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July 03, 2020



I’m having margaritas with a neighbor (outside) who has been not quite as cautious as me (has gone to a restaurant to eat in), and will probably see neighborhood fireworks from somewhere. I’m back to work full time now and it has been emotionally exhausting trying to keep people out of my personal space and make sure they’re not talking at me without a mask (which is a requirement at work). Such stressful times, so I’m splurging on a bucket of margaritas!

Brandy Schmidt

I’m staying inside! I got heat exhaustion yesterday working on my parents shrubbery. Not exciting but I sure don’t want to go through that again.

Pat W

Im actually working at a horse trials all weekend - horses, fresh air, and social distancing! Nothing better for this ICU RN who feels traumatized by Covid!

Renee Huffman

At my parents place for the week, and they do have some local fireworks for us to go see. Other than that just hanging out and playing cool!

Tina Dunham

Feast with family (marinated pork tenderloins, assorted salads, cherry pie). Meeting with friends for a social distancing ice cream stop another day. Knitting socks and a shawl, hiding from the heat. Hoping to watch fireworks on TV.

Kim Kieffer

We are staying home and watching fireworks on TV, grilling burgers and corn on the cob for us

Annette Martig

We have no special plans for the holiday weekend other than to hopefully relax. Even though still working from home, my workload has been crazy busy. I am looking forward to some guilt free time with my yarn stash and sock making. I will be reflecting on the sacrifices made for our country to be free, and praying for current events.

Carol Burdette

Socially distancing...grilling...knitting 🎇

Kimberly Blalock

We’ll be going out during the day for special milkshakes and that night watching fireworks in our neighborhood. All the local towns have cancelled their shows.


I'm knitting with some glorious yarn that I have had forever saving for the "perfect" project, it feels fancy enough for the holiday and so far, I have changed in my mind 3xs what this will be when it is finished - I thought it was going to be a vanilla stockinette t, but decided to try a few rows of stitch patterns just to make it crazy.

Sarah D.

One of our neighbors likes to put on a fireworks show so we chipped in, and I will wake up my littles who go to bed early, and we will go out into the cul de sac and watch fireworks :-)

Michelle Ross

The 4th will be spent at home with just the immediate family. Planning to watch the traditional 4th of July movie - Independence Day with Will Smith - heehee. Banana cake has been requested and probably burgers off the grill for dinner. Knitting for mom of course, Crochet for the daughters :-)

Liz Casciano

Quiet weekend at home - Keep calm and knit on


We’ve been socially distancing at the beach all week! Going home Monday the 6th.


We're having a cookout with another family in our neighborhood. I'm in charge of dessert and made my mom's secret recipe for chocolate sauce as part of a sundae bar. Our town is shooting off fireworks but we'll probably stick with sparklers in the driveway.

Kim Holbrook

Spending the weekend with kids and grandkids, celebrating two birthdays. Grilling burgers and hot dogs, of course! Lots of sparklers but no fireworks this year.


I am working. I work in a hospital lab and chose this as my holiday because everyone comes to my small Michigan town for the beautiful beach on the fourth. I picked up all of the evening call coverage so the woman who had it got the chance to go out on a boat with her ex. Since it is going to be close to 90 degrees, the only place to be is in the water or in the AC! Public fireworks are canceled here but I bet there will be plenty set off in neighborhoods around me!

Teresa Ronk

I'm staying home and Knitting. Probably grill later. No fireworks here in Ames IA.


Staying home.


No big plans, but knitting of course!!


Just staying home and working on home improvement projects. It’s amazing how many things we’ve noticed that need fixing/cleaning/upgrading after all these months at home! Also we will be watching Hamilton on Disney+ at some point over the weekend. Of course, knitting will be happening, too!

Renee S.

Just chillin and knitting of course!


Watching Hamilton, knitting and socially distant dinner with friends


Since it's been mandated here that we wear masks, I have lung issues, our university is still closed, and people coming in from 16 states are asked to self-quarantine for 14 days, I'm just working at home, hanging with my kitties, reading, and, of COURSE, knitting. Being an introvert at last has a perk.

Rose Birchall

No special plans. Going to enjoy the backyard.

