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October 01, 2020



I've knit 8 pairs of socks so far this year, and I have two more in progress (started the second sock of pair 9 today; started first sock of pair 10 yesterday).

Rita Kawamoto

I have knitted three pairs and 3 singles, and now are knitting the mates. So many fun colors lately it is hard to choose! Great Job!


I'm ashamed to say I've only knit one sock this year :-( but have knit two shawls and am knitting Clue5 of the Sharon mkal right now.

Karen Leonard

I’ve finished 5 pairs of socks so far, and have 3 skeins of Christmas yarn from your summer sale that needs to be balled and turned into gift socks for my teen and adult grands. Also working on a Hitchhiker wrap/scarf.


I’ve finished no socks, but have plenty started. Having some wrist and hand issues so my knitting is sidelined

Ellen C.

I don't knit socks, but use the yarn for scarves, shawls, anything that recommends fingering weight.

Kim Kieffer

I had to look at Ravelry, lol looks like about 10

Gaylyn B

I have knit only one pair of socks in my knitting career, the pair required for the sock class I took in 2006. However, since I found (or rather re-found your website)I have been inspired to knit socks. I started a pair last week. Just to keep it interesting I also decided to teach myself the magic loop method. Going is slow but progressing. In for a penny, in for a pound!

Colleen Dallura

I have finished 2 pair so far this year. I have many started. I seem to like casting them on more than finishing. Hopefully I will finish a few more pairs ny the end of the year!

Susan Mercy

1.5 pairs of socks. A Christmas stocking is in progress. And I've knit two shawls from sock yarn.

Linda L.

I have knit one third of one sock. But to be fair, I've been working on a huge blanket for my nephew along with several sweaters for myself.

Red G.

I haven't knit any socks this year, but I LOVE to knit shawls, shawlettes, fingerless gloves. I have actually been perusing sock patterns lately, and am thinking that soon, I will HAVE to knit some. They are starting to call to me.


I think I have completed 8-10 pairs of socks this year with several more single socks waiting for a mate!


I have knit a staggering 69 pairs of socks so far this year. 16 pairs were shortie, no-show-socks and 20 pairs were a men's size 11. YIKES! Good thing you have enough yarn to keep me going. 5 pairs were for me, the rest were gifts. Socktober, the BEST month for knitting.

Wendy Chase

I've finished at least 2 pairs of socks this year, maybe more. Just cast on for a scrappy pair this week. My grown girls are always happy two be gifted hand knit socks. I've made some adorable window sill cats with fingering yarn this year and given away several of those as well.

Ellen Bruns

I would say I have knit at least a dozen pair of socks so far this year. Currently have two Christmas Socks on the needles with one of each finished. My go to project for on the go!!

Janet Godshalk

I have knitted 6 pair one on the needles now and at least 3 more pairs to go before Christmas


I have a pair of socks, two at a time, magic loop in progress, (close to finished) from a class I took before the pandemic. You inspire and dazzle me with your lovely socks and how fast you make them; my goal is to become more comfortable on dpns and make socks with one of your fun kits - I LOVE your colors and special seasonal kits (as well as everything you carry!). And part of my original goal is to make more and more socks until I become (almost) as prolific a sock knitter as you are. Socks have been my main goal since I started knitting and I knit one pair on dpns from a Knitting Pure and Simple basic pattern, my first sock class. I want to make more!! I also knit shawls with the fingering weight yarn I buy whenever I visit in person or order on line. I miss touching and looking at all your yarn! Stay safe and healthy and thanks for keeping in touch these days!


I’ve finished one pair... and need to knit around 10 by Christmas. And, also stay sane by working on a sweater for myself :)


I was surprised to realize I've only knitted 2 pairs of socks, both for me. I have another pair OTN for DH in some lovely Opal sock yarn. I have knitted a number of fingering-weight shawls, mittens, and mitts, though! Love the fall yarns in this blog post.

Margaret Paschal

I have only done 3 pairs of socks this year because I got caught up in the Casapinka and Sharon thing (I have you to thank for that). So I have done done 2 shawls with a third in progress, plus a shawlette/scarf and am in the middle of the Secret Handshake cowl. I may get back to socks eventually.

