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November 19, 2020



I want to come to your house for dinner. Yum everything sound and looks so good. Thank you for sharing.
It will be a very quiet time around here for the holidays. What holiday? It will be just like the past 8 months. I might as well be on a desert island. I spend more time talking to my cats than ever before., lol, and they just love it.
Looking forward to seeing the new kits.


That dessert looks amazing. I can't have anything with added sugar anymore :(

I like Henry's diorama there! My son is 10. We got him stuff to paint rocks. He's a bit of a perfectionist, but he and my daughters (7 and 14) also had fun with it. Then we leave the rocks when we go on a walk. Like under a park bench or at the base of a fire hydrant.


Way to go Henry!

Cindy Carpenter

Paint rocks


A "treasure hunt" around your property/house or neighborhood,if safe to do.

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