Virginia Harnischfeger

Staying home for the weekend with some pool time. Daughter and family coming Sunday for some swimming. Neighborhood fireworks. Working on Tiger socks. Will be watching Hamilton tonight. Asked hubby for Disney Plus as birthday present - much less expensive than getting a ticket to the Broadway production.


Holiday? There's a holiday? What's a holiday? What's a weekend?


We're going low-key. Definitely skipping the display of presidential machismo down on the Mall. Maybe going out for ice cream cones.

Donna Stupfel-Smith

I stay home and watch my property. I live in a fire-prone\wind prone area on the high desert below Lake Tahoe. We have not had much precipitation so fire danger is very high. I will need to evacuate ranch animals if anyone is crazy enough to play with fireworks or to target shoot. Because of Covid, we cant watch fireworks at the lake. I discovered a lovely sparkling wine named Sofia by Coppola Vineyards. Some of that and some burgers, my ukulele and my knitting and I am good to celebrate.

Kim Witherow

Low key holiday this year, as we're usually busy from the start of the parade to the night's fireworks. Small family get together and we'll watch fireworks from a friend's hillside meadow. My daughter's 14th birthday is the 4th so we're trying to do some things to make her birthday special.

Lugarda Cappetta

I don’t have any special plans for the holiday weekend; most places are still closed here so will just stay home and knit on one or more of my 7 WIP’s. I just made a big bowl of macaroni salad so I won’t have to worry too much about having to cook ( not my favorite thing to do).

Deborah Grce

We will be staying home, and while they may be doing fireworks around town, we likely will not be doing any ourselves...Likely no special food plans either. I think everyone just wants a chance to curl up and unwind!!


We're staying home. Fireworks are cancelled, it HOT, and we're supposed to just stay home. Thinking seriously of getting Disney+ so we can watch Hamilton.


My DH and I are staying home and still under house arrest. We are not allowing anyone over. We are old and we would like to live for more years. I will make him his favorite foods, like lemon chicken rice soup, or he Greek kind, not the kind with carrots and pasta.
Happy Holidays.

Lorie Konopka

A quiet weekend but hoping to see my sons and their girlfriends. The neighbors did a fantastic fireworks show right after we had gotten to sleep the other night, so I don't think we will go see any. Probably stay in the air conditioning and knitting! 😊

Sandy Harwood

Will be staying inside.....the heat is too much and, like you, being cautious about crowds!

Becki Greetan

We are BBQing at our daughters house. Being with our grandchildren, good food, and backyard fireworks! Couldn’t be better than that! Except winning some yarn!


We just returned from a whirlwind trip from AL to PA and back this past week for a memorial service so this weekend will be a quiet return to the new normal of keeping our distance. We'll eat good food and work on various projects. If I don't knit maybe I'll weave in ends on the huge stack of dish cloths I've been churning out!

Have a sparkling 4th!

Katie Porter

We're staying home and grilling some burgers. There is usually a fireworks display at the river. They are still doing the fireworks this year but without the festivle that usually happens with it. I'm right there with you - just the thought of a large group of people makes me anxious at this point.

Marsha Riggs

Knitting, yard work, painting in my studio. Not sure about city fireworks display. Absolutely not at my house. Burgs on the menu for some good eats!


Having an intimate cookout at my in-laws.

Sue Boisvert

Staying home crafting - knitting will be involved. The city is having fireworks in 6 different locations to discourage large crowds and encourage social distancing. we hope we can see them from out lanai - this is our first summer in our new condo. We are having bbq pulled pork and potato salad. Hoping everyone has a happy and safe 🎆🎇🇺🇸 🌴😎🦩🚀


Still hunkering down at home. Our community is having a virtual concert culminating in a sing along from one’s front porch. Otherwise, no usual 10K run, parade, or fireworks.

Marie Blauvelt

Cleaning closets to donate to a resale store that helps find homes for kitties, then knitting and watching Hamilton on TV.


I have an errand to run in the morning--a local bread bakery opens its wholesale spot occasionally, and tomorrow is the day so I'm stocking my freezer--and then will be inside for the weekend except for watering the planters in front of the house. This pandemic is turning me into a happy recluse.

