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December 20, 2020


Carol H.

My stash has really grown. I've accessed online sheep and wool festivals I've never been able to attend in person and they've offered fun online festivals. It's been fun, but hopefully next year will be a better year for personal attendance. I miss touching all the great fibers.

Kara Williams

Oh my goodness, my stash is grown exponentially! Because I am lucky enough to be employed still, I keep buying yarn to support all my favorite indie dyers and local yarn stores. Plus, it just makes me happy, so I'm going with it.😀

Sarah D

I have definitely done less yarn shopping this year, although most of my yarn shopping was online pre-pandemic as well. I participated in Joji Locatelli’s Fall KAL and used all stash yarn for my projects, which was really fun. It’s been nice to use up some of my stash rather than just adding to it!


I really didn't buy at all in the beginning, but kind of succumbed to sales over the last few months. And my knitting has slowed down. I don't think I've bought any more or less than normal. I just wish I could knit more - I need to finish a second sock this week for a gift and I'm just not loving the process. It's an easy pattern and sport weight yarn. I should be knocking it out faster.


This is an interesting question, and I'm not sure of the answer. A lys went out of business during this, and I shopped there before they closed. They were planning to retire but had to move their closing day up because of the pandemic. Besides those purchases, my stash hasn't changed much. I've been working the last two years to knit from the stash more, and that has continued this year.


At the start of this year I had Decided to go Cold Sheep💙❄🐑❄🐑❄💙
Welllllll, my Hubby was concerned about me not being able to replace my yarn as I was so diligently Knitting away!!!
Well when I mentioned to him that my Favorite Yarn Shop Owner... Allison said she was having trouble getting some of her Shipments.. He INSISTED I place an order to restock my yarn. So I jumped off my Cold Sheep 💙❄🐑❄💙(8 1/2 months at the time) and I ordered, then ordered again, then ordered some more...oh don't forget about Ordering Christmas Yarn!! So thank you Allison!!!!!
SSYC is the Best!!!!


In April I called my local yarn shops and bought gift certificates for myself. Then I hunkered down and did a complete yarn inventory: spread it ALL out according to weight; weeded out the yarn that no longer gave me joy; logged in all that hadn't already been entered into my Ravelry stash. This took a couple of months. THEN I started buying yarn on-line. Thank you very much Allison! Funny how the stash has grown since then!


My stash GREW......I was able to shop in July
in person 3 times, once in Colorado, twice in NJ. NJ was bittersweet because a LYS was closing. I stocked up on some treasures. Due to home time especially in the summer, I started to sort and organize it all better. Future goal to have it in its new place neatly and accessible. (We are rearranging rooms & storage, I'm not to the end of the process, but alot are safe in sorted bins& heavy duty storage bags. I have a storage rack ready to use for it all..... DK, cotton, sorted sweater projects...My stash includes LITLG & a lot of Hedgehog DK from SSY....:)


My stash has stayed about the same, because I have been knitting older yarn from it but also buying new yarn from SSYC. Receiving those little skeins of joyful color and potential in the mailbox has made the pandemic a little more bearable.


Increased as I mistakenly thought I would have more knitting time and knew the tons of yarn I have just wouldn't be enough. Delusional that's me!


I’ve been knitting from stash, but I’ve also purchased so my stash has remained about the same.


I’ve been knitting from stash, but I’ve also purchased so my stash has remained about the same.


My stash has grown. Thanks to SSY there is so much choice sometimes I want all ! But most of the time I have a project in mind when I buy yarn. However that always seems to change and more yarn is needed.

Lisa Viviano

This pandemic has me knitting more and therefore online shopping more than ever. I’ve ordered from our local shop and from many across the country.

Kim Holbrook

My stash has definitely grown! A lot of my new yarn has been from SSYC. Getting yarn in the mail has been a source of joy but I can’t wait to go shopping and touch the yarn!

Lynn Gutzmer

I have been actively knitting from my stash, and only acquired a couple of skeins of yarn during the pandemic. (I mean, sometimes you choose a pattern and you just have to supplement what you already have, right??) It’s been kind of nice to become reacquainted with what’s there and there is a lot of yarn.


At the beginning of 2020, my resolution was to not buy any yarn and just work from my stash. I have doubled my knitting this year, so you would think my stash would be going down. But no, if anything it has grown! (Maybe checking out the Simply Socks website every week might have something to do with it!) Thanks Allison, it's all your fault! Couldn't be me, right? :)


Well, at the same time that I used up a TON of stash - 50 hats, 3 sweaters, and a blanket or two - I also heeded the call to support my favorite small businesses by shopping with them on line . . . and I am afraid I brought in a little more than I used up.

