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July 29, 2020



Is fingering weight? How many yards per skein?


Will you be releasing them in a way that someone could find two coordinating banks for two-color projects? Asking for a friend ;) a Tosh devotee, I’m stoked to see these roll out


Can't wait. This yarn looks just beautiful!

Karen Murphy

I like that Brienne of Tarth. Are these 100 gram fingering weight so I could make 2 socks from one skein?


Glorious. Be sure and be careful with moving those boxes around. Wouldn't want you to go down with a yarn injury...Looking forward to some jewel tones!


Joyce- tell "your friend" that I'll be releasing about 50 colors at a time and you could definitely put colors together within that group to make things. BUT. If there is a color you really like, don't think you should wait until more colors pop up and buy them together b/c these will likely go fast- as least the ones that I have so few of. Or ones as awesome as Brienne of Tarth...

Karen, Yes, these are full fingering weight skeins over 400 yards. Madelinetosh doesn't list a weight on their skeins, just a yardage, but they are always between 100g and 4 ounces when I've weighed them. A typical, full sized skein. You could make two large socks from one skein... at least I can for my size 11 feet!


Love that Browne of Tarth colorway! I’ll be watching for it.


Brienne of Tart. Autocorrect strikes again.


Autocorrect is THE WORST for typing yarn names. Or "dyed". Or "colorway". Siri gets me in trouble all the time.

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