Samantha Arten

My husband's family has an awesome tradition, which I immediately adopted upon marrying into the family, of eating vanilla ice cream with cereal/granola, straweberries, and blueberries for breakfast on July 4th. We bought all the supplies on the grocery run today and are looking forward to breakfast tomorrow!


I'm spending time at the grill. We're cooking out and dining al fresco with some family!


I am grilling out with my mom and in laws in the afternoon. Then going to my best friend's house and letting our kids do water fights until night fall. Unfortunately all fireworks near us have been cancelled, but it will still be nice to get together with loved ones. PS my bestie watched my kid while I work so no quarantine rules will be broken! Also I will be spending the morning knitting on my 4day Kal the Soundtrack Pullover by Marie Greene.

Nicole S

I'm in Canada, so no big plans - our holiday was in the middle of the week, so no holiday weekend this year.


My family is in town from Virginia! Lots of bbqs and time with my grandkids!!

Nancy Shuford

I am a nurse so I will be working. I live in FLorida so we will be staying safe at home. Looking forward to watching Hamilton on TV! Life is crazy wear a mask!


Tomorrow we will be cooking out with my son and his family then sitting in the backyard down by the sub-division's lake to watch the spectacular fireworks display that a neighbor shoots off every year over the lake.

Dana Snyder

My fiancé’s mom is coming up in the morning to go to Sam’s. She doesn’t get out much at all cause she has health issues. We are planning on going to the drive in if they fix the projector tonight. They’re playing classics and this week is the original Ghostbusters. I’m super excited so I hope they fix it. I made some salads so we’ll pack a picnic and take a cooler. We’ve been a couple times and we don’t come close to anyone! I’m always invited to my landlord’s cookout. They treat me like family and I work with a few of them so I know them all really well. They always have fireworks but like you, I’m not ready for the group thing yet so if the drive in isn’t a go, we’ll probably chill at my house and watch Svengoolie. Lol. I have a few weeks recorded. We are obsessed with old monster movies. We actually did a fake proposal picture in the grave yard from the opening scene of the original Night of the Living Dead. I grew up 20 minutes from there! We are having our cookout tonight since we’re hoping to go to the drive in tomorrow. As for knitting, I’m working on the Stillness MKAL by Helen Stewart and the annual 4 day sweater KAL by Marie Greene. Should be a fun weekend!

Suzi J

We will be grilling out ribeyes tomorrow with my son and his friend. If we have any leftovers, I am hoping to have steak and eggs on Sunday morning. Yum yum! Otherwise, I hope to finish one sleeve on my Flax Light sweater and get started on the other sleeve. I can see the end in sight! I believe the next town to us are doing fireworks, but we aren’t going — too crowded. We were going to purchase some to do at home, but didn’t get them. We are glad to be celebrating in the good old US of A this 4th of July!


It is really heartening to hear that so many are staying home, low-key. I don’t feel so alone after reading everyone’s comments. I just finished a 5th chemo treatment this week and I’m in the throes of all the nasty side effects....hope to pull out of the “chemo-yucks” on Monday and will be able to eat again. I can’t even have a margarita or anything fun due to the meds I’m taking. So no great plans here, I’m hoping to be able to coax my appetite into eating barbecued grilled chicken tomorrow. At least that’s the plan. We have been super isolated because of the chemo since many folks who have offered to help us have been out in public/work/shopping far more than we are able to do and our county has rising numbers for Covid. I’ve even started ordering groceries online for curbside pickup to limit my husband’s time spent in stores where half the people aren’t wearing their masks! And with surgery coming up, their policy is no visitors whatsoever for at least 2 weeks before the procedure, so we’re already in practice for that. I do so miss family (who live too far away to visit) and friends and normal life!!!


Nothing fancy here stay home and safe. My husband and I will enjoy a quiet day and cook out

Ginny Burgus

We will be staying home. Burgers and corn on the cob followed by blueberry/strawberry shortcake. Our town is still having fireworks. So we can sit safely on our deck watching fireworks and swatting mosquitoes. Knitting will be accomplished the rest of the day -Red white and blue socks.


I’m in Canada, so we celebrate Canada Day on July 1st. But I just spent the day relaxing and knitting (which goes without saying) after my birthday the day before. How lucky am I to have a national holiday the day following my birthday!


