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September 30, 2020



Glad to hear that you and your family are well.

Know of 6 people (family and/or friends) in Indiana who have had Covid-19. Five were work-related (3 in health care related jobs). Sadly one person died.

So please continue to take care. Appreciate this time despite its limitations.


I think I could easily be a hermit - as long as I had plenty of yarn & my iPhone with audible & kindle apps. It’s been a slight bone of contention with my partner ever since he retired. He HAS TO go out just about every day. I only want to leave when I have a reason. He has actually implied that I’m agoraphobic. I’m not. I’m not AFRAID to go out. I just need a reason to. I’ve actually been knitting less than usual lately - largely because my sleep patterns have become so jumbled & my fibromyalgia has been worse lately. In addition, I think all the horrible news over the past several months has been very taxing for me. I’m knitting hats for my sister’s grandsons & just finished a pair of Opal socks from the recent cotton collection. The colors & pattern a are great but it has a higher man made fiber content & has a less pleasant feel to me than their previous Opal Cotton socks (of which I’m wearing a pair right now & they’re soft & super comfy). Hopefully these socks will soften up & feel better once they’ve been washed. It’s definitely feeling like fall here! Feels like it’s gone from summer to late fall - high 80’s to high 50’s to mid-60’s.

Dana Snyder

I’m so happy to hear you’re doing well. It’s been rough for me since I went back to work. I’m a teacher and we are 100% virtual now but start to transition the students back over a three week period. Some will be staying virtual. We have one more week. All I do is work. I’ve hardly had time to knit. In other news, I got married Labor Day weekend in a super small ceremony. That’s been great but I can’t seem to find time to make room for him in my closet, or the bathroom. He’s supportive and doesn’t mind cause he knows I have no other choice right now. I haven’t had a night or weekend without work for weeks. I’ve only had one breakdown. Lol. I’m ok though. It will be better soon. Fall yarn is waiting!

Karen machado

I have been knitting more than ever, since all of this started. I had to quit working with children, because I got sick and my immune system is very compromised now. This has really broken my heart, so knitting has kept me sane and relatively happy. I do not know what to do, because I am currently not working and cannot sit still and do nothing! 😉


I have been knitting probably the same amount but I already knit a lot as it is.
I recently read that the number one hobby or craft that people have picked up doing or have learned is knitting.
People get a tangible product from their efforts that either make a good gift or a good item for them to use.

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