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December 20, 2020



My stash has stayed about the same. I am trying to decrease it but I keep ordering yarn!!


Umm, my stash ballooned 😅 It's not that I had more time to knit, because I am very lucky to be able to work at home, but because having multiple projects going has kept me somewhat sane. So naturally, I needed the new pretty yarns for all those projects!

Donna Stull

Way less shopping. But I’ve got more knitting done. I’ve been more picky on what I’m shopping for.

Barb Frederick

My stash has really grown. I haven’t been able to resist you great sale with my favorite yarns! I keep saying I deserve it, and you can never have too much yarn!


I've been knitting and crocheting from stash. I did purchase a few skeins for a weaving project. Now, I'm so ready to buy some new yarn! Want some bright colors and a fun project to cheer up!

Teresa Knittingdancer

My stash has gone down a little in this pandemic.


I picked up the craft in August so my yarn acquisiton didn't have a pre-pandemic phase. I am looking forward to actually being able to go to a yarn shop one day though.

Deidra Mathena

I had done well with knitting from stash mostly and occasional shopping from your tempting updates until Black Friday. I appear to have developed a serious lockdown relationship with sock-with-mini sets and Vrinda.
So, at this point, I have increased my yarn stash even when locked down.


I have been working through my stash more quickly. I have been ordering a sock yarn bouquet when I really need a pandemic pick-me-up. My last order is arrayed under the xmas tree for inspiration and delight.

Sheree K

My yarn stash has grown but no more so than it does during a normal year. I tend to only buy yarn when I get some birthday or Christmas money. My stash is already pretty big so I feel guilty buying more with our "regular funds".


I have bought more yarn (supporting my LYS-614 Knit Studio, Columbus OH) and SSYC. I have joined more yarn clubs-National Parks-the best! Advent calendar. I guess I plan to knit as mych as I can so I need the yarn!

Gail L.

My stash grew a little, not too much though because I don't usually buy wool without having an idea in mind for it. It's only sock yarn that I buy because it's pretty and I know that eventually, it'll be knit up into socks.

Crystal Garcia

My stash has been at net zero. I’ve added to it for sure in order to support my local yarn store, but I have also done a lot more knit alongs after discovering many new designers through Instagram and Zoom. It’s amazing how quickly we adapt in order to continue a hobby that, for me, has been key to my sanity during this year.

Nicole Acuna

I started buying a lot more yarn during the pandemic before my husband got sick with a serious cardiac condition/surgery - now my budget is really tight so my stash has pretty much be on pause for the moment :(


My stash has definitely grown since I’m knitting more and discovering more online yarn shops! Of course, SSYC is one of my favorite discoveries since the yarn choices are incredible and the shipping speed is unbelievably fast!!😊 So happy I found you!!

Elizabeth Ann

Well you should know! Lol!
I have definitely turned to color and softness of beautiful yarn to cheer me up!

Brenna Delosier

My stash has grown and shrunk. I organized it. Got rid of 9 black trash bags to charity. Now I have a handle on what I love.

Hilda Clegg

I've been rethinking the concept of "yarn stash" this year so have been trying to use up what I have instead of buying new. I've only purchased yarn for specific projects.

Mindy Weaver

My stash has grown some and decreased some. Probably by equal amounts. I finished 8 shawls....and probably purchased that much yarn or more.

Jenn H

Hmm I don't know if it is fully pandemic related but my stash has grown significantly this year 😂 on the flip side, I'm about to reach 30k yards knit in 2020 sooo my knitting has increased at the same rate!

Susan Mercy

I've been using a bit of worsted from my stash, but I've also gotten picky. I can afford nicer yarns, and I'm really really loving working with natural fibers rather than synthetics. So, most of my stash will probably be given to a friend, after I finish afghan squares. I've been acquiring more expensive fibers (and supporting small businesses like SSYC with my online purchases), and I almost always have a project in mind when I make my purchase. (My stash is also in two different houses until we move into the home we're renovating after the dams broke and flooded the area. So the stash is probably much larger than I'm imagining it to be, LOL.)


