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October 06, 2020



If you are putting in the delicate cycle of your washing machine there is something called Dye catcher by Shout. They are like a 6x4 sheet that will catch colors from bleeding.



I just add about a 1/2 to 1 cup of vinegar and wash in cold water the first time I wash something, if I have concerns about the colour running.

Aimee P

I soak the item in white vinegar to help set the dye a little better and then rinse it a few times, sometimes I’ll repeat the vinegar soak. And then soak them in wool wash like I normally would. Usually that’s enough to take care of any extra dye that might have been left by the dyer.


The first time I wash them. I’d put a “glug” of vinegar in both wash & rinse water. If a lot of color washes out, I might try it with the next wash or 2 also. For knits that are not Superwash, I use Brown Sheep wool wash & the directions call for adding vinegar to both wash & rinse water. Not only does it help the color stay in, it also softens the yarn nicely.


I’d just like to add that I’ve knit socks with very dark yarn & had the color come off on my hands. But, not a bit came out in the wash. I think it might have to do with the warmth & slight moisture of our hands when knitting. These socks are an alpaca blend & require hand washing but have never bled into the water.

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