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August 03, 2020



Tough decision but I pick Autumn Pefection, After All This Time and Off the Beaten Path


Toscana, Topax, Bellatrix...that was HARD!

Elizabeth SanMiguel

Since my mother will not be heading south this winter I asked her what colors would she like for socks. She picked purple (which surprised me). Looked through my stash and I have no purple. How odd. So I would choose:

Targaryen, Sock Magic and (for me) Merlin's Beard.


Bluegrass, Sonoma, and Targaryen


I'd pick Aquaverde, Besoms, and a coppery one. Beautiful colors and very hard to pick just a few!


Patagonia, Tuscany's Gold and Twilight. I'm terribly curious about this yarn. Thank you for contributing to such a good cause.

Kelly Jun

I love infamous and June bug. And maybe a gray like November rain. Such pretty colors!

robin zalob

So sweet of you to match that donation, what a fantastic amount. The three colors I would choose would be merlins beard, natural, and black eyed Susan can’t wait to try this. 🧶

Anne Marie

tuscanys gold, true love, sour grass


Sherbet, Beso, Sonoma. Love the combo!


The colors I would choose are Willow, Sugar Plum, and Pura Vida.


Bambolino, Forbidden Forest, and Monarch

Elizabeth Kroll

Amore, Bonfire and Patagonia


Wow, the colors are amazing, making it very hard to choose. I guess I’d pick Sock Better Together, Grindylow, and Queens Bath.

Hilda Clegg

I pick Sonoma, November Rain and Blue Grass.

Tara C

I would pick After All This T, June Bug, and Hanalei Sunset. Thank you for this contest! And what a great cause to donate to. Congrats!

Virginia Bugbee

Infamous, joyful, and beso. And maybe sarumen, forbidden forest, silver lining....

April Boomershine

Infamous, Blue Danube & Targaryen! Curses to your enabling ways!!! 😛😊


They are all so beautiful! Sock Poet, June Bug, and Grindylow are truly lovely.

Renee Shipe


Cathy B

My faves: Saruman, Joyful, Beso. Thank you!

Lisa Nullar

Merlins beard, Sock Infamous, and Sock Magic!


After All This Time, Merlin's Beard, and Monarch

Lisa Melchior

Feeling like bright colors - Beso, Blue Danube, and Sol

Judy Drew

Infamous, Saruman, and Targaryen.

Rose Birchall

Purple Heart

Marsha Riggs

oo la lah! I like
Forbidden Forest, Monarch, My Happy Place


Targaryen, Infamous, and Aquaverde!

Judith Quinn

Monarch, November Rain, and Willow

karen novakoski

I would love silver lining, joyful and forbidden forest! They are all lovely though. I am samplergal on Ravelry.


I love Aquaverde, Beso and Better Together

Janica York Carter

Infamous Magic Maldives

Linda Leuck

Bellatrix, Monarch, and Joyful. Congratulations on your business anniversary and success!

Ellene McCoury

My choices: Bellatrix, Beso and Targaryen. A hard decision; the colors are amazing!

Rhonda Slinghoff

I love the autumnals! Especially dk rhinebeck redwood and rhedal.

Sandi Sanders

Forbidden Forest, My Happy Place, Monarch


Amore (on sock), Beso, Blue Danube or Targaryen (I’m torn between putting either one of these with the first two). The butter-yellow of Amore is a color I’ve wanted to use for a long time, and I can wear it! So many other yellows don’t work for my coloring.

Edna Bryant

Lovely colors. My picksTargaryan, Infamous and Beso

Martha Ballew

While never having used this yarn, my choices would be Better Together, Bluegrass and Free Soul.


After all this, Always, Forbidden


Infamous, Bluegrass and Always

Cynthia R Wood

Blue danube,bellatrix, purple heart would be my choice but all are lovely

Raquel Chole

Love the Danube Blue, Beso and Targaryen
Love how this yarn took the dye.

joyce hancock

I am so glad you are donating to such a good cause. I would choose the colors aquaverde, infamous,and purple heart.


The colors are so striking! I've decided today my favorites are True Love, Bonfire, and Bluegrass.

JEannie Pfahler

Love love love Besso, Bambolino, and Monarch. Three lovely pairs of socks!

Sarah S

All the colors are lovely, but I especially like Infamous, Blue Danube, and Purple Heart!


These are sort of random because I couldn't choose only three: Infamous, Magic, Tahiti. Thanks for the chance to win!

Eliza Goodworth

Toscana, Sherbet, Hanaloi Sunset

Cindy Carpenter

Whatever you want to send me

Jennifer L

Monarch is beautiful as is Off the Beaten Path. But they might be too similar to work with for The Sharon Show. :)

Kara Jensen

I LOVE Silver Lining, Infamous and Targaryen


Beatrix, Cauldron, Joy, Targaryen 😊

Judy Mahoney

Infamous, infamous, and infamous

Louann Chatfield

Always, Forbidden, and Sock Magic would be exciting

Wende Wyman

Hanalei Sunset, Infamous & Grindlylow Rich & saturated colors!

Donna T

Even though those colors aren’t ones I'd normally choose (they’re more my younger daughter’s colors - the 2nd set [which I also love] are more my usual colors) I REALLY, REALLY love that combination. For this, I’d choose Bambolina, Blue Danube, & Bluegrass.

Susan Margaret Dobrowney

I would choose silver lining, blue Danube and targaryen.Thank you

Tanya Edlington

The three colours I like (the most - they are all lovely) are Infamous, Purple Heart and Targaryen. Yum!


Such beautiful colors! I like Amore, Beso and Whale.


Incredible colors! To start my faves are: Targaryen, Sourgrass, and Merlin’s Beard. Thanks for the fun.

Florence Fales

My three choices are: blue Danube
Beso and purple heart!!!
Thank you for the chance to win this awesome yarn!!!!

Wendy James

They are beautiful. I love Bellatrix, Joyful and Beso.

Michele Barton

Grindylow, Infamous and moose on the loose. But how Dow you narrow down to only three? Beautiful colors!!! BTW. Boys and Girls —- so deserving!!!!

Lynette Zappella

Bellatrix, Forbidden Forest, Monarch

Sabrina Snyder

This was an incredibly hard choice. I would pick Bluegrass,Topaz and Free Soul.

Faline Gee

Bellatrix, purple Heart and Targaryen! Thanks for the chance!

Kecia Shipp

I would use Bellatrix, Saruman, and Beso to make something beautiful ❤️

Lisa Schreiner Truax

What lovely yarn! I'd pick Black Eyed Susan, Novelty, and Saruman.

Lisa Barrett

Sock Magic, Viserion and Merlin's Beard. Thank you and stay safe!


Infamous is gorgeous! And I am also loving Targaryen. Maybe Free Soul or Bluegrass to round those out. So pretty!


Aquaverde, Beso, and Danube.

Andrea W

All those colors to choose from.... amazing, as is your donation story. That will be so appreciated!!!

If I had to choose 3 colors, I think it would be: Infamous - Targaryen - Viserion


Joyful, Beso, Targaryen - love these! They remind me of a sunset.


To be honest, I'd be happy with any of them. I'd be so happy to win! (Nothing yellow or gold though)


Beautiful yarn--so hard to choose
Sock Magic, Bluegrass and Junebug


Such beautiful colors! My picks would be True Love and Targaryen because I’m a LSU fan. And Infamous because I like that combination of colors!

Christine Newman-Aumiller

Sherbert, A Walk in the Park, Sour Grass. Your commitment to the community is why I love to shop with you.

Patti Tyler

I'd love to win this gorgeous yarn! I'd pick blue danube, purple heart, and Targaryen!!!

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