Interestingly enough, I only bought a few selected skeins that increased my stash. I'm still waiting on my Christmas kit I bought from you...but we all know how the USPS is operating right now. It'll make something fun in the new year!
I bought other sweater like quantities, but knit 2 sweaters so 'technically' it isn't in my stash. ;-)

Dora Nelson

My stash, which was previously beyond life expectancy anyway, has mushroomed! I never before had the time or inclination to visit indie dyers on social media so this year it’s been eye-opening and budget blasting 🤣. On the other hand tho, I’ve used more stash for projects this year and finished a lot. I’m also working on keeping inventory of my stash on Ravelry so I’m starting know what I have. Quarantine knitting has been interesting for sure

Lisa N

At first I worked out of my stash and used almost all my yarn but now I’ve restocked my stash with online shopping and outside shopping at my LYS.

Joan Brown

My yarn stash has grown. I did go to this wonderful yarn shop in Lubec, Maine called Wags and Wool. She did not open up until the last weekend of July. I made an appointment for the first Sunday in August. She had an awesome sale and I bought lots. She even gave me two balls of sock yarn for buying so much. She was wonderful and the store was awesome. She is closed for the winter. I will be back next summer.

Sadie Spencer

I never really thought about it, but my stash has changed, if not in quantity (I have one drawer that holds my stash, I don't over buy anymore.) Pre pandemic, I was interested in technical lace patterns mostly on hand dyed solid-ish yarn. Now I'm all about comfort and quantity. Mass produced German sock yarns that knit up quickly for gifts or just for weekend socks. I've actually been working more, so my stash has a bit of a back log, but I'm working through it, although Christmas will most let turn into new years/Valentines day presents...

Becky Hertling

I've knitted a lot from my stash, but I've also bought yarn often from small businesses when I can. So maybe stash is up, but only a little


Hard to say. I went through my stash, and got rid of a lot of yarn. However, I did buy some new yarn, in part to support my local businesses. I've also ordered online.


Unfortunately I am applying for disability and can’t work and my husband has been out of work since May/June due to COVID so no new yarn 🧶. Boo! Hopefully things will get better soon

Andrea Rademacher

Well like so many others oddly enough my knitting has slowed somewhat, and my stash grew both because I found more here in the house, and because I have also turned to shopping therapy a few times. Yarn and knitting can be such a comfort even when I'm just looking forward to it.


I have been using my stash because I've had a lot more time to knit this year. I also recognize that businesses are hurting right now so I have supported indie dyers and online yarn stores to replenish what I am using. Thank goodness for online shopping and great pictures showing the yarn

Kim T

My stash has gotten smaller since I’ve been catching up on some WIP stuff. The only yarn I’ve bought is sock yarn for Christmas present socks.

Chris Wells

I haven't purchased as much yarn because I haven't gone to the local Yarn Con or to Stitches but my stash is still out of control so it's all good. :D


Because I haven't finished my mom's Christmas shawl (and now won't until at least the end of the year), I am up a bunch of skeins. But once I cross that off, I might be close to even.


Until just after Thanksgiving, I had knit just from stash this year. I went thru all of my cotton and quite a bit of worsted. My sock yarn stash is another thing all together and while I made quite a dent in it, there is still more. At the end of November I received my check for being a poll worker during the election. As soon as the check was deposited, I visited Simply Sock Yarn and spent all but 20 cents of it on more sock yarn for my stash including the long coveted Madeline Tosh Eleven Dark! 😊

Linda Kohrman

My stash grew this year, for three reasons: I was afraid that I would never get my hands on certain yarns again because of how the economy was slowing down at the beginning of the pandemic. Then I just bought yarn to reward for working throughout the whole pandemic and feeling quite lonely. Finally, I just knit more this year!


I've been knitting from stash, but also buying new. Overall, I'd say the stash has grown a little bit :)

Rena Ballew

My stash has probably doubled. But I am using it very quickly. The best use of my time is knitting through meetings!


Organized my stash by weight & color and all my patterns into separate binders for socks, mittens, shawls, etc. Been drawing from my stash & trying to resist temptation to buy more (not easy given the temptations SSY keeps offering).

Linda L.

