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August 25, 2020



I've knit a lot of socks with self-striping yarn--just plain 1x1 ribbed cuff and 3x1 ribbed leg and top of foot. I've also found myself knitting a lot of hats. Once I'm sure I didn't join with a twist, it's a lot of mindless circular knitting. There's no brain space for anything difficult.


Since the pandemic started, I have knitted several pairs of socks. That is always my most frequent project. I have also made some baby things for my new grandson, and some cowls. I would be lost without my knitting now.


My “go-to” project in between rounds of chemotherapy has been the Nurmilintu shawl by Heidi Alander. The garter sections are easy for me to keep track of even when I don’t feel good from the “chemo cocktail” but the lace makes me concentrate and I can only do that when I come out of the fog. Sometimes. I would love to make a chevron hat, they are so colorful and I need a reason to buy a Pom-Pom! Thanks for all you’ve posted throughout this crazy pandemic, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and am thankful for all you do to keep your family safe and help others, too, during times like these as well as when life was “normal.” We should all follow your example, Allison. Keep being a champion for others and take care of yourself, too!

Anissa Miller

Socks!! I started in on Christmas socks early this year so I'll have them to wear when needed. After accidently felting my hubby's two winter hats, I've gotten the urge to knit all the hats so I've been looking for good patterns.


This year I have been working on finishing (and in some cases starting) old projects that were planned but never finished. That has included a baby blanket and sweater for a future grandchild, an afghan for my niece (who’s turning fifty next year), cowls for friends and toques (I like to donate a few every Christmas).


Well, socks are an ongoing comfort project. But this weird year has seen blankets - trying to knit 6 throws for a select group of relatives. Might nit get there by Christmas, but thinking of them while I knit is grounding.


I tend to start big projects, but not finish them. So I've been using this time to finish up some long-sitting sweater projects. Two down, one more to go! Then I might tackle the 3 shawls and 2 blankets that are languishing in the WIP pile... I'll be toasty warm this winter!


I’ve been knitting a little bit of everything. I love knitting shawls by Stephen West so. I have a couple of those going and I finished a couple of sweaters too. I always have socks going and I love mystery knits! I’m working on the Sharon Show now and love! I love my chevron hat I made last year so I can’t wait to get some more colors for more! My dad was eyeing up my hat last year so maybe I can get one made for him!

Nancy T.

I have been a sock knitting fiend during this pandemic. I have also tried to make a dent in my WIPs pile as well. However, I find socks to be portable and soothing, especially a vanilla sock knit in a fun yarn!

Diane M

I've been knitting a lot of instant gratification projects, socks, hats, mittens and having fun with the Sharon Show MKAL.

Brenna Delosier

I’ve started a lot of different projects. No one particular thing to knit during the pandemic.

Renee R.

Christmas socks for grandchildren. I got an early start! I don’t have any one particular sock yarn I prefer, all of Simply sock is perfect!!


I've been knitting a lot of socks! I'm on sock 14 for the year. It's ready for a heel tonight! I've crocheted for much longer (33 years) than I've knit (5 years). I also have a crochet granny stripes blanket going.


My go to has been having 4-5 different projects on my needles at all times. I haven’t been able to concentrate for long periods over the last months due to stress over work and interacting with the public. So as of this moment, I have a pair of socks, two different hats, a shawl, and a blanket on my needles. Switching between them when my concentration breaks is working at least for now :)

Colleen Dallura

The shift cowl and socks are my knitting projects i reach for the most. I might also have a shawl or two going. I like to rotate projects!

Kimberly Payne

My go-to pandemic project is a mitered square sock yarn memory blanket. I would say scrap yarn but I keep buying new!


Socks! There’s always someone who can use a pair of socks.


I have mostly worked on shawls during this pandemic; I have completed the Breathe and Hope, One and Done, Hug Shot and currently working on the Sharon Show MKAL.


I have been knitting shawls during the pandemic. I finished Steven West's Doodler in Hedgehog and Fiberstory sock and Courser in Tosh Twist. Am now working on Sharon's MKAL in Lorna's Laces sock yarns and am enjoying it tremendously.


Socks have been my go-to project during the pandemic. I can grab them and go or relax in my chair and make good progress in an evening. I have finished several pair in my spare time and have several more in progress!

Joyce Correia

I have been working on small one-skein shawls to sell at a Xmas boutique (which may not happen now). Trapped inside in Calif. due to extreme heat last week and extreme smoke from fires this week. Saw a grashopper on the window last night. Is that the next plague? Thank goodness for the relaxation of knitting.


I've been plugging away on my Stronachlachar pullover. I really want to finish before it gets cool. I also have a couple blankets in the works. One king size knit, and one full size crochet. They are both moving along very slowly. I try to squeeze in a row or two every so often just so I don't forget about them.