Everything in Columbus, OH is canceled for Independence Day. No parade, no city fireworks (which are usually July 3), no suburban fireworks (which are usually on July 4). I bought a box of sparklers for my kids. At the grab & go lunches, they've been giving out a lot of apples. I'm making applesauce today, and I'll make apple pie(s) and / or apple crisp tomorrow. It's been really hot here, too.

My son's birthday was Wednesday, and he, my older daughter and my husband went to the water park for the day. My younger daughter and I stayed cool at home.

I'm self-employed, and have been working hard the past few weeks. I'm hoping to take a bit of a break tomorrow to knit and crochet after baking. I'll do the baking very early before it gets hot.

Wendy Weber

Our family is staying healthy at home and relaxing. We will be watching our city’s fireworks from the rooftop of a parking garage.


We are at the lake with immediate family-lake is very busy but mostly everyone is keeping to their cottage/house. Tomorrow we are decorating our pontoon boat for the boat parade and we have a ring of fire around the lake at 10pm with flares- it’s amazing!!

Cindy Carpenter

Oooh Urth!!!

I live in Florida, home of brain dead people who refuse to social distance and/or wear masks. There are no public celebrations planned so the masses are swamping the firework vendors (we have full time mega box firework stores here) Governor signed a bill on July 1 so private back yard fireworks ‘shows’ are now LEGAL. Hope everyone’s home insurance is up to date.

I will be working this weekend (prison =essential worker). I just pray my home is still standing when I return to it. Hope all is well with the rest of you.


We live north of Dallas, TX. The covid numbers have been escalating like mad on the past few weeks so most if the fireworks and parades have been rescheduled to Veterans Day in the fall. We only go out to the grocery or hardware stores and wear maskscwhen we are out. We take daily walks on a nature trail at the end of our cul de sac. Our daughter and her husband and our 6 year old grandson live about half a mile away and will be spending the 4th with us. We only moved south from upstate NY last fall and will enjoy a back yard cookout with our family. If the pandemic had occurred before the move we would have been totally isolated. I love these gradients and plan to knit a shawl using the green or aqua colorways.


We are staying home & looking forward to some traditional movies—1776 & Music Man. We’ll grill some hamburgers & remember how lucky we are to live in the USA despite all the present problems. We are blessed. Happy weekend to all.


Our little city in Virginia outside Washington DC has canceled its event, as have most of the surrounding areas. We’re planning to watch some fireworks on TV, stay inside out of the heat, and plot a physically-distant get- together with some like-minded friends next week. Thanks for the contest, and Happy Independence Day! 🇺🇸

Susan James

we live in Texas where Covid 19 is running wild, so most fireworks are cancelled.
My son is driving to his sisters, and I'll join them on the 4th for a quiet family get together.
My son in law is a WONDERFUL cook, I'm hoping for some of his coconut shrimp!!

Cathy Green

Nothing exciting. Probably just spending time at our condo pool. No company. No cookout. Just vegging.


Staying home - knitting and reading.


I’m going up to the small town my sister lives in about an hour and a half away. We do a huge fireworks show, the town itself is too small to put one on.


My husband and I will be staying home. We have been social distancing. I did have my sisters over on Wednesday and we sat outside.

Susan Ipavec

We are going to a (socially distant) 4th of July band concert in the park. I’m taking my sock-in-progress and am excited to go! It’s going to be a hot one! Other than that, we are making hotdogs and watching some movies and catching up on reading, crafting and TV.

Mary Jacques

I’m going to see my mother, who is 93 years young. We will enjoy homemade strawberry ice cream after having a lunch of quiche ( her favorite) with some fruit while sipping lemonade. When I get home I will continue working on my papillon shawl, and making a few flowers for my Hedvig Afghan.

Rose Wilson

I’m staying home with my dog who is terrified of fireworks! 😕

Mary Brack

I’m staying inside for the 4th, which is my usual plan anyway - I don’t really like crowds! My city isn’t doing fireworks, and even if it weren’t illegal to set them off myself I wouldn’t do it - too much risk of injury, and I would be afraid of starting fires. So, my 21-year-old daughter and I are going to hang out in our apartment. I think I have her almost talked into making tacos...! I plan to read Frederick Douglass’ Independence Day speech from the 1850s, and work on my three yarn projects. Everybody have a SAFE holiday weekend!

