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July 01, 2020



Those were the days, when we could attend such events freely without caution. Hopefully the time will come when we can do this again. Thankful we can order and anticipate delivery. It's the little things!


Is there a pattern for the red stranded sweater with flowers in the foreground of the last photo? It's gorgeous!

Nancy Shuford

I am a nurse so I am working the 4th of July. I live in Florida so we will not be going anywhere or doing anything. Looking forward to watching Hamilton on TV! I love the teal set and will make a shawl for my daughter's wedding which just got postponed til May. Life is crazy wear a mask!

Shirley Plummer

Grilling shish kabobs for the 4th. And my daughter requested fruit pizza.’s way too hot here, probably stay inside and watch Hamilton - AGAIN! Those fades are amazing!


I live in Massachusetts and I'm just doing socially distant fruit picking for the holiday :)

Patricia Porter

I came to the comments to ask the same question as one above: Do you know the name of the pattern for the red sweater pictured above, the one with only a sleeve showing? And further, do you know the yarn that was used? Signed, Your Biggest Fan

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