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August 03, 2020


Farrell DiBart

Targaryen, Sauruman, and Bellatrix


Magic, Maldives, Aquaverde.


What an awesome donation to a great cause!!

The three colors I would pick would be Beso, Infamous, and Bluegrass

Nicole S

Free Soul, Moose on the Loose, and November Rain.


Blue Danube, Monarch and Targaryen are my faves


Beso, Maldives and Saruman would be very pretty together. Or apart, for that matter. Thank you!


Bonfire, Blue Whale, and Rhinebeck! :D


Aquaverde, Forbidden Forest and Bambolina.

Kristina Karpinski

I'm in a Fall mode so the colors I would pick are Bonfire, De Clermont and November Rain.


Great donation - thank you!

I'm liking Beso, Purple Heart and Blue Danube today - but it was hard to narrow it down to three from the thirteen I picked at first!

Thanks for the opportunity.

Dana Snyder

So many beautiful colors!! To start, I’d choose Maldives, Purple Heart and Tahiti. I debated on bright colors or fall colors... Bright colors it is!


What stunningly gorgeous colorways.
I like the Rhinebeck, Muir Woods and Autumn Perfection. What grand colors to get ready for a cozy time of year.
Thank you .

Kim Holbrook

Bluegrass, Infamous, and Targaryen!


Autumn Perfection, Gelato and Joyful are my top 3.
Very hard to choose just three!!

What a fun contest!

Alene Sternlieb

Infamous, saruman and Joyful are my favorites!

Kate Greenwood

So many beautiful colors! I narrowed it down to:
Forbidden forest
Muir Woods
Thank you!

X Elixer X

forbidden forest , Joyful and Targaryen!


Joyful, Beso and Targaryen — so pretty


My favorites are Magic,Tahiti,and Topaz

I also love the combinations of Bambolina, Forbidden Forest,and Monarch

Lisa White

How to pick just 3?!?
I love Forbidden Forest, Bellatrix and Monarch. Thank you for the contest!


I would go with, Viserion, Bluegrass, and Aquaverde. Thanks for the contest!


Love Sherbert, Toscana and Sock Magic


Hard choices! I’ll pick De Clermont, Free Soul, and Sol. Thank you for the contest!

Cheryl Franco

Infamous. Forbidden Forest. And Joyful!! 👏🏼

Samantha Arten

They're all so pretty that it's so hard to choose favorites! But Autumn Perfection, Blue Whale, and Saruman are definitely the autumnal and winter colors I'm dreaming of in this hot sticky summer.

Debbie Golden

My happy place, Beso, Purple heart

Mary Ricker

Forbidden forest, Beso, Infamous


Bambolina, Forbidden Forest, and My Happy Place are the ones that caught my eye right away

Virginia Harnischfeger

My three choices: Walk in the Park, Amore, Gelato. It was difficult to choose with so many wonderful colorways.


Cauldron, Merlins Beard, and Saruman would be my pick!


Bonfire, Saruman and Natural!


Infamous, Purple Heart, Targaryen.


Bluegrass, Gelato, and June Bug would be my choice


Bluegrass, Better Together, Forbidden Forest


I'm going for Magic, Sol, and Targaryen.
I applaud your generosity to the Boys & Girls Club!


Bambolina, Forbidden Forest, Monarch.


Hi Allison - the yarn is beautiful, but what is more important is your thoughtful donation for the Boys and Girls Club! Cant forget the kids in all the maddness.

 Becky Creighton

Rhinebeck, True Love and Sequoia would look great for fall.


I think Pure Vida, Sock Magic, and Targaryen would look good together.

Mary Ellen

Rhinebeck, Bambolina, Targaryen

Sue Boisvert

Bambolina, My Happy Place, Beso. Thank you for the cool contests. Congrats on 15 years of awesomeness!


Bambolina, Beso & Targaryen


Congratulations 🎉🎊🍾


So hard to choose 3 - I think Grindylow, Moose on the Loose, and Muir Woods (Although Bambolina is awfully fun to day!)

Diane Hibbard

Gillyweed, calistoga, and june bug

Jennifer B

I love sock poet, cauldron, and black eyed susan.

Kate s

I love Merlins beard, magic, and Maldives !


Targaryen, Beso and Monarch speak to me!

Karen Ramus-Stone

Monarch my happy place and joyful

Karin Marks

Bambolina,best and targaryen


Purple Heart, monarch, joyful!!!


Sugar plum, Maldives and gillyweed.

Hannah Basham

Joyful, bambolina, and my happy place!!