My go to project has definitely been socks: worsted slipper socks for gifts and whatever strikes my fancy for me. When I can’t figure out what I want to knit or I’m too tired to think very hard, socks is an easy default project...and I know I will wear them.


I bounced around a lot between projects at first, having a hard time focusing on any one thing. Then I zoned in on a pullover sweater. It became my go-to and I finished it in 50 days, a personal best finishing time for an adult size sweater, lol. But I feel like casting on another sweater, having one big project to focus on was really helpful with all of my stay at home time:)

Amanda Wehrmeister

I learned to knit during the pandemic and am almost finished with my first knit scarf. I'm already looking at a larger warp or shawl pattern to build on my skills! When I'm not knitting, I've been crocheting blankets to give as gifts to various friends just as a pick me up during this craziness.

Jody Laake

My go to projects have definitely socks but I’m finding myself pulled towards hats lately. I think you get more of an instant gratification and faster sense of a project well finished because hats are quicker to knit up. Now that I see those gorgeous Chevron Love kits I really want to jump in on one of those! Oh and one day soon I REALLY need to close the toes on at least 5 pairs of socks lol!

Linda Hardin

My go to projects have been Shawls. The latest has been the Sharon Show project from Casapinka (and her cat). It’s MKAL. I’m way behind because I’m a slow knitter (Rheumatoid Arthritis) but the pattern is fun and the instructions are hilarious.


I have been knitting a pullover sweater with lots of knitting in the round for TV watching and a couple of shawls with lace sections that require more attention. Also started a scrappy crochet throw. Sweater is finished! But nothing else is, yet.

Kate Greenwood

I’ve knit a variety of projects- currently working on a brioche shawl which initially took a lot of focus but now that I’ve got the hang of it, it is pretty easy knitting. Aside from the shawl, I’ve knit 4 sweaters and will be moving to another sweater when I finish the brioche!

Carol Brown

Lace shawl from Curls book with yarn I bought last August in Alaska. Also the Sharon Show from stash and my daughter wants socks for Christmas. She is small, the Uneek sock sets on sale should be perfect

Dora Nelson

During the pandemic I have knit several shawls (actually most are wips, but still...) and started a sweater and mitts. But my choice of projects has been really based on KALs. I find that the community of other knitters during the time when I can't get out much and the LYS is closed or hours are restricted has been a real comfort. It's been something to look forward to, especially MKALs, eagerly waiting for the next installment and being excited right along with others.

Patricia A Zielinski

I have been knitting hats to donate (various sizes and fibers). I enjoy knitting socks but seem to be on strike when it comes to knitting another pair - they don't seem to wear out even after 20 years.

Vicki mathews

Socks are a great easy project.

Kate s

My go to has been socks. But it is always socks 😆

Aimee P

My go-to project for just about anything has always been socks. But for some reason I’ve been on a sweater kick for most of this year, 2020 is just full of craziness everywhere, even my knitting.


I started with sweaters. Now, I really enjoy socks and shawls. I'm sure as it gets cooler, I'll be back to sweaters. Thanks for being a great yarn store.

Vicki Maynes

I have knit 15 pair of socks for Christmas presents and 21 Mini-Sock Yarn bunnies to donate to Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, MO. I still have 4 pair of socks to knit for Christmas. Knitting has kept my hands and mind busy during these stressful times!

Dezarae McMillan

My go to project has been a set of 3 sweaters for the family to match and wear for our holiday card photo


I've spent much of the last four months knitting 2 sweaters. Before that was hats and mittens.


I'm knitting sweaters this year, and I haven't let current circumstances change my mind, yet. Slowed me down, but hasn't changed my course.

Julie Olsen

I started with socks, changed to shawls and am now working on dishcloths and washcloths.

Kim Baker

I have been knitting very simple patterns, like vanilla socks.


Socks, socks, socks. I call it my “pandemic sock series” and have sent four pair to friends, plus one pair for myself.

Faline Gee

I've been working thru my pile of unfinished projects! Down to the last one of the bunch- it's a shawl that I've started 7 years ago and due to the tenacious lace pattern I never could finish - now with no excuse not to finish I'll hopefully get it done!


More of everything, but probably always with at least one hat on the needles at all times. They're so quick and easy to knock out--very gratifying.

Jamie Beck

Everything I can get my hands on! Lots of socks, amigurumi and sewing. I also started rock painting and dabbling in cakes.

Deb Monnin

I made a poncho and now I’m finishing an Afghan that I started many years ago! Thanks so much for all you do!

