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June 29, 2020



I feel the same way. I have autoimmune disease and a plethora of health problems. Three kids, one of whom also has chronic health issues. I'm self-employed, so the economic effects of the pandemic worry me. My husband is employed at a large university that's had to make staffing and pay cuts. On the other hand, I'm more aware of our privilege. I've been making it a point to explain to my kids about white privilege and how we can do things (walk into a store, not buy anything, walk back out... or walk around in a hoodie... and on and on) without having to worry about so many things. Nobody would question me as a white woman going into a store with a big purse and browsing and walking back out, and nobody would question my white son going to the corner store for candy. Putting it in terms like that and explaining how the difference of skin color has gotten people arrested, shot or killed in some other way has made privilege more real to my kids. I hope that raising good humans is a good start on what I can do in order to make a difference in the world. I've been heartened to see a lot of BLM related signs in some of the (white majority) neighborhoods in my city. I know I can do more, I'm just trying to figure out what that "more" is.


Yes, Allison, I know just how you feel. Even though I am a nurse, and took care of Covid patients, I have always my gift of sewing and knitting to try and help. I have made nine inch bears for Christmas that I sew. Since 2005, I have made 13,000. These Bears go to shelters in the South Bronx which is one of the poorest areas in NY. I also make up tote bags for kids going into domestic violence shelters through a not-for-profit called Project Night, Night. You buy the tote bags which are $3.50 and fill them with a blanket, soft toy and a reading book. I include a coloring book and crayons from the Dollar Store. This is a project the kids can do. Fleece blankets are great and the kids can help put the bags together. The blankets I have sewn, knitted and crocheted. The doll can be bought or knit a teddy bear. Project Night Night can help you find a shelter. Unfortunately, we have plenty around here. Check out their website. Also, the Pink Slipper Project.
Knitter's have big hearts and always step up to the plate.


Can't wait for the Christmas yarn. We need a "Little Christmas". It all looks beautiful.


I think many of us are at this junction in our life. I have made the commitment to become more informed and maybe listen to the difficult things... If we don't grow - we stagnate...


I keep doing an on line meditation that near the end repeats peace, kindness, compassion and love. I will try to follow though. And knit a lot.

Hazel Blumberg-McKee

About the only thing that seems calming lately is my knitting. I've been self-employed for a long time, as a freelance editor, fact-checker, proofreader, and translator of German and English for various publishers. Since the coronavirus started, I'm not getting as much work. My husband works for the Florida House of Representatives, and his job continues, although he's working from home. I've been knitting blankets for animals at our local animal shelter. So many people seem to be simply dumping their animals since the virus started, and I can't begin to understand why.

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