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July 03, 2020



We’ll be hanging out at home watching fireworks on tv and watching Hamilton. We won’t go out - we live in Miami and the rising numbers are frightening. All beaches closed here and even a curfew at 10pm. I’m loving practicing my Intarsia knitting. Have a great holiday weekend!


We aren’t doing anything special for this weekend. We are both very high risk because of age & comorbidities. We may order Thai or pizza. Plus we always have steak, hamburgers, chicken, hot dogs, etc. Our lot is big enough so that we’re just automatically social distancing as long as we’d stay on our own property. We can’t afford not to maintain social distancing & wear masks.


Fireworks and burgers at my house!

Mel Westphal

We're staying home and staying safe this year, much to the disappointment of my 7 year old. We're going to try to find somewhere that's streaming their fireworks, though, so that we can watch in our living room with blankets and dessert 😀


No fireworks here. We will grill some and take it easy. Super hot here, too. We are not going to restaurants or other areas where large amounts of people gather. So we stay at home.


We are staying home. Cooking dinner on the grill. Maybe lighting some sparklers.


For the 4th of July holiday weekend my husband and I are visiting our son and his wife, and their newborn son. We all self-quarantined for 2 weeks first, and then we drove from Portland to Seattle to visit them. Once there, we created our “bubble” and have had no close contact with anyone outside the bubble. This has been our first chance to meet our new grandson, who just turned 3 months old while we are here. Most of our time has been spent just hanging out with them and enjoying time with the baby. For the actual 4th of July we will grill hamburgers on their rooftop deck and enjoy the nice day. Fireworks in Seattle are cancelled. So, it is a low-key family holiday. It has been my first real trip since the lockdown began, but we have been very careful.

Beth Fulton

We will be watching fireworks at a friend's house while social distancing on the 4th...on Sunday we celebrate our wedding anniversary...and as a happy surprise get to have Sunday dinner with my 92 & 3/4 (lol) year old mother in law. Have only been able to talk with her via phone during this entire pandemic.
Happy Independence Day!


Unfortunately, I will be at work tomorrow. I’ve been working since March (the joys of being essential...) so honestly the last thing I want to do afterward is spend more time out it public. Probably finish the night off by watching Hamilton!


We aren’t doing anything special this weekend other than trying to stay cool! No fireworks in our town due to the drought and the virus and no fireworks at our house since we live in town. We are going to cook out tomorrow - chicken thighs, corn on the cob, summer squash and watermelon!

Samantha T

We’re just staying home; swimming, grilling, fireworks.


Celebrate my birthday!🍰


My town has always had a parade in the morning and terrific fireworks display at night - both are canceled for this year due to Covid. Personal fireworks are not legal here due to high fire danger, and I really hope people abide by that restriction. I'm planning to go for a walk into town anyway and then do some knitting. I'm not comfortable with group gatherings due to the uptick in infections. These gradient sets are beautiful!

Kat Gatzke

I work at an essential job so I’ve been working the whole time, including today. So really this is just going to be a normal weekend of errand running and laundry and such. Houston is a hotspot right now, so I really wouldn’t want to take the risk of socializing right now anyway. I’ll be happy if I can squeeze in some reading and knitting.

Megan bessey

Knitting and grilling with the family!


Staying home enjoying the pool, cooking out and of course knitting! Our neighbors put on a pretty spectacular fireworks display so we'll get to enjoy those as well social distanced from crowds. Stay safe everyone!


It's hot, hot, hot outside! Hanging by the pool the entire weekend


HAPPY 4TH.....Very low key day....staying inside because of the HEAT!! Everything cancelled because of"C"....B safe


We are relaxing at home, we will grill some yummy foods, make some fruit salads and regular salad and just enjoy our time together. We just got back from a vacation so we will also catch up on chores neglected.

Diane N

Staying home for the weekend. Family BBQ tonight. No big fireworks display but we've been hearing them EVERY night since Memorial Day. Did I say EVERY SINGLE NIGHT???? They're illegal in Massachusetts but that doesn't seem to stop them.

I hear you on the socializing issues. It's only been the past month or so that the nearby family has come to visit, and even then only sporadically. And I spray down the rooms after everyone leaves.


We are staying home grilling hamburgers and hotdogs and enjoying cold watermelon for dessert. Wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend.

Stella Thompson

Staying inside, my son is a veteran with PTSD, the fireworks takes him back to the the war. I will be knitting & cooking.


My son and his family are visiting from AZ and since CA is a state with growing numbers, we will not be gathering with others. We are planning a cook out this evening and maybe a walk and a picnic lunch. I'll miss fireworks because I like them.


Sadly there are no fireworks in my area. But my husband bought me several packs of sparklers so I'm all set for some Independence Day fun. Staying home and staying safe.


