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September 02, 2020



I love Yellowstone and have great memories so the yarn speaks to me for that reason.


Diane, I've never been to Yellowstone but it's definitely on my "bucket list." I'm betting there will be A LOT of people there once everything is safe again for travel.


Back in the dim dark ages, before I married & had children, I spent 2 months on an epic camping trip out west. We went in a big circle, first hitting the Badlands, the down through Rapid City,& up through the Rockies - the Wind River range, Grand Teton, Yellowstone, & Glacier (which we just drove through because there were no available campsites within 125 miles), then west along Rte 2. We spent a couple of days at a commune in the Idaho panhandle, then west to Seattle where we spent a few days staying with acquaintances. When we left Seattle, we drove down the coast along Rte 1 most of the way. We spent a week in the Bay Area (where I rescued my brother before he could be shipped off to Vietnam). Then we headed back east through Yosemite, Death Valley, the Grand Canyon,, the Four Corners & finally up through Colorado, and back to the Chicago area. It was truly an amazing summer & trip of a lifetime. I fell in love with the National Parks. I’m so happy you’ve decided to honor them.

Teressa Wilson

Excited about this yarn because I have been to all these places

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