Christine Tubbs

I have knit one sock, so 1/2 a pair! Better than no socks!


So not a sock knitter but love sock weight yarn! I use it for shawls and sweaters. The MadTosh color is so pretty, I missed out on their pre sale.

Dana Snyder

I have finished 3 or 4 pairs of socks and started an additional 6 pairs at least. I keep wanting to go back and finish them and end up starting new ones.


So far I think this has been a sock-less year. I’ve mostly been knitting cowls for my friends with sock yarn. But every year I knit my husband a new pair of socks for Christmas, so I better get started.

Natalie McLaughlin

I have finished 2 pairs but I have at least 3 that need the 2nd sock knit... I am planning on giving a lot of socks for the holidays this year. So when I finish a second sock.. I can start a new one.. I couldn't even tell you how many are on the needles... I love to see how the yarn is going to knit..

Virginia E Harnischfeger

I finished four pair of socks and am working on pair five. Also completed for shawls. Can’t wait to see items presented for purchase in Socktober.

Kate Greenwood

I’ve got two pairs of socks knitted earlier this year and am almost done with sock 1 of my third pair. I love the Coffee Talk pattern and that’s the one I’m currently knitting!!
I’ve also knit numerous shawls and woven scarves with fingering weight yarn this year and held it double in 4 sweaters!


I’ve only knit one pair this year 😳, but I’ve knit a hat, a scarf & a huge wrap out of sock yarn & am working on another.


Plan is to finish at least 10 pair of socks this year. I’ve completed 4 so far, have 3 wip and 3 other patterns I want to do. Currently working on last month’s DIC sock kit - love it and hope to get more of these beautiful kits before year end! Love the one you’re using above!

Peggy Pennell

I have knit 6 pairs of socks so far ... mostly as birthday gifts. I have got to buckle down on my Xmas knitting!


I have knitted any socks this year, but several shawls and wraps in sock yarn!


No socks knitted this year. I have knit a shawl, scarf, hat and sweater. Started a blanket but that's no where near finished!


2 pairs finished.

3 pairs on needles now with plans for at least 2 more pairs before the end of the year.

Is it wrong to be thinking about knitting up leg warmers since banana clips are making a comeback?


I think I've only made one pair of socks so far this year, but I have finished at least 5 scarf or shawl patterns with sock yarn. Fingering weight is my favorite to knit with.

Vicki Maynes

I've knit 19 pair so far this year and I've got 4 more to knit for Christmas.


I've knitted 9 pairs this year and have 6 more skeins of yarn waiting in the wings. Some for my cold feet and some for Christmas giving. Staying home because of covid has really helped reduce my stash.

Denise Carpenter

7 pairs of socks this year so far. Started another last night. Plus a tank top
In fingering and a bunch if baby things. Love all the colors
In your post n


I have knitted 21 pairs of socks so far this year. Wow!
I love knitting socks, and they make great gifts, so I am always working on some. I also love to participate in KALs, so that keeps the motivation going, and the strategizing is fun.


Zero socks, but I have used sock yarn for shawls! Planning on casting on a pair today.

Renee S.

I have knitted approximately 10 pairs so far, two pairs by hand and rest on knitting machine.. Have a lot more to go with four grandchildren and Christmas around the corner!!


I have finished 6 pairs of socks so far this year but I have at least that many more pairs waiting to have their toes closed lol. Socks are beyond a doubt my favorite thing to knit - I love seeing how the stitch patterns and yarns play out together. Each pair is like a new adventure!


With the pandemic, I have stayed at home and knitted lots of socks and shawls with sock yarn. I am finishing up my 16th pair of socks this year. I know what everyone is getting for Christmas this year! :)


I have finished 12 pairs. We will not discuss how many I have cast on!

Leigh Ann Brown

I’ve knit / finished 3 pairs so far this year. DIC sock kits have me planing more. Plus I snagged some Urth uneek sets to work up


I've knitted 5 pairs of socks, 3 pairs of fingerless mitts, 2 LOSY hats, 6 shawls and 5 cowls in fingering yarn this year. Stayed home and knitted a lot.


10.5 pair so far for me. Working from home makes it much easier to knit at random times during the day. Also, a few of my friends wanted slipper socks!
Will be a sock gift giving season this year!


