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October 30, 2020


Dana Snyder

We are going to the live theatre at the drive in. We’re going to see Dracula and the Legend of sleepy hollow. I think we’re staying home for thanksgiving but we’re going to PA for Christmas and then a late honeymoon to Jamaica. We’re taking a risk cause I’ve been working so much I need a break. I have work till I go to bed every night this week. I hope it slows down. I’m a teacher. :)


Halloween - nothing. We didn’t even buy any candy.

Thanksgiving - just my hubby & me, cooking a turkey breast in the crock pot.
The short timeframe is not worth the risk of anyone traveling. Just be thankful you haven’t caught COVID yet.

Christmas - probably just my hubby & me again. In over 40 years, this will be our first Christmas without any of our children here.

I hope 2021 brings some progress against the pandemic at last.

Donna T

Traditionally, we spent Halloween with my daughter’s family. It started when they lived here in Illinois in a far out suburb. They had just moved here from Louisiana. The oldest grand turned 2 the day after Halloween & the next oldest was a newborn. I bought the older one a furry pig costume & knit a pumpkin hat to go with the baby’s pumpkin suit. I continued to (usually) make or buy costumes for the grands when the youngest came along & they moved to Palo Alto, then back to Baton Rouge, & even when they moved to the Pacific Northwest 6 years ago. When they lived out of the area, I (or we) traveled to where they lived & spent Halloween & celebrated the November birthdays of the oldest & youngest. At least they’re all in their teens & beyond wanting grandma to make costumes for them. Fortunately that means they’re also old enough to not forget us. For the past 10-12 years we’ve spent thanksgiving with just the 2 of us or with my partner’s siblings - usually in a restaurant. This year we’ll definitely spend it alone. But I’ll make a turkey or turkey breast with all the trimmings. Christmas will be the hardest. That’s the one time of year that I’ve always been able to count on spending several days with both daughters, my wonderful son in law & the 3 grands. We (me, partner, & all my offspring) had planned an August vacation in Ireland & it looks like we’ll be lucky to take that next year - more likely 2022 if I’m still able. And the colder & wetter than normal fall has me feeling stiff & achy. So I’m not getting much knitting done☹️

Kathy Robbins

Adorable Halloween photos.


Just me and hubby and of course our 3 fur babies. We are still alive and I have lots of yarn from SSYC to keep my hands and mind busy. I will cook a small turkey breast and will make TV dinners with the leftovers and put into the freezer. Hubby doesn’t like to eat the same thing for more than two days.
No Halloween 🎃 here. Just some quiet knitting.


Thanks for sharing the cute Halloween photos. We are (sadly) not going to open the door tonight for trick-or-treaters and we’ve had numbers as high as 127+ children. But this is not the year to risk our health or theirs. The public libraries and other various venues are offering contactless candy and other opportunities to celebrate the holiday, so the kids are covered even if it is in an untraditional way. For Thanksgiving and Christmas, both daughters and their spouses will not be traveling to visit us in Virginia from Ft. Wayne and Iowa. We are all on the same page about safety first and the risk is not worth it. Sadly I can’t visit my 88 year old Dad in PA or sister in NY, no one wants to risk infecting ourselves and others by traveling. Holidays will be much more quiet than usual, but with technology we can zoom, Skype or FaceTime so that is a blessing. We’re not going to risk getting together with friends who are far more exposed than we are and have had multiple covid scares at their workplaces and have held their breath to get negative test results after being exposed at work. We’re all in the same boat and have to be creative and enjoy all our blessings but in a different way this year, and possibly next year; it seems like in the past, major pandemics take 2 to 3 years to resolve. We need to share our ideas and cheer each other on and know it won’t last really won’t.

Tobey Shepherd

usually we get over 250 kids trick or treating, we have the busiest street in town for trick or treaters and I decorate the hallway to the front door up with all kinds of lights and paper lanterns and lights all up the stairs and across the front of the house.....last night we set up a table and decorated it with lights and put treats on the table for the kids to pick was 36 degrees out and I was a popsicle by the end of the night...I planned for about 1/3 of the kids I expected, I thought during normal times we would get 300 kids on a Saturday night, so I planned for 100, I then had to turn some away as I brought things inside....but it was still a fun night....and everyone was masked and making the best of it....we have spent the last few Thanksgiving by ourselves, as we couldn't travel because we always had guests (we own a Bed and Breakfast) and my brother is 3. hours away in another state, so we couldn't just pop up for dinner to be with them.....and because of COVID we will be spending Thanksgiving by ourselves this year.....but we will cook a fabulous meal and be thankful we are all staying safe and crossed fingers continued good health,.....


My oldest turned 14 on Halloween. She spent time with her two BFFs that have been in our bubble. They did go trick or treating. Most people had individually wrapped bags on a table at the end of their driveways. Thanksgiving I will cook food for us at home. If it's nice, we'll go on a hike in the metro parks or something like that. My kids aren't big into traditional Thanksgiving fare. But I have a turkey, and I'll make mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and buy some Hawaiian rolls (their favorite). They love my cheesecake, so I'll make that, too.

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