Kathy Robbins

Well the Pandemic has actually lowered my yarn stash as I certainly have had a lot more time to knit instead of gadding about.

Patricia Richardson

My stash has decreased a bit. I fortunately placed a large order of self-striping yarn from you just before the pandemic and I've been knitting 1-2 pairs of socks a month from that. I've also stash dived to make a baby blanket, several dishcloths, participate in a couple of KALs and I'm currently knitting my Holiday 2020 socks from a previously purchased SSYC Christmas Kit. I'm thankful for my "Stash Store". Merry Christmas to me and thank you SSYC!


My stash has grown slightly. I haven’t been buying as much as usual but I’ve also been knitting less. So net gain. I’ve started slowly organizing & cleaning my bedroom & the living room. I think I may rearrange stash according to color.


I am definitely enjoying my stash and made some wonderful purchases both at my LYS's and online. This week is dedicated to making baby gifts for some upcoming births in my extended family.

Maureen DesMarais

HaHa. Yes the plan to simply work from my stash didn't work. Yes, mine has grown as I've checked out patterns on Ravelry and couldn't resist buying yarn to make them - someday!!


My stash has remained about the same, because I bought new yarn for projects like Breathe and Hope; the Sharon Show and, now the Secret Life of Cats and Dogs. I really hate not being able to shop in person, but am so grateful that you all are so helpful in responding to emails about color choices

Tara Crites

I've definitely made some impulse purchases of yarn! As we went on to the pandemic though, I've tried to be more thoughtful of what yarn I'm buying. I still buy yarn because I want to support yarn shops and yarn dyers, but it's definitely less than I thought I would buy.

Dana Snyder

I have used yarn from my stash but not as much as I’ve added to it. Right before the shutdown, my LYS (where I worked on Saturdays) closed and I ended up buying a ton of yarn at 75% off. Then, all the sale yarn from SS and all the awesome goodies you offer has really put an increase in my stash. I love the kits a s clubs and just can’t resist. Thank you for everything you do! I love malabrigo and love the special colors you offer. I’m still waiting on my sweater quantity of the rios. I think it finally started moving. :)


My stash keeps growing, but I don’t think the pandemic had anything to do with it. I’m sure it would have continued to grow regardless.

Tobey Shepherd

I would have to say my stashe has grown, not because I have necessarily been shopping but because I have been cleaning and organizing our basements I will open another box or bin and find another dozen or two skeins.....LOL but I have tried to shop the small shops for some small things I have needed and I love you kits and clubs....


Of course, there is only one thing that seems to bring joy in this year is having a package arriving at your door, it is a gift to myself and most anticipated glad tiding when that contains the yarn I chose and wanted, it's like Christmas in endless times. Having said that, I also made a promise that I need to be extra healthy and cautious about the pandemic, so I live thru all this treacherous times, coming out on the other end so I get to knit them all, can't wait.

Joyce Correia

I've been knitting up my stash and also my leftovers from previous projects. I'm still purchasing - mostly from you. But I keep my stash limited to two drawers. My will power is limited!


My stash is about the same. I knit a couple of sweaters and a bunch of smaller projects from stash yarn, and promptly replaced them with new yarn from my LYS and a couple of indie sources. Is this bad? I'm already at SABLE!


My stash hasn’t changed.


My stash has depleted a bit as I’ve made projects, with a few opportunities for additions from properly socially distanced gatherings with donated yarns.


It's probably grown a little smaller. I still try to support small yarn stores but have picked up a lot of projects already in the house!


Sorry I have to take the 5th on this question. I assume you can can figure out my answer


This year I focused on organization. Got a label maker and went thru my stash. It was actually a lot of fun to go through it all and make labels for the bins etc.

Alita Casey

Well the pandemic has brought back my knitting bug which is awesome as I have plenty of stash to work on. I wish I could say that my stash has gone down but it hasn't. I just added new stuff back in. No complaints here!! :D

Vicki Maynes

Ha! I'm knitting more than ever, but the stash doesn't go down! Instead, when I'm feeling depressed, stressed, lonely I shop for yarn on line! It's good for the stash and not so good for my budget!

