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July 06, 2020



My kids have participated in birthday parades, Zoom parties, and a virtual Minecraft party. For the video conference parties the birthday kid's family dropped off a treat and a party hat/favors. They also had some activities the kids could do in case they weren't talking. My daughter and friends sometimes coordinated games they could play as a group over Facetime, which could also work for a party. For example, they all had Twister, so they played that. Battleship also worked pretty well. The Minecraft party was just playing Minecraft online with each other in a birthday decorated world.

Karen machado

It is hard, to make a decent party, for young people with their friends, now. I wanted to throw my son a graduation party, which also lined up with his birthday, but just didn’t do it. I just didn’t want to risk anyone’s health. I feel awful about my son getting the short stick on such a momentous occasion, but he is more ok with it than I am!🥺


My son turned 10 last week. They did an appointment time at the local water park. Low capacity, social distancing, masks when not in the water. We made him an ice cream cake, and got him the glue slime kit he's been wanting for a while.


I am a sixth grade teacher, and one of my parents planned a tour of town, stopping at specific homes. Her daughter was blindfolded, and at each home, the person gave different clues where they were. When she guessed, she took off the blindfold and we had a short, distant visit. Sort of like the parade, but not.

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