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September 21, 2020



I like that brown dappled look.


Thanks for your thoughts and concerns about the pandemic. I agree it is a most difficult time for everyone just now. But then I recall all the other difficult times in America's history--wars, depression, floods, earthquakes, Spanish flu, polio, etc. and take strength from those who bore those burdens with no idea when they might come to an end. We are a strong people and we will make it through this. When it's over, I'm making the trip to from Cincinnati to Ft. Wayne to see the shop and buy more yarn. Stay safe yourself--you give us hope.


You are making the kindest & wisest decision by not opening. I suspect it’ll be next summer before you feel safe opening the store. As someone at very high risk, I applaud your decision.


Appreciate your thoughtful posts. Keep safe and be well.

Kathy Robbins

Yes, keep those prescious 'little munchkins' safe at home. It may be quite a while before there is some sanity here in the U.S.A.


I agree with your decision. Online shopping is very safe and convenient for me, too! As someone with autoimmune disease and asthma and who has a child with asthma, I 100% support your stance. I was just at my endocrinologist last week. Throughout her office, signs said this: "ALL of our patients are high-risk for COVID-19." the signs then listed infection control measures and symptoms to watch for.


Bless you...

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