I've only gone yarn shopping three times since the pandemic lockdowns started, and all were only to buy yarn for specific projects. My stash is static - no "ooh, sale yarn, so pretty, must buy some even though I have no idea what I will knit with it", and no dozens of WIPs, either. It doesn't help that my favorite craft store (Wisconsin Craft Market) closed because their landlord sold the building and the owner chose to retire because he couldn't find an affordable space to move to; I miss having a huge yarn department only 1/2 mile from home.

Heather Jackson

My stash has increased a bit. I run in for just the necessities for a project and end up adding to it.


I had every intention of knitting from stash this year as we are downsizing in preparation for extended travel periods overseas, at least part time during retirement. Well, that was the plan at least. Then I joined instagram and started following a lot of indie yarn dyers as well as Simply Socks. I was doomed from the start. Currently winding up an SQ of Dream in Color giant skeins I got from you—LOL!


I started the year vowing to only knit from stash and buy only what I needed to finish projects. Um, not so much. Unfortunately, one of our LYSs went out of business so I stocked upon several sweater quantities there, then you guys got in all that gorgeous special sale stuff, and then there were a few others I wanted to support since I’m in the position to do so. So, yes, there’s growth but I’ve pretty much kept up with knitting projects from stash so some of the older stuff is getting used up.


I have missed shopping for yarn in person this year. I even have some gift certificates from a local store, but I will not go there in person to redeem them, so they languish. (They are not set up for online redemption.)

I have tried to knit from stash as much as possible. There have been some online sales I jumped on. I have a plan to make a sweater that called for some stash enhancement first. But all in all, I think my stash has stayed at about the level it was before the pandemic hit.

I’m really thankful for the ability to shop online and have things delivered!


My stash grew a tiny bit - bought a few skeins over what I needed for a particular project when ordering online to meet free shipping minimums. Until I can set up my craft space in our new house I'm hesitant to buy much because I can't see what I already have. Luckily I was able to download my Ravelry info as a spreadsheet when I gave up using the site so I don't have to rely totally on memory - but I haven't always added new purchases.

Thanks for the opportunity.

Merrill P

My stash has grown a lot!! In fact I just ordered more last month and got the Urth sock yarn box. Oh boy!

Sandra Parr

Luckily, I was in shop in February and stocked up, to add to my stash. Organization was the main thing, and knitting more projects whittled it down, I even used yarn I bought 6-7 years ago in California. When traveling I always like buying yarn as part of any trip!


My yarn stash has stayed the same - I’ve been knitting up a storm AND adding to my stash at about the same rate!


I have knit from my stash, but I’ve also made more thoughtful purchases from small and minority businesses.

Kate s

My yarn stash has only increased slightly. The fabric stash on the other hand 🤣🤣🤣


I'd say my stash has increased a bit. I want to help support small businesses, so I've definitely shopped online more than I did pre-pandemic.

Rebecca Bury

My stash has definitely suffered due to the pandemic! I know firsthand that cameras sometimes don’t do a yarn justice, add that I really like to feel yarn before buying it and my purchasing has definitely dropped!


Oh, the pandemic has greatly reduced my yarn stash! Husband has lost 3 jobs and we've been scraping by using his earnings from instacart and door dash and Uber. I stay at home with our boys, and I've been pretty much just knitting from stash.


My stash has grown with the ease of ordering online. I gave organized my stash but with working from home including 7 months of tax season overtime
I have not been able to knit as much. Hoping to change that as
working from home becomes more routine.

Fran N

My stash grew, but it probably would have grown the same amount without the pandemic

Linda Scarborough

Well this was to be a cold sheep year as the stash is hugely out of control But reading about how difficult it was to get yarn and independent yarn stores having a hard time, I spent more than ever, and found several shops new to me and some old to me. If not by me ,the yarn will be used by someone. Not to mention that I am retired, live alone and have had several losses this year. My rescued cats 11 years old both either died due to illness or just disappeared, and my 93 year old mother passed away 11 /19. Knitting has been a great comfort so am sure the new stash will help a lot. Thanks


In 2019, I was stash busting so in 2020 my stash naturally increased! I shopped directly from a bunch of indie dyers this spring to give a boost to small businesses and that definitely helped the stash grow.

