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October 12, 2020



I'm nursing a numb right hand right now, but before that I was working on Casapinka's The Sharon Show in MWP Arctic Ocean and MT Seaglass, Glass Bottom Boat and Coquette Deux.


I am working on fun new fall hats for the grandchildren. Thank you for all that you do to keep our lives fiberfun filled.


I'm currently making this!

Brandy Schmidt

I'm working on a baby blanket and some gloves. The gloves are something new for me as i've only done fingerless mitts! Its making progress slowly but really loving how they are turning out. Pattern is Gordian by Julia Mueller.


Working on socks (always, but finally a pair for myself) and a butterfly shawl


I’m always working on a pair of socks. My current sock project is an autumnal colored pair for Earthtonesgirl’s Fall Sock KAL.


I’m presently working on Dreaming of Paris socks for JOJI’s Fall 2020 KAL. I’m using the August 2020 DIC Sock It Kit! Love how it is knitting up! Thank you for all you do for those who love to knit!

Barb B

I'm working on a sock for a dear friend of mine. We get together when she isn't helping out with her parents, sweet lady.
Her favorite color is blue so, Wonderland Yarns "Muchness" was perfect in the Michigan Lake Shore pattern on Ravelry.

Ashley W

With much love and patience, I’m knitting a full sized Talon Throw in BT Shelter for my sister in law. I started in March and I’m almost halfway through!

Gail Fairman

I am currently knitting up a pair of seasonal socks in a Halloween candy corn stripe from Knitterly things. It is a fun project but it is taking longer because I keep snacking on the real candy.


This year’s Christmas knits are Oslo hats. They are a great way to use up stash yarn that’s been chilling for years. 😂. You know, those gorgeous skeins that you had to have, but no actual plan for them.

Margaret Scott

I just finished some socks in Christmas yarn that I bought from you! They are sparkly and beautiful. Was going to give them away, but they are so cute....

Karen Kinsey

Just downloaded the Nightshift Shawl by drea renee knits from Ravelry. Will be shopping on your website for yarn. Also just downloaded Strandtreppe by Nicolor (sneaker socks) so I am also cruising for yarn for that pattern.


I just finished a Jessica Jones wardrobe basics cowl (pattern on ravelry) in MWP Sock in the colour “Borscht”, now I’m going to do a toque in the same colour just have to pick a pattern.


I am currently knitting a pair of socks for me, yarn is by BAH Yarns (Brenda and Heather). It's in the Sharp Pointy Teeth color from Monty Python's Holy Grail.


I am almost finished with the first of a pair of Halloween themed socks that I am knitting with yarn From Simply Sock Yarn.

Kerry Phillips

In the process of making a Unicorn Stripe Scarf from Madelinetosh’s patterns. Only about a quarter of the way done so far. Using only madelinetosh yarn for this project.

Beth L

I just resurrected my Heart Of It All project with an all-Ohio mini skein set from Destination Yarns. It is old enough that the ‘new’ color way in the set was the Cavs championship tribute colorway, so... 2016? I have two mini skeins to go; Cincinnati clay tile and Old Barn.


I'm working on 2 pairs of socks. They were started at the beginning of the year. Just finished the get out the Vote bandana.

I think that I 'need' the purple merino/silk/cash yarn. I can see it in a hitchhiker or cowl.


I'm switching between a pair of Suki by Adrienne Fong (socks for me!) and Where's My Cow? by Ann Kingstone for the baby, before said baby gets too big for it!


I'm making the seashell lace wrap with yarn from stash for a trip to the coast coming up:

Samantha T

I’m doing the dueling club fingerless gloves from the Harry Potter knitting book.

Mary Felker

I am knitting Hitchhiker with the Cascade self striping Christmas yarn which I bought during the Christmas in July sale. I love how the stripes are working out with the pattern.It is so much fun to watch my progress.

Jennifer Wilson

I've been knitting hats for Christmas gifts.


Right now I’m getting a start on Christmas.
I’m making LOTS of little stockings using Cascade Yarn Heritage sock in Christmas Red and Christmas Green!


Persian Dreams!! It's a beast - but finished my first Hex over the weekend.


I am working on a pair of socks for a Dec birthday present. Using Heritage Prints in Holidaze with Hermoine's Everyday Socks pattern.