Im avoiding getting covid this weekend! Besides all of the shows have been cancelled instead I'm watching independence day drinking beer and finish untangling this skein (Apparently when I wound it it got hecked up on the inside.i refuse to break it since I'm working on a hugshot shawl)


Walking the dogs, in the somewhat cool of morning. A little yard and house work. A good burger, at some point. Knitting. Quiet 4th! Will watch fireworks on TV.

Kathy Robbins

Knitting at home, reflecting on this meaning of Independence Day.

Amy Schaefer

We celebrated our 32nd anniversary with steaks on the grill! Dinner was made by our 22year old recent college graduate son who’s back home for the time being! Here in Maryland there will be no fireworks but we plan on watching Hamilton . . . again!

Joyce Correia

No celebrating and no fireworks in our area (just a few illegal ones in the neighborhood at midnight). I miss celebrating my daughter's birthday as she's one one coast and I'm on the other. But we had great birthday parties with sparklers stuck into her birthday cake rather than candles. BTW, love that blue yarn. Really a nice gradient.

Anne B

We watched our small town’s fireworks last night from a parking lot and will hang out with one other family today who has also been playing it safe. Swimming, burgers, and a small group of friends are the perfect recipe for the 4th of July in my book. Also knitting! 😎


We’re in NYC; today we’ll head out around 5pm to see the Great American City Flyover involving multiple military aircraft including the US Thunderbirds and around 9pm we’ll take a 5 minute walk to the East River where we have a perfect view of the Empire State Building to watch the Macy’s Fireworks. Happy 4th to all!

Linda Ladwig

It's OMGosh degrees and Holy Crap humidity outside where I am, so it's a film festival on our couch in the A/C.

Beverly J White

We're having a quiet day at home. The Butte parade was cancelled, but they had their fireworks last night. Our little town is having fireworks tonight. Maybe a hot dog and cupcake before they begin.



Will be staying home, probably grilling, definitely knitting, possibly watching fireworks the neighbors set off.

Jody Laake

I work for Krogers and my shift started at 4:00 a.m. this morning. It was a busy day with customers shopping for holiday fixings. Now that I’m finally home, I’ll make a little dinner, play with my dogs, knit a little and just chill in general.


Doing some yard work and laundry, no fireworks allowed anywhere near me and we are still in lock down here in Santa Clara county so just a quiet non-barbecue day for us. With some knitting and reading for me.

Chelsea Marie

We went to our local farm and bout some fresh brats and burgers to grill up. I also have a bottle of margarita mix begging to be frozen margaritas. Plan on enjoying it all on my newly acquired hammock out back while enjoying the fireflies!


I’m overseas. So, I keep chatting with my friends in USA and they tell me what they are cooking. They will call me by FaceTime so I can see the fireworks. Meantime, we knit knit knit!

Deb Monnin

We are staying home, but did have a FaceTime call with family!

Kathleen N.

No big plans for celebrating today. Our town is not doing fireworks but someone has a camp a couple of miles behind us (we are out in the country) and they usually do a great fireworks show. We just watch from our porch! 🤗 We grilled steaks yesterday so I am cooking a venison roast today. Too warm to be outside much - heat index is 101° right now - so staying inside and knitting. I have a ruana for my sister on my needles. Happy Independence Day! 🎇🎆


We spent all last week at our cabin in the woods, and drove home today to beat the crowds. Nothing else planned for the day except TV and knitting. I understand how you're feeling. My thoughts are, why risk it. So we're letting other people test the waters and will only start doing more when it appears safer.

Kate Greenwood

We were away for a few days midweek hiking in a quiet part of our state. We came home this, Saturday, morning and are hiding from the crowds that visit our community every summer. Salad with greens from the garden and lots of fresh fruit to celebrate the day!

Annette Behm

Staying home and chilling as much as one can in the Texas heat with my fur kids. Trying my hand at baking sourdough artisan bread, and catching up on my knitting WIPS.

Eileen Bator

We are staying in and being safe. The fireworks on TV are awesome since our town cancelled ours. Sunday we are going for a social distancing convertible drive!

Stacey D

We’ve been working around the house and getting ready to go on vacation for a week. With 3 kiddos, vacation prep seems like another full-time job - and then I could use a adult-only vacation to recover from vacation with kids.


Rather than getting together with friends in our backyard for a cookout, we all (three families) separately cooked parts of a meal, then exchanged dishes, and lastly ate our shared dinner 'together' over Zoom.

yolanda viera

I stayed home and enjoyed the neighborhood fireworks from my pool deck.

Dora Nelson

My DH recently passed away so I wanted to spend the holiday doing something different, plus no local BIG fireworks shows. I baked some brownies to take to my Mother-in-law’s for supper; his brother and sister were also there. Then my neighbors, who are true pyromaniacs, invited me to watch their fireworks show put on by their teenagers. Their antics: (the lighter doesn’t want to work), RUN!, do you want to see something different? Etc. were more fun than the actual fireworks! Then watched Capital Fourth and Macy’s I’d recorded. A nice day after all!