Mary Woods

Unfortunately I am working all weekend so mo time for fireworks which I don't do for 2 reasons, the fire danger and 2 puppies who don't like loud noises.

Cindy M.

Motorcycling, watching fireworks from the yard, laundry and relaxing. Nothing special, but the down time is much appreciated.


Staying home and cooking out. Will watch fireworks from the house at night, people around here have been shooting them off for weeks! I will also try to get some knitting done. Have a safe 4th, everyone!


Hanging out at home with my dog.


I'm staying in and knitting since coronavirus is still spreading at an alarming rate here in Florida.

Geraldine Scott

There's a group here in town sponsoring a fireworks will be launched at a golf course in the NW side of town, and people are encouraged to drive and park anywhere nearby and watch from inside their vehicles, and also encouraged not to leave trash behind! We won't go, our poor dog gets so stressed with all the noise!


We are travelling to visit my parents for the week. Being very careful about everything. Unfortunately, fireworks have been cancelled.

Heather Fairman

I’ll probably do a little knitting, but we have no big plans. We’re not into fireworks, so we’ll probable watch Hamilton with the dogs. :-)

Carol Brown

Dinner celebrating my daughter's 50th birthday.will include whatever we find at the farmers market in the morning.

T Craven

All fireworks are canceled this year. We will picnic at the home of our son's in-laws tomorrow. Now I am suffering from locked up covid brain. 😂 Can't remember the kit. Was it 805?? 🤣 I am thinking that I need some neutral in my life with the gray- black scale. No fireworks will resemble a dark night sky.👍🥂❣


Not much here. Hot! And no fireworks or parades where we are. We'll probably just hang out by the pool and maybe BBQ.


Doing a bit of gardening, definitely some knitting, and maybe watching Hamilton. And going for a run!


It’s going to be a quiet Fourth for us, as our county is still in Phase 2 and paused because of increasing cases in our state (Washington). Maybe we will binge watch Netflix and barbecue some hot dogs, but that is about it. I love the urth self striping yarn, and I am working on a set of socks right now. They are fun to knit up. Have a happy Fourth!


We're watching Hamilton and enjoying pizza at home!


Nothing special, staying home with family, relaxing. Not ready to get out and about yet, but that's ok.


No special plans. I hope to get a lot of loom knitting done.


I'm staying home and reading and knitting. Today I had to go to the bank, crowded grocery store and gyno so I need a nice uneventful 2 days.


In the past we have gone to neighbors and friends for a get together and then watch the fireworks but all that has been cancelled this year. We are staying home and spending time together.

Leslie Wright

Cooking, eating, knitting, bike riding, enjoying our beautiful warm weather!
Our 150 year old city parade is cancelled, no fireworks 🧨 this time!


My oldest son’s birthday is the 3rd, so that kicks off our weekend celebration. The kids played in the pool and we had enchiladas. We live right across the road from the county fairgrounds and generally sit out on the deck or in the driveway to catch the fireworks. Not only does this mean no fighting traffic, but the neighbors tend to battle for the best pre-show fireworks display. Usually my in-laws or friends come over but not this year. On Sunday we are going to some friends’ house for pizza and games. We are limiting our close contact to just a few families. We try to be both cautious and thoughtful about socializing. It’s done wonders for everyone’s morale.


Just hanging out at home. Burgers are on the menu for my husband and I. Of course, there will be knitting!


Socially distancing with family picnic outside at my sisters cottage by lake. I am not comfortable going anywhere unless it’s a small outside mask wearing gathering. I have had grandkids over without masks but that’s it. Still working from home and mostly having even groceries delivered. The gradients are just beautiful!!


Saturday nights we video chat with the kids' grandparents.


We are staying home, oven-baking pork spare ribs, working in the yard.
Enjoying the sunshine, maybe a little knitting!

Rachel Braho

Our small town is doing fireworks but no band concert before. Fireworks can be seen from most of the town. Going to my parents next town over to eat dinner and help with small house projects. Hoping to zoom with sister that lives out of state.


We are staying home watching Hamilton. Finally knitting again which hopefully will help.

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