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August 04, 2020



Madelintosh has such beautiful colors!
Have fun on the podcast.
You look great in either format however, more yarn is ALWAYS better!


Hi Allison - I will try and join tomorrow. Just have to be sure my IT guy is around. You look like you are in a garden of yarn!

Jennifer Miller

option two so wee can look at all the yarn while you talk!


I hope to watch you! I prefer the format that allows us to see you better. There's a lot to be said for seeing a person's facial expressions and eyes when they speak. So much communication is non-verbal. Maybe you can hold yarn up for a close-up view?

I've been on TV a few times. Once, I won a shopping trip to Target with the local tv news crew. It was for school supplies. I'm glad they focused more on my kids than me, LOL! I was on the same channel about 8 years before that for a segment on curb shopping/dumpster diving!! And waaaaaaaaaay before that, I was on tv in grade school for a rural community project.


I don't watch podcasts, so I won't be tuning in.

As to the setting, closer is definitely better, because the farther back view doesn't show appreciably any more yarn than the closer one. In either case, it would be nice, if possible, to shift the view downward just a bit so that there's more you and yarn and less of the ceiling!

Coby Hanna-Butler

I agree with the above poster - closer and less ceiling - actually even closer would be better! That way when you show off yarn, we can see it clearly.

I'd love to hear about the different bases and why chose one over another for a project.

Oh and how do they name the different colorways? With yarn based on a movie or TV show, like Arya or Danaerys for example...did they know the colors they wanted to use first? or see the end product and then match to characters?

Sorry, those are kind of specific but I've always wondered? Good luck and remember we don't care if you mess up!! : )

Donna T

So sorry to have missed it. I was at the ophthalmologist at 2:00 EDT For an hour & she dilated my eyes so I couldn’t see very well for several hours after - didn’t get home until about 4:30 EDT. It was at least another 3 hours before I could see clearly.

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