Peggie Bouvier

My stash is the same, since as soon as I finish a pair of socks I feel compelled to buy yarn. Yarn is beautiful. Yarn is soothing. Yarn is warm. Yarn is what we all need right now.

Jody Laake

I found things in my stash that I had literally forgotten I had. Some of those forgotten goodies are now Christmas gifts and other finished objects which is great! BUT I have also had a lot more time to shop on line for yarn, patterns and project ideas since the pandemic hit, so my stash has stayed roughly the same. FYI I can literally spend hours on Simply Socks’ website lol!


My stash has increased exponentially. At one point I was receiving at least one package a week. This lasted several months and now I am overwhelmed by my stash. I have a few hundred skeins and I know I will never be able to knit them all. And yet here I am entering to win some more yarn!! 🤷🏻‍♀️

Lisa C

Yarn has been my happy purchases of choice this year. Much healthier than candy yet just as enjoyable.
Not surprisingly my stash has expanded. :)

Renee S

I have done very little yarn buying this year. Partly because we are home and partly because we moved and I had to pack my yarn and it reminded me how out of control I am.

Emilie M

I would say my yarn stash became more organized. I have some large plastic totes that hold my stash, and I actually went through them to figure out exactly what was in them! I also finally went through most of the bags that held yarn from past yarn festivals and finally got the yarn into the totes. :-) It's like having a yarn shop in my house!

Christine Newman-Aumiller

It’s stayed about the same. I’ve bought more yarn than I probably would otherwise but I’ve also knit more.


I leaned heavily on my stash this year. I finally used up those little balls of leftovers, making a mitered square blanket. It’s now my favorite lap cover. Other bits and pieces went into hats that were donated to my local Knitters’ Guild.

Nicole S

My stash has decreased. I was supposed to be finding work this year and the pandemic made that a lot more difficult, so I’ve had to budget more carefully than usual and that includes knitting mostly from stash.


Mine has slightly increased. At first my stash went down as I finished some project and didn’t add but as this dragged on I started getting a few in the mail and it started growing again. One of my daughters has been using my yarn but the other hasn’t touched it in months so just a slight increase in yarn in our home.

Karla Hartzell

In response to your day 8 inquiry, my yarn stash has been being steadily consumed. I have not gained the Quarantine 15 AND up until just a few days ago I was not unhappy with my situation. Now I am getting a little bored after finishing a lot of things and looking for new inspiration. I've barely dented by yarn vault though - it's all good, I'm still good, still healthy. I can still well, knit many many things until spring!


Weelllll... let’s just say my stash has... grown...
Not going anywhere or doing anything left some extra room in my budget, so some gorgeous skeins were added to the stash this year.

Jana Ames

My stash is pretty much SABLE so I'd say it has decreased due to even more knitting

Marilyn Ross

My stash is growing because I’ve had more time to knit and I keep thinking about the next project, and buying more. I’ve discovered contrasting heels and toes and new patterns, and it goes on and on.

Victoria I Moon

It is growing, just slower!

Suzzanne Lawrence

My intention was to work through some of my stash, but it seems like every skein I used was replaced with new yarn! Seems staying at home compels me to do more online shopping!

Kim Kieffer

My stash has stalled. I’m still adding but everything now has a reason why I purchased it and I miss in person yarn touching.


I've been trying to organize my stash and add pictures to Ravelry. I've also been trying to stock up on solid colors and neutrals, because I had a stash of mostly wild multis and nothing to go with them. So I've added blacks, whites, greys and browns to the stash. (And some more multis and speckles to, lol.)

Deb Gattshall

Well my yarn stash has been going down due to the pandemic. I’m knitting as much as I possibly can. I am still gifting all of my socks but I mail them now instead of delivering in person. I so am enjoying this blog and reading what everyone has to say.


My stash has increased as I try to support a small local yarn store. Every time I am in the vicinity I stop for at least a skein of sock yarn. Many small businesses are struggling and I would hate this yarn store
To close


Reduced by at least half, so time to replenish


My stash is shrinking! That is probably for the best as it gives me room to buy new pretties

Carol Rice

Covid has kept me busy in ways I did not expect. I have done a bit of knitting, though, and have also added to my stash. I picked umy knitting back up after nearly a year's absence (sorely missed, but unavoidable). I've tried some new things, and planned some others for yarns I thought I'd use in different ways, but overall, my stash is still about the same.

