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November 06, 2020



Thank you. I have found your color match up to the actual yarn very accurate. I appreciate the extra time you take to make that happen. :)


I really appreciate the time you take with photos! I’ve never received something from SSYC that made me think “huh, that’s not the color I expected at all.”

(And arghhhh to those who only photograph part of a skein! There’s a dyer whose work I love, but on their webste they photograph one end of the skein with the rest blurry. Why??)


I for one appreciate it.


I am so glad that you do this for customers that have to buy online, it's the same as speaking truth. There is nothing more maddening then receiving a long anticipated yarn (most likely to be used for a project)with such color variation that does not fit in the definition of variation of hand dyed yarn. The top speckled pink is not the same as the bottom pink just by name sake, a little quality control is necessary to ensure the customers expectation. Thank you for your extraordinary effort to show yarns as they are, and to assure us buying what we see.


I appreciate the effort you put into taking pictures of all the new yarn that comes in. I do most of my yarn shopping online, and have been disappointed more than once (from other online shops) when the yarn didn't look like what I thought I was ordering. Thank you!!

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