I am still working on a shawl project but I keep messing up the last step. I WILL get it right because a job worth doing is worth doing well.

Hilda Clegg

I'm knitting a hat using yarn I was given a few years ago and a test knit with yarn from my stash for a "maybe" afghan. Nothing too exciting. I'm in "I just need to knit" mode.

Millie Burrell

I am knitting the emPower bandana with Expression Fiber Arts Dewy DK in Pansy so I can wear it to vote!

Robyn Durand

I'm working on the Secret Handshake cowl designed by Sharon from Security (Casapinka's cat) and I love our FB MKAL group. So supportive and positive!

Debbie Davis

Finishing up some fingerless mitts for Knit and Crochet for Charity.


Christmas socks in SSYC Poste Frankenmuth stripe, and Hitchhiker in Flock Fibre Take a Hike Sock in Nerds color way. This will be my 6th pair of socks and fourth shawlette or shawl, although the Casapinka Msgical Thinking shawl/poncho has already gone off to college with my granddaughter.

Michelle L Ross

Currently working on the Secret Handshake Cowl by Sharon from Security - Loving the MKAL!


Such great stuff!! I finished a shawl last night and have a pair of sock to the gussets. I have 2 rows of a super bulky sweater going, but I am not loving the difference between a size 2 and a size 17 needle!

Renee S.

I’m working on socks, socks, socks for Christmas for the Grandchildren. I have 20 pairs knitted so far.


I'm working on my second Woollsia shawl by Ambah as another gift. This is the perfect knit to keep the fingers busy and the mind on positivity.

Kate Greenwood

I am about to turn the heel on sock 2 of a pair of Coffee Talk socks for myself! I love this pattern!


I have Opal jazz on the needles. Might start a new pair tonight!


I should be starting Christmas projects but having too much fun with Joji KAL Worsted Boxy and Boxy Cape, finishing the Casapinka Sharon Show Shawl and starting Slipstravaganza MKAL. Shew! Enjoying each for totally different reasons.

Teri P

I'm working on Casapinka's emPower People bandana right now. Gotta finish before I go to vote (early).

Margaret Fayden

I just finished 6 pairs of socks for Christmas. I used Opal or The Backyard Chicken Collection. I have 6 more pairs to go. I’ll be buying yarn every Monday in October for sure.


I'm knitting the Sharon Show MKAL shawl using Lorna's Laces sock yarn. It's been a sanity saver during the pandemic.

Brenna Delosier

I’m knitting a blanket on size 15 needles with 3 strands of sock yarn. It’s kaleidoscopic.


Using West Yorkshire Signature in Candy Cane to make Christmas socks for my granddaughter and her BFF.


I am working on anFractal Danger scarf with one of the Christmas color yarns I bought from you. Also doing a pair of socks with another Christmas yarn from you!

Becki Greetan

Have a sock on my needles, a pinkish colored sock I started I don’t know when! I am waiting for my new needles to arrive to start on winter hats! I just finished a blanket for 10 year old grandson. All the blankets I made for him are lost? Daughter does not know where they went? I don’t think she liked them, just like the ones I have made for the newest addition. Wrong colors so not used. Oh, well, bright spot is 7 year old granddaughter LOVES every blanket I have made her and tells people her Gramma is a professional knitter! Love her!

Gaylyn B

I'm knitting a Trillian scarf out of a skein of DIC Colossal sock in the color Herbal. Trillian is one of my all time favorite patterns from Martina Behm. The Colossal Sock is working up mighty fine with it.

Geraldine Scott

Working on socks for Christmas gifts, just a basic sock, nothing fancy! Also crocheting doll blankets for the grands....using a C2C moss stitch.


My friend and I are doing a KAL of our own making. We are doing the Nightshift patten but in a rectangular stole. She knits tightly and I am a loose knitter so it will be interesting to see as we progress. We are doing it with a gradient set that we split. I am adding a few extras of grey. I call mine Fiesta because it is so colorful. Haven't uploaded any pictures yet.

Jamie Albritton

currently have 2 sweaters on the needles...


I’m making socks! Using Novita 7 brothers—a great sock yarn for heavier, cosy socks. The pattern I’m using is Kirsten Kapur’s “Avenue D”.

Sabrina Snyder

I just finished a pair of socks. I am currently working on another pair.