Rene Bowman

I’ve been using my stash to make a lot of gifts and Afghans. My fav afghan has been a large granny square where each square is a different sock yarn remnant surrounded by a cream border. It is gorgeous. Now I need more yarn tho 😊

Cassy Dunn

I’ve been knitting mostly from stash. I did buy a some yarn to support indie dyers though. So my stash did increase a little l


My stash growth halted abruptly in April when I got furloughed from my job, but grew a bit after being called back to work. Unfortunately, the pandemic has gotten the best of me, and my knitting mojo has been next to nothing. That hasn't stopped me from finding joy in the yarns that I've purchased here and there, thus adding to my SABLE.

Amy stewart

A few new yarns have made their way into stash but only ones for a specific project. And have been hunting in stash for yarn for new projects. All in all stash is down slightly, but still alot in it!


What goes out has to be replaced. So it might have grown.

Margaret Paschal

Part of my stash has shrunk to almost nothing as I used up most of the cake yarn that I use for prayer shawls and charity scarves. My good sock and shawl yarn stash has grown exponentially thanks to Allison and Casapinka. That and my indecision about which colors combos. Oh, I'll just take all of them. Then I started reading the blog regularly and got sucked into all sorts of things. Maybe I'll even make some mitts this year, something I have never felt impelled to do.


The Homespun Yarn Party (a local Maryland yarn and fiber event), Maryland Sheep and Wool, and the Shenandoah Fall Fiber Festival all were canceled this year. My LYSes had to severely curb in-person shopping. I have ordered a very small amount of yarn this year, specifically for gifts, but otherwise I have purchased almost no yarn! My project bag “stash” has increased a good bit recently.

Nancy Iannone

My stash has stayed about the same this year. I have plenty of yarn for most projects but have ordered specific colors requested by the grandchildren.

Emily Siebert

The pandemic has depleted my yarn stash since I have been knitting more of what I have. It has also helped me find new stores (such as SSY) that I never would have found if I hadn’t been shopping online. I have tried to be more mindful of my yarn shopping and trying to buy from small businesses. I think that is important now more than ever!!


Oh, my stash probably doubled since the pandemic! At first I rationalized I needed to help Indy dyers and yarn stores but my yarn addiction once again raised its head. Going Cold Sheep for 2021 with a few loopholes.

Virginia E Harnischfeger

Although I had knit DK projects before, this year was my first venture into knitting socks. I purchased many different brands for socks and shawls. All in all, my sock yarn stash has grown substantially. Thanks SSYC!


It has grown a little because our local yarn store closed due to the pandemic and there was a going out of business sale. So, of course, I stocked up on yarn I wouldn’t have otherwise bought.

Amey Wallace

I cut my stash down about 25% this spring when we first went into lockdown. a friend of mine has a women's shelter, and I donated the yarn and supplies for the women and their children.
I am fortunate enough to have a 'front line' job, so it feels good to pay it forward when the financial struggles are so prevalent in our rural community.

Barb Miller

My stashed suffered at first when the stores closed for a while. I even got started on a sock yarn subscription. Things got better once our LYS opened back up.

Cindy Peabody

My stash has gotten smaller, as we moved during the pandemic, and I've made several scrappy socks/ vest/ ornaments.


oof my stash has grown. 😬


Id say it has increased slightly.

Debra Hewitt

Stash has increased by 5X at least! Of course, I am saving/stashing yarn for my upcoming retirement next year!

Sarah S

My yarn stash has grown a lot during the pandemic! I've been shopping online and it's been hard to resist getting all the soft yarn and pretty colors.

Amanda Ives

I think mine has gotten larger thanks to #simplysockyarn! 😁❤️😂

Jeanne Bush

I think my stash has grown. On line shopping from SSYC, drop shipment from lys, and in person shopping at lys. But I'm knitting more and trying to use my stash. Many projects lined up in my queue.

Becky Creighton

My stash has grown. I got yarn for some Christmas gifts and a couple
Large projects knowing I’d have more time to knit.