Cindy Carpenter

Socks, socks and more socks. A hat with fuzzy yarn just to prove I could and then more socks. Been digging thru the stash and WIP finding all the orphans and completing the pair. If I survive this bout of Covid (the gift that keeps on giving) I should be able to supply the family during the zombie apocalypses. I am ahead on the Christmas knitting for the first time ever!


I’ve been crocheting mini-stockings for Warmth for Warriors, knitting on a round robin blanket for charity, and finishing some cowls that need to be gifted soon. Thank you for this contest!

Cathy B.

I’ve knit several pairs of socks for Christmas gifts and also finished some old WIPs that have been gathering dust for a while.

Jennifer Cameron

My go to has been brainless ribbed sock patterns and casapinka shawls. I have been knitting off and on because of hand and wrist pain though 👎


Strangely, I have been knitting a lot of cowls and shawls. Strange because I'm not expecting to be outside any time soon and also because now it's quite warm!! (Outdoor in the crisp cool weather seems so far away....) Because of the heat (and because I usually knit them this time of year) I am now cranking out a lot of preemie hats for an annual collection. It's been fun to use bits and bobs of different colors (kind of like this chevron hat.....).

Vasiliki Starborn

I have 2 little ones at home so my knitting time has been somewhat limited but a few rows on socks everyday helps me get my knitting fix in.

Marjorie Clark

My go to project has been a blanket which I am calling my Corona Comforter. It is a 2 row pattern and the yarn is a merino and silk blend. A perfect combination of yummy yarn and a very simple pattern.


Knitting (still!) Slytherin socks for my granddaughter but I’m in the homestretch with sock # 2 3/4 done! I have also knitted cowls and have several WIPS ready! As one day falls into another at least we have our finished works to add joy to this bleak time! Knit on!


I have been making a lot if hats for charity and finished two cabled shawls, one in laceweight and one in fingering.

Kim Holbrook

I finished a couple of things, but have mostly been knitting a long wrap done in stockinette. It’s a rather mindless project, perfect for knitting while watching television. I don’t know what I would have done during these months if I didn’t have yarn and needles.


Any of my over 20 WIP. I ended up with a full time job as Essential worker so any free time I have I knit on any project I have.


Near the beginning of the pandemic I bought Urth yarn to make the Butterfly shawl pattern. It was a big project, took concentration and had bright colors. I loved it! Now on to a shawl project using some of the yarn I bought from SSYC a few weeks ago.

Kat Gatzke

I’m an essential worker so I’m still working every day so I’m not getting as much knitting done as I’d like. But I am working on a throw for my living room. I’m a slow knitter and I’ve kind of lost my knitting mojo so I don’t knit nearly as often as I used to, so this is going to be on the needles for a very long time.


My go-to joyful knitting projects during our shelter-in-place have been colorwork socks, cowls, and fingerless mitts. Playing with color always brightens my day!

Sharon Sowulewski

I have been knitting socks. Mindless knitting while l’m watching mindless TV.


Lately I’ve been working on a Tin Can Knits Gramps sweater for my nephew.


Socks. More socks. And socks.


I always have a pair of socks on the needles. I take these when I go knit with my friends outside sitting 6 feet apart.


I'm normally a very slow knitter, but I got a whole baby blanket done while I was laid off! Aside from that, I got a lot of wips and socks finished as well


At the beginning I was making (stashbusting) shawls. I am now on the sleeves of a long cardigan (almost a coat) which I have been planning for years as well as more stashbusting socks. I am putting more pressure on the socks because I got the AWESOME stitch together sock club yarn, but I can't start using it until I finish the current socks (limited # of size 1 long cables)

Susan Kirkland

Trying to get socks done for Christmas gifts and a summer sweater which will have to be for next year. 😊

Barbara Belden

I am working on a Christmas throw! Its the 3rd one I have made too. I would be honored to be chosen!

Thank you


I started a Cozy Memories blanket when my daughter started distance learning this spring. I did one square each day while she did her school work, and then worked on more challenging/exciting projects once she was done with her work. The blanket has gotten some, but not daily, attention through the summer, and today is the first day of school! For now, she will be attending in person everyday, but if they end up going with a hybrid or complete distance learning model, my blanket should get done within the year!!!

Diane Gladstone

The Pennsylvania Road Trip Mystery Shawl has kept me busy during this pandemic and summer. It came off the needles yesterday! I am also knitting Christmas stockings, gnomes, and socks.


I've done shawls (which is weird since I don't wear them). Finished Breathe and Hope and gifted it to a non-profit to use as a fundraiser. Working on the Sharon Show and a couple Perfect Pocket Shawls. Started a sockhead hat that I need to finish. I'm pretty ADD about projects in the best of times. During this time, it's been hard to craft at all some times.