I love Saruman, Better Together, and Always.

Sandy Harwood

Blue Danube, Bellatrix, Purple Heart

Donna Gerber

So hard to pick three! I think my favorite combo is Calistoga, Amore, and Willow. Coming in second would be Sherbet, Sugar Plum, and Toscana, and coming in third would be Targaryen, Maldives, and Magic. I see so many possibilities!

Karen Commerford

Bluegrass, After all thist and Forbidden forest


I love Vrinda yarn— so far Always and Grindylow have been my favorite colors.

For something completely different, I’d pick Muir Woods, Rhinebeck, and Sol for a fall palette.

Teresa Knittingdancer

Targaryen, Magic, and Tahiti


Wait, only three???

Monarch; Topaz; Better Together.

Marlene Biddle

Forbidden Forrest, Monarch and My Happy Place


Beso, Magic, After All This T

Mack Maak

Blue Danube, Purple Heart, Bambolina

Jody Laake

Bellatrix, Magic and Infamous are all beautiful. Thank you for all the posts and contests! Stay safe and healthy!

Sharon Boylan

I love so many but...... Amore, Off the Beaten Path, and Sonoma.


Joyful, Sherbert and Sugarplum because they remind me of summer sherbert flavors

Wendy Chase

Forbidden forest, Magic and Baggins. Love the colors AND the names.


Maldives, Joyful and Sherbert

Patsy Coats

Sonoma, Sugarplum, and Tuscany

Joyce Morrow

First of all: Thank you for sharing your giving heart and allowing us to be a part of it, also. My three colors are Sock Magic, Maldives and Sugar Plum, just because I fell for Sock Magic this time around.

Karen baker

Love forbidden forest, monarch and my happy place


Can't wait to try this yarn. My colors are Amore, Autumn Perfection and Sherbert... at least right now those are my favorite.. :-)


It’s hard to choose but I would say Sol, Willow, and Bonfire.

Shirley Plummer

Bambolina, Forbidden Forest, My Happy Place. Beautiful!


I guess I’m feeling dark today, because I love the subtle color in the darkness of twilight and infamous and then throw in Bellatrix in there too.


Muir Woods, Patagonia, and Sol

Ginny Burgus

Grizzly, Moose on the Loose, and Joyful


The three colors I choose are:
Blue Whale
Thanks for the contest Allison.

Sarah D.

I am on a yellow kick, and think that Amore, Sherbet, and Toscana would be beautiful together!


Beso, Joyful and Blue Danube.

Kathy Robbins

Thank you Simply Socks for your generous donation to Boys and Girls Club--such a worthy organization for support. Gorgeous Pada Sock yarn, love Sour Grass, Moose on the Loose, Hanalei Sunset.


Blue Whale, November Rain, and Merlin's Beard


Infamous, silver lining , targoyan

But Im planning red tunic so might go with three in Claremont


Tahiti, Sugar Plum and Sol.


Moose on the Loose, Patagonia and Rhaegal.

yolanda viera

I would choose: Silver Lining, Moose on the Loose, Toscana

Janice T.

That is a splendid donation!!

Vrinda colors? Black Eyed Susan, Bellatrix, Monarch seem special to me

Donna Hale

Autumn Perfection, Tuscanys Gold, Sonoma.


Tuscany's Gold, Gillyweed, and Grimm


Monarch, Forbidden Forest, and Infamous


Infamous, cauldron and Rhinebeck


Always, Better Together, Naturally! (actually it’s Natural, but I loved the way the names went together)

Great thing that you have done, donating to your local Boys and Girls Club! I’m sure you’ve inspired many others.

Mary Kelsheimer

I love colors! I like Blue Danube, Purple Heart and Tahiti! It catches my eye.

Shaw Mumford

Thank you! For your generosity and for the blog and the contest! As others have noted, it's so hard to choose... and then the problem of contrast vs. fade... AARG! A sweater going from Free Soul to Bluegrass to Better Together would be amazing!


The colors I would pick
November Rain


I would choose 3 skeins of Queen's Bath. That would make a lovely stole.

Joyce Correia

Blue Danube, Purple Heart, and Targaryen are my choices. They could mix with anything in my stash.

Amanda Wehrmeister

I've never tried this yarn but I think I'd choose Gelato, Maldives, and Sherbet. Such beautiful colors!!


I would use Blue Danube, Purple Heart and Bambolina. I'm Loves2Dance on Ravelry.

Susan Mercy

I'd pick gelato, magic, and purple heart

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