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September 01, 2020



This happens to me all the time! I find that my gauge on my first sock is always a little tighter than the second one. I wish I had a good reason for why this happens - maybe because by the time I get to the second sock I've relaxed into the pattern or have a better rhythm?


I think MellenKnits is absolutely right! By the second sock, you know how the yarn and colors will behave, plus you’ve memorized the pattern itself. It would just seem logical that you would be more relaxed the second time around.


Same as MellenKnits. It always happens when I knit socks one at a time. I stopped doing that years ago, and now always knit them at the same time.

Donna T

It happens to me sometimes but it’s often the other way around. The sock I’m knitting now (2nd) is a bit narrower than the first sock. I suspect it might have something to do with the news

Cindy Carpenter

This is why I do Two at a time. That would drive my OCD crazy. Wash em, wear em , get the next pair on the needles. Great job in finishing them!

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