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December 20, 2020


Lorraine C.

Errrr....I'm going incognito, putting on a bag mask and saying my stash grew (again). Dyers really persevered and opened avenues to reach us makers even though we'd love to see each other in person. I got to participate in limited edition colorways for festivals that I wouldn't have been able to attend in person and overall support dyers and LYS's that I've liked shopping at.


Mine has stayed about the same. I haven’t purchased much yarn and I just finished one project. Ooh wait I have made a few dishcloths with yarn my cousin gave me. And the project I finished was made from yarn my mom sent me. So basically I think it’s time for me to yarn shop!!! I always think that one day I will buy myself one day of the prizes you offer!!! And then I get decision paralysis and I get overwhelmed.


the pandemic has approximately tripled my yarn stash 😳😳


Well...I have made a few purchases over the last months but overall my stash is smaller than it was last year. I relocated and sorted all my yarn which resulted in me giving away about 1/3 of it!

TammySue Davis

I have depleted my stash to a frightening level😱

Rachel Kingsmill

My stash has grown a little but not as much as in previous years. I started the year on a yarn diet determined to knit UFOs and to limit new stash. The pandemic, seeing everyone struggling, I did indulge but not as much as I wanted to. Money has been an issue the second half of the year and now I need a job.

Stacey D

My stash has grown a little, despite my good intentions this year to either knit from it or knit the new yarn immediately. I haven’t been able to pass by a few beautiful skeins, but haven’t been motivated enough to keep up the knitting pace to where they don’t have the opportunity to join the stash. Oh well - they are just as beautiful in the skein as in the socks/sweater/hat/etc.


Pretty much stayed even I would say. I have done a lot of knitting and purchase some but not a lot. I’m also taking this time to go through everything re-categorize my stash and label it well. I will be purging a bit. Hard to resist a good yarn though


I have only been knitting from my stash during the pandemic. I've finally knit up some special yarn I picked up years ago just after my 2nd was born.

Nancy Huebner

My stash has exploded this year. Between the online festivals introducing me to new dyers and designers, a LYS unfortunately having going out of business sale, and my organizing my stash and finding out I didn't have sweater quantities of anything, I did a lot of supporting of indie dyers and shops.

Karen Hagggas

My yarn stash has now taken over the spare bedroom! In an effort to help support our local indie dyers, I went a little crazy buying yarn and fiber to spin.... I’ll have to live to be 1,000 to get everything done up! 😁


Hasn't hurt it a bit. It has grown, but I couldn't say whether it's any more than usual.

Diane Hibbard

Mine has definitely grown. I had a little more disposable income and I found myself inexplicably wanting ALL the indy dyed yarn!


Mine has grown but no more than it normally would throughout the year.


My stash has grown since as I have intentionally been trying to support our local yarn store during these challenging times.


This year has been so hard. I think there are times this year I’ve bought yarns as a means of comfort.


My huge) stash may have lost a bit. Two yarn crawls were missed and I have made some effort to knit from stash. But I have ordered some extra skein to finish projects that came up short, a blanket worth of yarn but it is all used/not stashed, and bought a few skeins locally that also got used up right away.

Lisa T.

I stocked up for a couple special projects!

Ellen Bruns

I think my stash is about the same. I really try to keep my stash under control. You will be happy to hear that the majority of my purchases have been from SSYC.

Kinda Van Der Werf

My yarn stash has definitely decreased because I have knit stocking caps for our local homeless shelter and baby hats for our county nurse home visit program.

Renee Kilbane

My yarn stash has grown, I keep adding skeins to get free shipping and to compare some colors for projects. Is it a bad thing that I've had to tuck skeins into casserole dishes and an ice bucket? haha Apparently I have too much yarn or too many covered dishes!

Erika Price

I'm so thankful that there are so many small businesses who specialize in the fiber genre that were able to either maintain or convert to online. My stash has actually gotten smaller because of the pandemic. Trying not to do too much retail therapy. But this has caused me to be even more mindful of what I do purchase.


About the same. Sigh!

Liz Kaji

Never mind that I knit and crochet all day everyday, I'll never use it all. Online shopping and finding new patterns that I want to try coupled with a lack of will power has resulted in:

Stash Acquisition Exceeds Life Expectancy : /

Christine Tubbs

My stash has expanded with online shopping. I haven’t knit as much as normal, even though I have more time at home. Such an unsettling year. Definitely trying to support small local and online businesses, and Buying yarn brings me joy!


My stash stayed about the same. It seems that even though I tried to use my stash yarn, I inevitably ended up buying yarn that took the place of the stash yarn I used. LOL

Leigh Ann

The Pandemic has reduced my stash - I moved this year and downsized from house to apartment. I found yarns I had forgotten about and projects I had planned to do and just never did them. It has been nice to rediscover lost “treasure “

Kim Witherow

Mine has decreased as I have knit and woven more from it.