My stash had been in storage for a year, but we were reunited when we moved into a new home in early April. I’ve had the time to organize everything into a dedicated craft room. And yes, some of it is in the bathroom cupboards, but I finally know exactly where everything.
Yarn shopping has been 100% online. I look forward to getting back to in-person shopping in the new year.

Lisa L

My stash has grown. While I was finishing my dissertation, I motivated myself with yarn and fiber purchases. And, I comfort window shop at various yarn and fiber businesses.

I also want to support small business when so many people don't have money to spend on hobbies. I'd hate to see some of my favorite online yarn and fiber stores go out of business!

Megumi M

I could not add to my stash this year. I am in Peru and I have some that has been in customs since august. I usually have people bring yarn down to me. One package did make it through which was yarn to make a gift scarf but the yarn for making socks for my mother is what’s in customs. 🙄 also buying yarn online just isn’t the same as in person. The colors on the screen do not look anything like the color in person.

Christopher C Smith

Given that with everywhere being limited/shut down and feeling like all you go to is work and home, my stash has grown a little more than usual. With mental health taking a dive all over the place, I've treated myself to some yarn from "local" (closest LYS is about an hour away) yarn stores by either buying yarn for a new knitting project or by joining a sock yarn club. Either way, stash has grown, supported local/small businesses, and doing something for mental health. I call all those a "win".


I have done less yarn shopping and have not gone to any yarn crawls (most of the ones I go to were canceled).
I have been using stash which is hard sometimes because it may not be the color I want to use or the size yarn needed for the project.
I do a lot of drooling over the yarns online.
Is there a word for window shopping online?

Maggie H

My stash has grown but I’ve also done a lot of knitting because of three months of working from home, so I’ve also used a lot of stash yarn too. I am very grateful to Simply Sock Yarn and other online retailers for keeping me well supplied!

Robyn Durand

My stash definitely increased, but it also got more organized. I discovered a few new-to-me indie dyers and I definitely supported them during this pandemic! My favorites are Elevate Fibers, On The Round, Old Rusted Chair and Yarn Baby. And I also supported SSYC quite regularly. 🙂


It has helped me work through a few hanks I’ve had sitting around for a while.

Nancy Eckel

Overall, I think I’ve lessened my stash... but I added a lot to it throughout the year. I’ve still got special yarn left for a Nordic sweater I’ve been wanting to make. Now that all gifts and craft fairs are over, it will be my first project of 2021!

Frances Graff

My stash has actually increased. Sadly a local yarn shop has been closed forever 😢. We (hubby, daughter long distance, and I) visited twice during their closing sale.


I have mostly used my stash. With the exception of buying for special gifts I haven’t really bought much. Covid had hit my work hours previously so now we are playing catch-up on bills. Thank God I had some stash.

Lorrie Gray

My yarn stash is now "0", I need more yarn, I need to knit!!
Merry, merry 🎅

Cozy Knitting

I put myself on a fiber diet-no yarn or roving to spin. I get my kicks from a friend who is unable to drive and has no internet. She calls me to order for her, and we have long discussions about colors and fibers. She now has 5 new skeins of sock yarn she bought herself for Christmas!


I’ve bought a little more, but I’ve also been knitting more. I’d call it even.

Beverly Shesron

My stash has stayed about the same. I have bought a few skeins here and there, but it really has to increased I am grateful to be able to shop online at SSYC


I would say a slight growth, but much slower. Both because of the pandemic (no MDSW) and a general realization that I am a slow knitter, I haven’t purchased much this year.


I’ve been trying to use stash on projects and support my LYS, some online shops and some indie dyers.

Brenda Melahn

You know how there’s a baby boom after a bad winter? With yarn it’s a stash boom - multiplied several times.


My stash has stayed about the same. Ordered some online. I have found that I use my small leftovers more and make projects for my granddaughters.

Cindy Carpenter

To be sure my favorite indies will be here post covid, I overshopped to help them with cash now. Thus stash grew this year.

Beverly J White

Although I'm knitting diligently and shopping my stash the amount of yarn in the house seems to have increased. On line shopping is so easy. SSY is a favorite. You can never close up your shop!

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