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October 20, 2020


Teri P

Love the smell of fires coming from chimneys all over.

Kate s

I love everything about fall! It is cooler! And crisp! And the leaves are lovely! And Halloween!


I love the change in foliage and going back to knitting colder season sweaters!

Linda Vitro

My favorite things about fall are the crisp cool air, the riot of (yarn color worthy) colors Mother Nature provides, pumpkin everything and it is absolutely my favorite season.


I love the cooler weather. Love the beauty of the change of the leaves. I love college football games and I married my husband in the fall!!!


I love putting the heavier blankets on the bed in the fall, for maximum snuggling while hitting the snooze on the alarm in the morning. However, this does NOT help with my motivation to start my day with a walk...
Thanks for the great yarny inspiration posts! I've really enjoyed your blog during the pandemic - it's nice to see the yarn, of course, but also what your family is up to.


I love the smell of the crisp air, the colors of the fall leaves and the smells of crushed leaves and apples.

Sabrina Snyder

I love the colors in Fall! When my kids were younger I loved going to the orchard picking apples and drinking apple cider slushies. This year my husband drove to the orchard for the apples and cider. He safely delivered bundles to our two children.


No more 100-degree days in Phoenix!

Katie Leslie

No more 100° days and cool nights just east of Phoenix!


Trail running with the smell of fallen leaves- so good!


I love the clean crisp air in the fall and I LOVE the changing colors of the leaves.

Leann Demeduk

My favorite thing about fall is the leaves changing colors and cooler temperatures. There are not many leaves changing colors yet in Texas - so sad!!

Marlene Biddle

Fall is my favorite season! There is nothing I don’t love! The colors are gorgeous 🍁, the air is crisp and the holidays are just around the corner!! 🎃

Virginia Harnischfeger

I love the opportunity to spend time outdoors with family - walks or bike rides in a park, apple & pumpkin picking, shopping farm stands for cool weather vegetables.


I love the return of the Loons, and hearing their song in the misty autumn morning.


I love seeing the trees change colors!


My favorites things are the brilliant tree colors, crisp air and drinking my hot tea in that crisp air!

Dora Nelson

Fall means to me: blue sky, colors of leaves, football, apple pie, sweaters, and cozy evenings spent knitting or reading. ❤️🍁🥧🏈🏞


I like to see the leaves change, the cooler weather, and drinking warm chai tea.


A killing frost means less work in the garden!


Indian Summer here in California - still get heat but it doesn't feel as hot as true summer and has some wonderful warm evenings.


My favorite thing about fall is it’s finally under 100 degrees where I live!

That said, what I miss most about “real” fall outside the desert southwest is taking a walk through the woods at sunset in November, when the leaves have fallen off the trees and you see the twisting shapes of all the bare branches against the sky as it changes from sunset to that deep twilight blue.

Also fresh apple cider donuts.


Fall is my favorite season because: the air smells crisp and sweet, apples of all varieties are coming in which makes for great apple dishes, homemade applesauce, apple cider and apple slushies; winter squash are in abundance for great meals in the oven (finally cool enough to bake again), the leaves change color and CRUNCH underfoot.....I love that feel, sound and smell! I love watching them swirl around in the air when the breeze blows, and after a few 30 degree nights, it literally “rains” leaves almost everyday, with or without a breeze! Pumpkins and mums on porches, the beginning of fires in the fireplace, lighting candles when the sun goes down earlier every day, SO many things to love about fall!

Suzi Cunningham

I love the gorgeous foliage colors, apple picking, pumpkins, Halloween and not having to take care of a garden!

Patricia Richardson

I love the changing colors of the leaves, going to the apple orchard to pick apples, get apple cider and doughnuts.


My favorite thing about fall is the cooler temperatures that feel good and make the skeeters die!

Vasiliki Starborn

I love the colors of the leaves changing to orange and red and the cooler weather!!


Definitely sweater weather! And all of the trees putting on their colorful fall foliage “sweaters” for all to see too! Nothing better than autumn in New England!

Sarah S

Fall is my favorite season! I love everything about it- cool, crisp weather, cozy sweaters, beautiful colors from leaves changing, apple season, pumpkin flavored everything. I only wish the season lasted longer!


I love when nightfall comes earlier and earlier each evening. It feels so cozy!

Rachelle P

I love carving pumpkins and toasting the seeds! I’m finally going apple picking for the first time this week too and hopefully going in a giant corn maze :)

Joyce Morrow

I love the fall foliage colors and the renewed energy that I get from the crisp air as I start to plan winter knitting

Jamie Albritton

I love knitting in front of a fire burning with read wood!!


I love Fall, the red Maples, cool temps, the crunch of the leaves and sipping apple cider. Sadly, it doesn't last that long in Colorado. That's why I made myself socks in fall colors to prolong the season. ;)

Natalie McLaughlin

The cool evenings- windows open while you sleep


i love watching the leaves change colors! so beautiful!!


Love everything about it, fall colors are my fave no matter what the season. Everything seems more cozy, from colors, dress, foods and drinks....


I love fall! The cooler weather, picking apples,'s the best!


I love the cooler weather (Sweater weather), the changing leaves, football season and the start of awesome holidays.

Robyn Durand

My favorite Fall "thing" is breaking out all my cozy hand knitted socks after their long summer sleep!


We are able to burn our leaves and brush in the spring and fall. There's nothing better than the smell of burning leaves/wood to bring back fond memories of summer camp. Those were some of the best days of my childhood.

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