Jennifer Edwards

My stash has EXPLODED!! Four tubs and counting of sock yarn, most of which I purchased from SSY!!! I gotta lotta knitten’ to do!


It has increased my stash🤪 I shopped so many indie dyers to help support them!!

Anissa Miller

My stash has grown but thankfully I'm knitting just as much. I'm really trying to buy with more intention though and not just because they are pretty colors!!

Debra Cohen

I’d like to say I’ve gone into my stash to start some new projects... but that would be lying. 😢 I keep seeing new yarn on websites like yours and it has called to me!! I’m giving a few of my finished projects as gifts this year so I hope to hit my stash eventually..........

Anna Marie

I have less than in the beginning but now I've been buying for new babies coming and it's starting to grow again.

Kathrine Delp

I have increased my stash a bit through mail but can't wait to visit my fav shops in person!

Mary Kay Ross

My stash has gotten larger. I know that if I don't buy it when I first see it someone else quickly will buy it. Because I am now working from home I find that I want more choices at my fingertips. Whatever I don't get to using my daughter will enjoy!

Deborah Temple

My stash has grown during the pandemic. I have added a lot of yarns and learned to use a drop spindle so I have a small stash of roving. I have added yarns for knitting and weaving and have found some wonderful new yarns.
I shop online as we don’t have a LYS where I live. Glad to have found yout shop.


I’ve knit from my stash more this year for sure. But I really appreciate all the stores making accommodations to ship and make sure we still have the yarn we need!


I ran too low on sock yarn. I purchased some online. I tried to support indie businesses. I also knitted from my stash. I hate winding skeins though! It'll all be fine. :-)

Jandre Sherwood

I think that my stash has gotten smaller actually. I’ve been organizing also and finding all my stuff. I’ve been trying to make it a goal to use up more of my stash before going out to buy more. I do see yarn that I want all the time but I’m TRYING to be good and not buy any more until I use some up! I can’t do this!....I hope. 😂

Lynn B

I have added to my stash, so as to support local LYS. I am on my way to finishing those projects and start on stash for a sweater.

Rose Birchal

The stash has stayed about the same. It is the box of leftover Yarn that is growing.


I have used my stash considerably. Would like to buy more locally but the shopping restrictions make it difficult. I hope my LYS survives as this pandemic is a challenge to all small businesses. SSY HAS BEEN AN AWESOME source!!


My stash has remained almost the same, decreased by only a few skeins for 2 new projects. I went through my sewing/craft room and organized my yarn stash and fabric into large plastic totes, so now I can find what I am looking for (sometimes!). I do a lot of “window shopping” online, filling a cart with tons of yarn that is so beautiful, then not sure if colors are “true” with the computer monitor and are they really going to work well together, or work well with something I have in my stash......often I get “scooped” before I buy them - other knitters obviously think they’re extremely beautiful, too! Or I change my mind on what project to do next and have to start shopping all over again! I have bought needles and accessories from a LYS in my efforts of support.

Teresa McPherson

It’s stayed about the same.

Georgia Green

The pandemic has affected my yarn stash positively ... I have acquired more (by mail), used more (knitted up), and can now find more (organized better).

---- Below (ICYMI) is what I wrote yesterday but couldn't get to post: ----

There are a very great number of TV shows and movies that I been enjoying while pandemic-knitting; our household has been in in-home quarantine for about nine months now. As background, we use DirecTV with DVR and AppleTV attached, which also permits access to basic YouTube (the no-fee service), IMDb TV, Amazon Prime Video, Kanopy (from our public library), and a few other rarely viewed things.

List (unordered) follows. Omitted are lengthy audiobooks which I have streamed via AppleTV (of particular note: Neil Gaiman's 2017 Norse Mythology and George R. R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire 2011 series).

The Boys
The Witcher
Game of Thrones
Lord of the Rings (movie series)
Parks and Recreation
The Spanish Princess
The White Princess
The White Queen
Orphan Black
The Expanse
The Magicians
American Gods
Good Omens
Absolutely Fabulous
The Morning Show (movie)
Man in the High Castle
Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
Mythica (movie series)
Wonder Woman (movie)
Avengers (movie series)
His Dark Materials
Doctor Who
A Discovery of Witches
Daredevil (movie)
Elektra (movie)
Justice League (movie)
Atomic Blonde (movie)
Have I Got News For You
Mock the Week
Would I Lie to You?
Q.I. (Quite Interesting)
Not Going Out
My Family
Keeping Up Appearances
... and many more

P.S. I was very disappointed not to be able to comment on yesterday's post due to the Google service outage (way beyond your control, I know) ... So if I am fortunate enough to be selected for today's comment, then the Samsara and Tulipmania sets featured yesterday will be part of what the gift certificate is used toward!