Lisa L

Watching Hamilton!


We went to my step-daughter's for a very small cookout, just the 4 of us. And then home to watch the "illegal" fireworks all around our house. Very loud and scary. Too hot today to do anything but sit inside and knit. It's a good thing!


Covid surging where I am . We are playing it safe. , cancelled our usual small gathering . Public events cancelled, so people all around were setting off fireworks even tho all are illegal . :( But ended up we had a death in family a few days ago and we were trying to help plan funeral from long distance ( overseas family & due to Covid we can't travel there. ) So we didn't feel like celebrating anyway. Made it easier to skip it all.

Jan Lachowycz

I stayed home this year, knitting a pink afghan for my Army nephew and his wife’s expected baby girl who’s coming the end of September. (I usually knit socks and only socks!) Luckily for me Turner Classic showed three great movies on the 4th: 1776, Yankee Doodle Dandy, and The Music Man. I enjoyed all three of them!!


I'm in Canada, so not a long weekend for me, but I went hiking in the mountains with a couple friends yesterday. And then when I got back, I went through my yarn stash to cull a few things and get out a couple more projects.

Joyce Morrow

I am writing this after the 4th. I spent the evening with my next door neighbors. We had a potluck dinner. They smoked ribs and chicken wings and I made a Greek couscous salad and an almond poundcake with raspberries and blueberries in whipped cream (red, white and blue) for dessert. We ate in a screened tent and then set off and watched fireworks. Our town display was cancelled, but there were private displays all around us for hours.It was quiet, relaxing and positive.


We live on a lake so will be enjoying the water with out of town family. We ate hotdogs with all the fixings. Our town is putting fireworks off to Labor Day but someone on the lake set off spectacular fireworks

Theresa Martin

We are in Canada. We’ve been social distancing and working from our lake cottage for the past month and a half. On the first (Canada day) we attached a large flag to the boat and went for a cruise along the lake. Two sons came up for a bbq and a swim.


At our cabin and we are biking, cooking and knitting.


I spent my Fourth of July chasing my kids in the garden and knitting on my soundtrack sweater. It was perfect.

Wendy Swanson

Went to pine city, MN my sisters cabin. Finished knitting a scarf and spent time on the lake with family. Great weekend.


We celebrated our grandson’s 1st birthday! He’s our little firecracker 🧨 July 4th boy!

Linda Pirius

I work in a hospital and this was my holiday and holiday weekend to work.


I stayed in my house's air conditioning all weekend!

Peggy Gain

Our normal 4th of July is a big party at the home of friends. Needless to say, there was nothing normal about this year's celebration. All fireworks displays were canceled. We had a quiet dinner at home with filet mignons perfectly grilled, followed by a movie. We can't complain as we have stayed healthy so far, and we are looking forward to better times in the future.


Well, the 4th was my birthday, a rather quiet one. My son brought a take-out dinner which we ate together on the patio at a distance. The most exciting thing was that today, he brought me a cherry pie that he had made from scratch, and it was delicious (he's a surgeon, not a chef). Cherry pie was his favorite dessert as a child. The city did fireworks but no public allowed. They used only the higher ones so they would be more visible at a distance. Then mostly responded to the dozens and dozens of phone calls from the world over with birthday wishes. I hope you and your family had a lovely 4th.

amy g

I am in Minnesota, and my mom's family is in Kansas. We were invited to a family gathering in Marysville and decided to go. They have a very low incident rate so we felt ok about it - my mother and her brother are getting up there so we need to take the opportunities we get to see them.

It was a lovely weekend, fortunately the temperature and humidity stayed in the 'ok in the shade' arena. I was still a bit wary for the travel, but it was nice to spend time with family.

Ann K.

My family of three has been at our condo at the beach over the long weekend. No grilling this year, but a nice homemade tuna nicoise followed by a trip to the ice cream stand and watching fireworks on the beach. No crowds this year either. It was a beautiful full moon—known as the Buck moon—-and Saturn could be viewed with the naked eye.


My first granddaughter was born on June 3 and I spent the holiday with my son and his family. It was wonderful.

Shaw Mumford

Quiet self-isolating weekend, except for the fireworks. We got on the top level of a local hospital garage and could see neighborhood (volunteer!) fireworks from horizon to horizon. We were joined by occasional hospital personnel, all appropriately masked and socially distant. It was lovely!


I stayed home and knitted socks with Qing Fibre yarn purchased at Simply Socks! Glad you are open and keeping me in yarn during the quarantine.


We visitedmy mother in her independent living facility. Fitst time we were able to be 6 feet apart in 4 months! After dinner we watched Hamilton.

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