also started picking up techniques and learning more about knitting and crocheting so I am starting to combine colors and variables and my creativity in playing with crayons so to speak is increasing.

Yarn is soothing not only in the feel but in the colors and that is a survival tool.

The very fact that I am interested in color combinations and different types of yarn is now keeping me from becoming depressed.


I have added quite a few purchases to my stash. What I really need to do is organize said stash and get my act together with getting rid of some yarns that no longer bring me joy. I made and gave away over 500 masks, so I didn't knit as much as I expected to during the pandemic. I'm planning on doing a lot more knitting over the winter.


Mine has grown as I’ve had more at home, knitting time!

 Michelle Carter

It's grown sooo much (oops!) But I've been dyeing and knitting more this year.


When the pandemic started I knit from stash. As the year progressed I did some online purchasing. I have been able to visit an actual yarn shop once this year. I think my stash has remained about the same.


The pandemic has not affected my stash. My 2020 goal was to not purchase any yarn and work through my stash. It's helped me be creative and make more room in my storage. My favorite thing to knit is sweaters though and I don't have sweater quantities of yarn in my stash. I did, however, manage to pick up and finish a sweater I started when pregnant with my last child and put away shortly after she was born. I finished it shortly after she turned 9. :)

Heather Salsich

My stash has grown. Both to keep supporting local businesses and because I have spent the pandemic knitting for stress relief.

Renee Huffman

Mine is probably about the same.... I usually buy faster than I knit, but I have been working through some older yarns this year and not buying as much. Still did the local-ish yarn crawl, which took the place of my favorite yarn fest being canceled. And have made a few other purchases, but not as much as usual!

Ellen Bartlett

My stash has stayed about the same. I have definitely been knitting more but somehow I keep restocking my bins!

Lexi Taylor

I've been able to organize my yarn stash a little better and have noticed I'm much more selective in adding to my stash now that I can't go pet the yarn in person before I buy it. I'm also very reluctant to use any of my finer yarns because I can't just go out and get more if I need to.


My yarn stash actually increased by a ton this year!!! I used to shop around my LYS and really only purchased in person. Once stores started restricting in person shopping I found new online yarn shops (like SSYC) and purchased more than I have in the past to support small businesses!

Theresa Martin

My stash has definitely grown! More time online has led to more temptation lol

Margy S

My stash has grown a bit. I'm buying more on line, with more projects in mind for myself, for once!

Nola McNeely

Hello 😊.
My stash shrank. Instead of going out to buy more, I dug out my goodies and used up a bit of a chunk. ☺. I can't wait to go to my favorite shops and pick more squish!

Peggy P

My stash has grown huge! Too much time browsing on the internet turns into buying on the internet. But now I have time to admire it in all its colorful glory!


Actually my stash is down a bit since I wasn't able to attend any fiber festivals.Hoping to replenish the stock in 2021.


I went to our local store in early august when numbers were low and it was so wonderful- I miss just browsing and touching yarns.


Shopping is coping.
I have so much yarn.
Please give me more lol

Kimberly Baker

My yarn stash has grown this year. I have been buying from smaller vendors and dyers, hoping they will be able to stay in business.

Claire Sleeman

I stocked up grim my LYS at the beginning of the pandemic (fevered to the house) then did some online shopping, then more shopping at my LYS when things weren't too crazy. Somehow I still have less yarn than last year at this time.


My stash is increasing in sweater quantity and decreasing in single skein quantity. I have plans for sweaters but seem to be knitting lots of hats. Adding a strand of mohair or Suri in a hat brings me great joy.


Pandemic created a lot more stash! I was able to do a lot more projects than usual, but also validate a lot more additional yarn purchases

Karen Barr

My yarn stash has increased! Mostly due to my new obsession with sock yarn and knitting shawls. Also, sadly, my local yarn and needle arts store has closed permanently and I bought some yarn there at "fire sale" prices.

Ellen C.

Actually used some of my stash and gave some away to friends and relatives. Time to do another sort, and match up stash with appropriate patterns. (Like having a kit, yarn and pattern in the same spot.)

Karen Murphy

I only buy really on sale yarn which is easy to find at my LYS when I used to go there occasionally and at the Wool Gathering sale tables but that event was cancelled this year. So I have only bought one skein since things closed down. I have enough yarn that I won’t run out but look forward to hunting down the bargains again in the future.

Jennifer L

I have been purposely knitting through my stash this year.


Technically I think my stash is the same size (or maybe bigger :-( ) but consists of different yarns. At the beginning of the pandrmic, I was determined to knit only from my stash and was doing pretty good until I started looking at new designs and new yarns, and my credit card went into action. I think we maybe have our favorite enabler to thank in large part for that. :-)


My stash keeps growing faster than I can knit all the beautiful skeins. I have pulled some old ones that I was saving for something special. Decided special is now.


I rearranged all my yarn and bought fabric storage cubes with windows to put everything in. This way, I don't have to go on a witchhunt looking for yarn. So far, so good. Everything is stacked in a closet away from everyone.

Tera Liles

I found some degree of peace in ordering yarn online during the pandemic, but really missed being able to squish it in person & feel the degree of softness in each skein, cake & hank. Someday soon we will all be able to do it once again!!

Rachel Braho

Grown a bit. I allowed myself to join a couple clubs to have something to look forward too.

Kate M

My stash has grown, but I've also knit more this year (which is an accomplishment with a toddler running around) so I don't feel like it's been out of control. I've also been reorganizing the stash so I've now got a better handle on what I have and what I might like to acquire more of ;)


My stash has actually gone down. I’ve had more time to use it up. Time for some restocking I’d say!

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