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August 13, 2020



How about women's shelters in the area


Many communities have organizations that help expecting mothers with essentials. One of these places may accept baby socks.


Nursing homes, perhaps?


Homeless programs

Cindy Carpenter

Women’s shelters


Department of Homeless services in your area should be able to provide you with a list of shelters. Socks are the most requested item in shelters especially with the winter coming up.

Nancy DeMere

There is a program called Christmas at Sea that loves to get hand knit socks. This program has been around forever. It gives a gift box to each member of the the merchant marine (including all those on the barges that work on the US rivers). Each box contains a hand knit item--socks, hats, scarf, etc. Go to their web site and see all the details.


I've donated a number of pairs of socks and hats to our local homeless shelter.\


At one time I volunteered at an inner-city elementary school in a very poor neighborhood. Often brought in new or gently worn hand knit socks to the office and told them to hand out to the kids or community as needed. Imagine how it touched my heart when I saw one young man wearing my (bright pink) socks on a cold winter's day. So really, just think of any place in your community that may have people struggling to provide for their kids or family and I am sure they will be delighted to receive your hand knit treasures.

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