Natalie McLaughlin

My go to projects during the pandamic have been itemes for my daughter who is getting married at the end of September. I am knitting her a Two Become One pillow, a Cloud ( UP themed) blanket, and a shawl to wear on her wedding day... but I am struggling on getting any of them done...


Doing shawl bits here and there. (aka starting a crazy amount of projects and finishing in the year 3000😋)


Socks have been my go to project.


Mostly knitting socks but also made a sweater out of some MadTosh. I'm calling it my "Corona sweater" and it's probably the most gorgeous thing that I ever knit. Unfortunately, it is way too warm to wear it...but cooler days will be coming soon. Of course I thought the pandemic would be long gone by the time I finished the sweater.....

Natalie Nevin

I haven't gravitated to one type of project. It's been a bit of "cast-on chaos" around here, but I have done much more crochet than I typically do. I've always done both but my hooks have been calling me louder than my needles lately.

Virginia  Harnischfeger

I discovered your postings in FB during the pandemic. I completed two Breathe and Hope shawls, one Reyna shawl and two Tiger sock pairs so far. Next up is a second Reyna shawl. Love working the interesting patterns and working with your yarn products.


I am knitting everything. I feel like I have knitting ADD and have several projects going at the same time-shawl, sweater, baby blanket. No ongoing socks at the moment, as I stopped myself from starting a pair. Once I do, the other projects will never get done.


I've finished a shawl, several pairs of socks, colorwork mittens, and I'm about to finish a sweater. But my second order (in two weeks!) of sale MT yarn just arrived & I can't wait to start on it! It's ALL beautiful!

LaVonda Proctor

I knit my first sweater from Tin Can Knits. When I wear this sweater I will remember what a trying time this year was. I also have socks and a half knitted shawl for my Mom on the needles. I love knitting it's what keeps me happy.

Elizabeth SanMiguel

Socks. Working on a special design for my mother.


My concentration level has been zero, so I’ve just been knitting squares. They’ve been serving as coasters. I guess if I stay on this path I might eventually end up with a blanketsworth.


I took one day and reorganized my yarn. I have been knitting socks for Christmas presents and shawls. I really love to knit socks!


Easy basic socks! Mindless knitting. 🧶


I’ve been working on the autumn league pullover by two of wands. I am using madelinetosh euro sock in the colorway bone coral held double and I love the fabric it is creating. I just finished the body, working on the sleeves now and it should be completed by sweater weather time!


I made two shawls, and have been digging in my WIPs to find stuff I still want to have. I taught my neighbor to knit, she made a hat, booties, and a blanket for her August baby. I need to finish her baby sweater before she gets too big for it!


With all this time on my hands, I should be knitting. Maybe when it's cooler.


Strangely, I haven't knitted any socks since March (this is MOST unusual for me) but I have knitted about half a dozen shawls and most of a pair of stranded mittens.


I’ve crocheted several Daisy Farm baby blankets(even though there are no babies in my And several shawls...Joji’s Pure Joy, Casapinka’s Hug Shot and Cozy up Knit’s Sock Set Shawl. I’m going to move into socks now while knitting Joji’s Striped Bobble Cowl. Thank you Simply Sock for being my go to Lys... you ship so quick I love it!


Than you Alison for all the awesome yarn and great service..

Sarah S

My go-to project has always been shawls! I'm not knitting anything at the moment because I'm debating what my next project should be. It always takes me a while to pair the right yarn for the right project.

Kathy Robbins

Yes, socks and more socks--knitting through my SS yarn stash during this lock down here in beautiful Oregon.

Marilyn H

Socks, hats, a baby sweater, a cowl but mostly socks. I really want to knit a sweater but I'm scared to without the help of my knitting class I used to attend. Time to do some independent learningI guess.


Shawls have been my go to. Simple and big.

Coby Hanna-Butler

Since the pandemic started, I've knit my first two pair of socks! (thank you Lauren, who did a KAL with me on the first pair) I've also started a poncho with my first fair isle pattern. I bought a bunch of your Euro from the sale section and now I'm trying to figure out what I'd like to make with it!

Mary Onsrud

I've started several projects Having trouble doing a good job with my knitting due to health but it is getting betting love working on socks and baby items

Lisa Zingsheim

Socks are always my go to, but this summer I know so many expected babies! I've been working on 6 different baby blankets, and have 1 more to go!

Lisa Barrett

Ugh, I've been in a knitting slump for months now. I think I'm going to start a throw since I've been getting super frustrated w/ my projects not fitting correctly. Or perhaps a Nudibranchia,, where gauge/fit doesn't really matter.

Gail McFarland

During this time, I have crocheted 3 shaws and knitted a sweater. I have a wip pair of socks. Being stuck at home isn’t so bad as long as I have yarn, needles and crochet hooks. Miss the fun of feeling yarn before purchasing. 😉

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