Diane Rawls

This pandemic stash has taken over my’s
Sneaking it’s awesomeness out of my sewing room! I have purchased so many lovelies and I don’t see an end in sightt. I try so hard to be good but it’s not working. It also makes me happy to support LYS to keep them going during hard times.


Ohhh my stash has greatly increased....I thought I'd knit more during the slower pace, but more time at home doesnt necessarily mean that I'm knitting all of that time....I'm cooking, cleaning, homeworking....wooooo

Susan Ipavec

My stash has expanded during 2020. I definitely bought more online. I planned to knit more projects than I actually completed and hope to have more finished projects in 2021.


My stash has grown because I bought yarn for a couple of sweaters which I haven’t made yet. I have been on a yarn diet lately, though.

Andrea Serrett

My stash moved from all worsted weight to having some fingering weight. I've never been one to buy in person much, so I'm still buying online as usual. I'm incredibly grateful for postal service workers!

Jerrilynn Bayless

It has replenished itself. I had hopes to use it down, but bought more, too. Its a nice problem.

Joanne Christman

The yarn stash remains essentially the same with perhaps some additions along the way!


My stash is down a little ... did all my Christmas knitting in March and April. Have bought a few skeins online and my sister just sent me a new knitting book and some yarn for my birthday on Friday!


My yarn stash is something I am trying to use but then I have gone to the Joanns and I have ordered online. There are a few LYS but due to regulations of the state some are very stringent with the people in the store and well it has been hard to go there. But essentially my stash is about the same.


My stash has definitely expanded. Thankfully I am still employed, but with the stress of everything and avoiding shopping in public, I have done quite a bit of online yarn related retail therapy. Also, thanks to Instagram's suggested posts (which I hated at first), I have been exposed to so many extremely talented indie dyers and I have been so thrilled to be able to support their beautiful work.

Katherine Ballard

My yarn stash has expanded but maybe not more than it would in a typical year. I participated virtually in Maryland Sheep and Wool and also bought from some indie dyers who were making gorgeous things I couldn’t resist. I’ve done a decent amount of knitting though so maybe it all evens out ?! 🤣

Teresa F Ronk

Less shopping more knitting for sure.


For the past few years, I’ve wanted to be a lot more intentional with my stash. I’ve done way more knitting from my stash this year compared to any other year. I’ve definitely bought less yarn (probably more due to pandemic than intentionality if I’m being honest). My go-to for getting yarn are still through LYS but also a lot of buying from others on Ravelry. I was able to go to a LYS on two different vacations so it was fun to get yarn (and a set of Lykee circulars) from new shops. I’ve also had more time this year to figure out what yarn wasn’t anything I wanted to have anymore and have sold some on Ravelry and Marketplace but also donated to Katie’s House in town. That’s probably my favorite thing I’ve done with my stash this year - getting it to others that would enjoy it!


Expanded! It is hard to resist pretty yarn.


I’m currently knitting a pair with WYS and enjoying a rainy Florida day.
The yarn photo today is really beautiful.

Ginny Burgus

My stash is changing I have been using the old and replenishing it with new.


My stash has grown! Wanting to support my lys!

Geri Heagy

The pandemic has given me the opportunity to make a small dent in my stash. It’s been fun looking through it and finding things I didn’t remember that I had!


I have felt the need to support some LYS's and Indie dyers so it has grown. However, I busted my stash of worsted acrylic to make an afghan so I think I evened out!!! LOL

Also, since our fiber festivals were canceled, I needed to recreate some of the purchases I would have made there. LOL again.

yolanda v

I think my stash has grown. No...I'm positive it has! I have used skeins and balls and hanks up, on my knitting and crochet, but I have also acquired just as much. I already had a huge stash prior to the pandemic, but still one just can't resist new lovelies!

Stephanie E

The pandemic has certainly allowed the growth of my yarn stash. I would say the only reason my stash has grown is because I have a great indie dyer friend, Blank Slate Yarns.

Alene Sternlieb

Given the ease and frequency of my online shopping, my yarn stash has grown a little. I have knit more this year than ever before, but somehow I only used a little yarn from my stash.

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