I have knitted 5 pairs of socks, have 4 on the needles! I have also knitted a lot of baby hats and blankets for the Ronald MacDonald House


I have knit only 3 pair of socks so far this year. But I used sock yarn for 3 capes, 4 brioche cowls, a couple of shawlettes and 2 LOSY (Left Over Sock Yarn) hats. Sock yarn is my favorite.


I knit 4 pair of socks and 3 shawls using sock yarn (approximately 1000 yards per shawl) during nyc lockdown. I plan on knitting a fingering weigjt fade sweater soon using sock yarn. Sock yarn is so versatile! PS the October sock yarns are so awesome!

Shaw Mumford

I have completed 2 pairs and am just starting a pair with the last shipment of the yarn club... the Targheeling Twist seduced me, and while I don't currently see how the associated mini will work, I have faith


I am so glad I found your blog! I look forward to each of your entries and get much inspiration from them, including the courage to try my hand at sock knitting. I am VERY proud to say I have completed 1 sock! Now to do the matching But I do use fingering yarn for shawls and baby blankets. I must say that DORIS has blown my socks off with the number she has completed!! Geaux Doris!!!

Aimee P

I’ve only knit 5 1/2 pairs so far this year. That’s way way down from my normal, I usually knit 12 or more pairs per year. But for some reason this year I’ve been on a sweater kick.

Julie Bair

Do they have to be completed pairs? I’ve *started* three pairs so far... 😜😆😂🤣


I have knitted 2 pairs of socks this year. I do make shawls with fingering weight. I have a couple sweaters in my queue that I want to make that requires fingering weight.

Corlene Forde

I've knit four pairs of sock so far and plan on doing maybe one more pair. I'm currently working on a sweater and a wrap using Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock and Madeline Tosh Euro Sock respectively.

Cindy Turner

I knit socks and shawls with fingering yarn. I’ve made 4 pairs this year and have one set on the needles. I have probably 15 pairs in my sock drawer. I love to wear them. I love your October and Christmas sock kits.


I’ve only knit 3 full pairs this year. But since I’ve spent most of the last six months working on a fingering-weight full size blanket involving intarsia and multidirectional stripes, I refuse to be ashamed of my low sock count so far :)

I do have a lovely pair currently on the needles using the Stitch Together swanky sock from Christmas in July. What a fantastic yarn that is!

Sarah D

I think I’ve only knit two pairs this year.


I've slowed my sock knitting pace considerably. Probably finished about 4 pairs this year. Hard to tell as I have given them all to otherwise deserving feet!

D Stevens

I have knit 3 pairs and 2 singles. But I did learn magic loop two at a time which means if I get good at it I will have no second sock syndrome!! 🤞


4 pairs and one lonely single waiting for it’s sole mate!


Four pairs of socks done, just cast on another and also wound 2 more skeins. Another skein waiting just in case I have time. So a total of 7 or 8 this year. I hope.


I have knitted 5 pair so far. I have slowed down because I have been trying to improve my technique but just undermined my confidence. BooHoo.


I've knit 10 pair of socks, 2 shawl/scarfs, A couple of hats, 1 glove, and some baby booties. I still have 2 more pair of socks to go for Christmas presents and another glove before it gets too cold!


I have finished knitting no socks this year, but I’m currently knitting on a Christmas sock. After I finish this pair, I’m planning to start socks in the West Yorkshire Spinners holiday yarn I bought from you last week.


I have knit 3 or 4 pairs this year. I’ve also got 2 socks on the needles. 🙂


I've knit on a a whole bunch, but have only finished one pair so far.


What pattern do you knitters recommend for using LOSY for hats? I am not very experienced but it sounds like a really fun way to make a colorful hat! Thanks for your help.

April Frank

I just picked up knitting again after many years. I'm really excited to start my first set of socks!!


I've knit two pairs of socks so far this year, which is more than usual. Hats and cowls are knit more often from my sock yarn.


Sadly I’ve finished just 2 pairs. Partly it was due to my fibromyalgia & a small part because I did not enjoy the new Opal cotton sock yarn - but I need some cotton blend socks for this time of year.