My yarn stash has gotten a lot bigger, but all of my new purchases are for specific projects. I’ve limited my random purchases of colors just because I like them!

Debbie Hostos

Covid has grown my stash! The delivery folk are signs that there still are people out there. I’ve actually been giving myself a talking to about how many deliveries have been coming to my house. Perhaps a New Years goal?

Carol S

I think my stash has expanded. I have definitely done more shopping on line. Also looked through and organized stash and tried to remember why I bought some it!


My stash has grown during the pandemic. I am knitting more but online shopping makes yarn purchases so easy.


I would like to say it’s decreased because I’ve been finishing so many projects but my mother taught me not to lie. 😉 especially right before Christmas when Santa is watching.

Christine Becker

I have actually used several skeins of yarn from my stash for Christmas presents. I haven't made impulse purchases in person, but I have bought yarn online for specific projects. All in all, my stash will need a bit of enhancement!


I used to buy yarn only once I picked out my next project, but during the fall I realized the fun and practicality of have a stash of yarns I love to look at, touch and dream of what they could become! Sales helped, too!

Lisa Barrett

I've been behaving so my stash has maintained.

Deborah Adams

Online pandemic shopping and a recent birthday with yarn gifts has expanded my stash.

Donna Gifford

M Y yarn stash has quadrupled. Fortunately, my output is also up but no way I can keep going. I. Must. Stop. Buying....ooooh. Look at that gorgeous skein


It grew,amazingly. Wanting to support my LYS.


My stash has grown and my knitting has gone down 😶

Marilyn H

My stash has really increased as buying yarn seems to be my number 1 hobby, knitting is my second! In the spring when Knit City Montreal got cancelled ( I was going to attend) I was determined to buy from many of the vendors to support them. And then it went on from there. I bought all Canadian indie dyers during the pandemic, there are many fabulous ones. I bought directly from them online as well as local yarn shops. It was a win win.


I've done so much online shopping this year and as a result, my stash has grown significantly. Maybe 2021 will be the year of the stashdown for me?

Sue Gilck

My stash has gone down this year but that's more because I'm retired and have more time for crafting. The pandemic really hasn't made any difference.


I’ve been relying on my stash, mostly, as I am trying to avoid going out. I have purchased some yarn online and am looking at more sources to see what they carry.


My stash has grown and at the same time seen depletion as I work on gifts for those I love. I am proud to say I didn't go to overboard since I work in the medical field and have been status quo workwise.

susanna eve

i have added a lot of yarn to my stash but i have also given a lot away.


I am not working so my stash is not growing. This was both a pandemic & personal choice when our daughter was born in June.

Crystal Parker

Oh boy, it has grown. Since we've not been able to go anywhere or do much, I've let my fingers do the walking.

Kat Gatzke

It really hasn’t had any effect on my yarn stash.


My stash is greatly reduced and I miss in-person yarn shopping so much. Thank goodness for the opportunity to turn To SSYC for quality and service that I can trust!


It has shrunk a bit, as I've tried to limit spending and use what I have on hand.

Diane Jespersen

I would say it's a wash on my stash this year. I actually stash busted this year, which is unusual, but then I bought just as much so there's that. Oh well. It's so pretty!


About the same I have knitted more thus using up some stash ( hats, mittens,cowls) but have purchase some additional sock yarn.

Susan Konczal

I still buy yarn. Not in stores but online. Addicted to all the beautiful yarn out there. Can't resist. Also trying to use upsome of my stash to make room for all that I buy. Can't have enough yarn


It hasn't changed mine at all, except I've knitted a little more then last year.


Definitely less! But that is good.

Carolyn Roper-Fowlkes

My stash has grown a bit during the pandemic, particularly in the last month as I needed to travel for radiation treatments in Houston and realised I didn’t have the needle I needed. I stopped in a LYS on the way, and naturally couldn’t just get a needle. A kit and a skein ended up in my bag. That was after having picked up a couple of skeins at a LYS in Illinois to make gifts fr Xmas. The steady work of circular knitting is just right as I recover from my treatments.


With some sole searching I purged some yarn and fiber in 2020. If the "love" is not there, the yarn or fiber is no longer in the stash. Time is too precious to spend on unloved stash.

Bailey Voges

I would say overall my stash has gotten smaller over the course of the year. Although I have been purchasing a bit more yarn this year. It’s just that I’ve been knitting a ton. Also at the beginning of the first shelter in place I gifted a ton of acrylic to a new knitted in my area so that really cleared out my stash. The only problem is now that I have the urge for a very washable blanket I don’t have enough yarn in colors that I like. I am hoping to keep knitting from stash as much as possible though, it really is a nice feeling!


My stash has grown during the pandemic from happy and sad events. Happy because of SSYC 15th Anniversary Sale and our annual yarn crawl (a virtual event this year), but sadly from the closing of 2 local LYSs this year. I'm very grateful for the online sales at SSYC. We now have only 2 LYS in the entire St Louis area.