I'm currently trying to finish up my shawl from The Sharon Show MKAL and finish up a sweater for my granddaughter for Christmas, but I've kind of got the Covid 2020 blues and haven't picked up the needles for at least a week! Needing some motivation here!

Ann Sinclair

I just finished a wall hanging ( looks like a narrow afghan ) of mitered squares using Noro Silk Garden yarn in color 357. ( six skeins ). I am also working on the Stillness shawl by Helen Stewart and my third Wolkig cowl by Martina Behm


I’m working on a Round Robin Blanket for charity. It’s made with Louet Gems Worsted in the colorway Straw, and is a texture blanket.

Rebecca Schubert

I’m knitting Winterscape Socks using the Marie Cassatt colorway yarn from the spring sock club. I’m almost ready to start knitting with the yarn coming this week.

Gina Kostofd

I am knitting toe-up socks with Poste Yarn Gleam Sock in Hearts Content, Newfoundland with contrasting heel and tie in SSY gray.

Katie Leslie

I'm working on Steven West's Slipstravaganza and the solid socks Oct/Nov MKAL waterfall socks. I am loving them both!


I just finished a pair of socks made with hedgehog fiber, contrasting colors. It’s my first pair of two color socks and has a cute cable on the side. Love them!! Now I have to Kitchener the last toe and weave in ends ( tonight’s project). Those bad boys will be on my feet in no time.

Mary Beaverson

My works in progress include Sockhead Cowl in Malabrigo Mechita Passiflora, a winter scarf in LITLG DK Andisol, and and an asymmetric shawl in (oops, where’s the tag?) 🤣


Currently crocheting a bag, inspired by this one:

I'm using 3 colours of cotton + white rather than one round per colour.

Irene Cechura

I’m. Completing the pocket limighs on a cardigan, and have the second sock of a pair started using a yummy predominantly orange skein of Hedgehog Fibers.


I am knitting Tin Can Knits Gramps sweater for my nephew.

Virginia Burgus

I am knitting a pair of socks using WYS Signature Holly and Berry.


Working very s-l-o-w-l-y on tiger stripe socks using uneek sock. At least they are in Halloween colors! Love all the beautiful yarn and kits you have posted!


Just finished my 10th sock head cowl. My hands are numb,,,

joyce hancock

I am currently knitting a cute baby afghan with 3 different size elephants on it. I am waiting for a new granddaughter appearing in a month and a half. So I am frantically trying to knit her all the things.


Right now I just have a stranded yoke sweater on the needles.
I finished a pair of socks yesterday, and I only need to take pictures today.
I am also ready to start a new pair of socks.
All of these projects involve stranded colorwork. I think the cooling temperatures makes me want to do that.

Pam Fiddler

I am working on a sweater for my husband. He’s asked for one for years and I’m finally doing it. I’m a selfish knitter, I knit mostly for me, so it feels like this is taking forever and there are a ton of things I want to cast on instead, but I know he’s gonna love it. Going to give it to him for our 7th anniversary 11/2 ❤️


I just started knitting the Sockhead Cowl using a skein of Miss Bab’s yarn that I bought last December when I was visiting Indiana and brought a friend from South Bend to your store for her first visit. We had so much yarn fun!! Both of us came home with bags of yarn to oooh and aaaah over that night. Our husbands just laughed. We also treated ourselves to some chocolate from DeBrand’s after you closed because that was on her list of “must see” things in Ft. Wayne. What more could a knitter want or need.......yarn and chocolate!! But yarn came first, of course.


I just finished my second pair of socks this month - I used LITLG fine sock in Chorophyll. They are soaking in their blocking bath right now and I'm so excited to give them to their person at Christmastime.


Now I know what you mean by "If you make it to the bottom" the candy corn yarn. Actually, everything was eye candy.

I am working on Casapinka's Secret Handshake MKAL, Stephen West's Slipstravaganza MKAL2020, and Safe at Home afghan of which I have only 3 more blocks to do and then the edging.

Knitting is keeping me ridiculously sane.

Daphne  Jackson

currently working on a pair of socks with regia from my stash. Can't wait to order new yarn from you though.