Sorry to say, "no socks"....I love socks but knitting them looks so intimidating...I'm going to dive in soon, I know I will be addicted if I ever catch on. My sock yarn is used mostly for cowls, scarves, fingerless mittens. I'm impressed by Allison and all these posts!!!

Teresa Harriman

I believe I have knit a couple pairs of socks this year. I think I have gotten my mojo back for sock knitting. Thanks teresa

Karen machado

I am knitting a pair, as I type this. Pattern is by Joji Locatelli- her latest! I usually knit so many other things that my socks take a back seat...👀😳

Cindy Carpenter

I have completed 40 pairs so far this year. Some were started from scratch. Others were Wips that were rescued from the closet and finished.but still 40pairsfinished amazes me!!


I’ve knit 6 pairs (and started six or seven more) this year, and I just started knitting socks for the first time in May! I’m addicted.


I think I am up to 18-19 pairs. About 6 of those are ankle length in worsted weight for slippers/bed socks. These have been my go to gift idea for my friends on their birthdays. Of the rest half are short socks. My sock drawer runneth over. But I really love socks! Now that I know how to make them, I am a bit addicted. They are the perfect project to carry around and can be as simple or fancy as you like. And, oh the yarn!!!


I am so confused. There is no Wednesday October 5, this year.
Monday October 5th or Wednesday October 7th.
Which is it??????


For a FREE LOSY hat pattern, just type in LOSY in the pattern search on Ravelry. There are a few free pattern to choose from.

yolanda v

I have knit none pairs. Don't know why I have a fear of socks. BUT that doesn't stop me from collecting sock yarn! lol

Susan Johnsen

One pair of socks is all I have completed, but have a couple more pairs to complete before Christmas. I knitted two shawls earlier in the year. I always have something to knit as it helps the arthritis in my hands.

Kathy Robbins

I am working on pair number 14 for 2020--so all year is Socktober for me!

Anissa Miller

I'm about to BO pair 21 for this year!! All really big socks (shoe size 9 to 12). I have four adult kids and a hubby to keep warm!!

Sarah S

I unfortunately have not made socks this year :( But I have made other accessories like shawls and cowls - these are my favorite items to knit!

Gale Nichols

I've made about 6 pairs of socks this year...lots of knitting time (for me) due to being at home. Am just finishing the Dapunzel scarf (see Ravelry) with fingering-weight yarn that I bought from SSYC--the Monet collection. Gorgeous!!

Lisa Barrett

I've knit zero :( I got so frustrated not being able to get the last pattern I used to fit the way I wanted that I haven't knit socks in ages. I've been toying w/ the idea of trying again, just a basic pattern that if I need to rip back, it's not a big deal. If I win this gorgeous yarn, I will use it as a motivator and cast on as soon as it arrives.


About six pairs of socks this year. This was my sweater year as I knitted two pullovers & have third one down to interminable sleeves. Knitting has kept me sane.

Geraldine Scott

I've knit 5 pairs of socks for grandkids....I'm really wanting to knit some for myself now!


No socks this year but lots and lots of hats for homeless shelters. I love combining fingering yarns--no two basic beanie hats are the same!

Anne Marie

Zero. Yes. Very sad. Knitting a fingering wrap right now tho.


I think I’ve finished 2 pairs and 2 shawls in fingering. Hoping for another pair or 2 yet this year! I wound the yarn for a fingering sweater...kinda chickened out (so far)...


I have recently been on a sock binge - finished 3 pairs in the last 2 weeks! Those are in addition to several pair knitted back in February/March. Love having the smaller projects to intersperse among the sweaters and shawls.

Pat Phythian

Currently knitting my 7th pair—first time to knit with FlexiFlips which I really like.


So far this year, I have finished 6 pairs of socks and I have 2 more pairs in progress. Socks ate my favorite portable project. I am hoping to make them for family members for Christmas this year, so I better get started! Socktober is the perfect time to make it happen! Thanks for the great yarns and giveaways!

Jan Croon

I've knit two pairs of socks this year, but have cast on three KAL shawl projects using sock weight yarn.

Dana Nellums

I have knit two pairs of socks in 2020 and am about to cast on another pair.

Nancy Iannone

I've only knitted about 5 pairs of socks this year. But am started on the replenishment of my grandson's sock supply for winter 2021!


I think 8 pairs

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