Sasha Blue

I had to quickly leave the area where I go to university, and a relative was kind enough to let me store some of my stuff (including most of my yarn) in their attic until I could come back in the fall and collect it. Of course that meant that I couldn’t get to it over the summer. My stash has grown a good bit because of that— if I needed a bit for a contrasting edging, I had to get a new skein, and so on. Fortunately now that I have my whole stash back I’m knitting it down some.

Patsy Coats

Yes, I’ve not bought any yarn this year.


I forgot to comment earlier, but it looks like the comments are still open, yay! I would have to say my stash has grown a bit, but probably not as much as it did last year. I am doing a lot of knitting in pandemic time as it really helps relax and calm me, as well as having a bout with breast cancer which kept me home for 3 months. I'm doing a pretty good job of using up some stash, and I am going to keep trying to use stash and finish up some old UFOs for 2021 as well. But I will definitely still be supporting my online and LYSs!

Dana Nellums

The pandemic has actually reduced my yarn stash.

Caitlin Saraphis

The pandemic definitely impacted my stash in that I wasn't able to use up nearly as much of it as I normally would in a year because I was working so many more hours. This and the fact that I was sitting, looking at it all day every day, made me realize how much great yarn I have and how much more mindful I want/need to be about purchasing more.

Chris Goudeau

My stash has increased, buying more online as gifts to me. Bought the mini opal set this year, bought yarn for a certain pattern and then decided I didn’t have the brain space to do the pattern. I’m sure I’ll find something to do with the yarn.

Lori Thorne

My stash has grown a little bit. I also just got a spinning wheel for Christmas and I anticipate making my own yarn, once I learn how to spin!

Linda Wagner

Gone down a bit


Looking at my stash on Ravelry (I LOVE Ravelry) I think it has contracted slightly. While I have purchased more yarn than usual I have knit more.

Pam Webster

My yarn stash has grown so much it keeps wanting to fall everywhere, especially with all of the Christmas things I'm trying to get done. I keep thinking I have enough for all of my projects, and then one of my daughters will ask me for something more, and I have to go get even more yarn.

Coby Hanna- Butler

I would like to say that I’ve been really good at using my stash during the pandemic… But that’s totally not true. Online shopping is my friend and the stash has grown! Your sale section doesn’t help me. ; )

Anne B

My stash has definitely grown. I was able to get to one yarn shop in person before things started to close in March and stocked up. And then I kept seeing patterns I wanted to knit and found the perfect yarn online at SSYC. Thankful for online shopping!


My stash has grown this year. Even with the additional time at home, I’m still not keeping up with knitting faster than the stash growth. I’m guess it’s hopeless 🤷🏻‍♀️

Heather Waldron

Definitely grown! Around April I started hoarding yarn because I felt like the world was falling apart and if it did I'd have my yarn. Then when the little packages of delight came in the nail and made me feel so much better let's just say I used yarn to soothe my covid stress. My yarn orders from you get to me in only 4 days!


My yarn stash was SABLE before but it hasn’t stopped me from ordering online. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I call my online yarn shopping self care which is more important now than ever!!


My stash has definitely grown - I've been trying to support my LYS and my favorite online shops a little bit each month. I want them to still be around when this is over!

Tracy Spinka-Doms

I wish I could say that the pandemic has helped me move through my stash. Unfortunately, I can’t. While I have been knitting like crazy, I have compulsively been also shopping from small LYS and small batch dyers to support their small businesses which have been impacted by the pandemic.


This year I have been trying to knit from stash. Only when I need a special type of yarn that I don’t have, do I order on line. I have not visited my LYS much this year so I’d say that was affected by the panademic.


The pandemic hasn't really affected my stash. I'm always on a yarn-diet and yet my stash still manages to grow.


The pandemic has increased my yarn stash! We normally would travel to the city for a weekend for fun/shopping. Now my only travel options are viewing/shopping online.


My stash took quite a hit. With bills we had I had to sell off much of it. But I have faith that things will get better.

Pat phythian

I purchase yarn as I need it for each project so my stash is yarns left-over from projects knitted over the years. It’s amazing how much yarn accumulates even with just “leftovers.” I took a lot of my yarn to the maker space in my library so that reduced it some, but all the sock knitting I’ve done during the pandemic has increased my fingering weight stash.

Katie Porter

My yarn stash has increased quite a bit during the pandemic. I worked from home for 3 months which made it very easy to shop online. Usually when I travel, I will find a local yarn shop and buy a souvenir. Since I wasn't able to travel this year, I made a point of supporting online dyers and shops that I love. I've also had a lot more knitting time, so it will even out - won't it?

Pam Bacci

I would say that my stash has decreased. I thought this would be a good opportunity, both financially and to address my husbands need to downsize 🤪, to see if I could knit from my stash... Don’t think that will work much longer!

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