I am knitting a pair of socks for a Christmas gift. I’m making them from Poste Yarn Select Sock in Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. (Remember that one?) The yarn itself is so beautiful that I’m just using a simple slip stitch pattern so that the colors can really standout! I like them so much it’s going to be hard to give them away, especially since I can’t get any more of that color.


Just started Odyssey Shawl by Joji Locatelli with Tosh DK in Leopard, Horn, and Grey Gardens. And just weaving in the ends on Exordium by Rebecca Piccoult with Tosh Sock in Flycatcher Blue and Earl Grey.

Cindy Turner

I am knitting socks from your Halloween kit I received last year. Loving it and so pretty. I know it’s a little late, but they will be done before this Halloween! Almost finished.

Virginia E Harnischfeger

Finished Christmas socks from Uneek. Working on current sock project - WYS Fairy Lights Socks with Sasparilla accent. Next up- Fairy Lights with Bubblegum accent.


Working on the cowl from the blog made with uneek worsted.


I have a tiny bit left to do on these mitts:

Ellen C.

Almost done with a shawl that was giving me trouble. After that, will start on some Christmas gift knitting.


I'm knitting myself a pair of Halloween socks with Undercover Otter's Squirm Hack-O-Lantern. I came up with the pattern myself. One sock down, one to go.


I've had to put my Echo Flower Shawl using Knit Picks Shadow in Garnet Heather into time-out. I dropped a stitch and have no lifeline so tinking back so I can go forward again has me frustrated - the rows are so long!

So my waiting room knitting is my only current project - Chinese Waves dish cloths using Sugar'n Cream in Potpourri (or similar)


I’ve been working on a pair of what was supposed to be summer socks but that didn’t happen. I am also working on a sweater so I hope that will get done for the cooler weather coming up.


I just finished knitting my Dissent cowl and just cast on a Knitting People Together shawl. And if course there is the never ending sock yarn scrappy blanket. 🙂

Deborah Downey

My youngest grandson wanted ‘tiger’ socks so I am working on a pair using Urth’s Tiger Sock yarn, no pictures yet but they are coming along.

Laurie Bowman

I am working on a cowl in Urth it!...oh and Urth tiger socks and Urth Christmas socks!


Socks, of course. Striped ones from the Dream in Color kit. Trying really hard to get all the socks done for my holiday sock list.

Meg Luyckx

Knitting up the first of three cowls using the Urth striped yarn you suggested in your blog post from a couple of weeks back. Easy Peasy, but fun to see stripes playing out.


Knitting holiday socks of course. LOL! Currently the Faceted Rib Socks pattern. The yarn and pattern reminds me of the old-style bubble lights my grandparents had for their Christmas tree.


Working feverishly on baby blanket. Using yarn from "HL" and want to get back using the "good stuff". There is a difference!


I'm currently knitting a Habitation Throw out of leftovers from a giant miter square blanket I made a few years ago. I'm past the mid-point and am now at the nail-biting stage of wondering if I will indeed have enough yarn to finish. I have to weight each color after I finish a section and I'm holding my breath. I do think the suspense is making me knit faster though, so that's a plus!

Joyce Morrow

I am working on a cowl and the inevitable pair of socks while I am planning out the smaller projects for Christmas knitting - UNTIL I got distracted by Halloween. . . .


I am currently knitting the Westknits MKAL Slipstravaganza, and my beautiful MC is Holy Crow by Spun Right Round!


Knitting wool mittens for our granddaughter.

Kathy Fox

I am just about to finish the first colorway of Urth Uneek Mini Sock Kit! I am using Arne & Carlos' Spiral Sock pattern. It is my first toe up sock, no heel! and I am on the ribbing. Fits gloriously. I bought 3 kits and this one is for my niece!

Aimee P

I’m finishing up a pair of Selbu mittens from an online course I took, a colorwork sweater from Knit.Love.Wool, and some Regia sport weight socks that will be Christmas gifts.


Fingerless mitts that will be a Christmas present

Rebekah Davoli

I'm working on a cardigan of my own design, and a spencer for my sister, but I will probably take a short break from those to make a little pumpkin out of my handspun.


I have multiple projects going right now. One is the yarn and sock pattern I got from SSYC for the Valentine's project. I got distracted with other projects as you can see. I also bought some Cascade Christmas yarn and think I'll start on a scarf with that before finishing Valentine's socks.

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