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June 01, 2020



I love all of this. Your son looks like he's having fun modeling for you! I have a 9 year old son, and he gets pretty goofy sometimes. But also very snuggly.

I have felt useless lately. I have a masters of public health, but can't find a job opening (worked as an epidemiologist for years at my state health department, but left to raise my children).

I swapped skills this weekend: my friend makes masks with her sewing talent. She's a teacher and has more time now to sew. I knitted her fingerless mitts. Now I have masks for my littlest one, who has tiny ears and the elastic ones we had wouldn't stay on her.

I have been making little deliveries to local blessings boxes. It is a nonprofit project like little libraries, but with shelf stable food and hygiene products instead. I made period product kits, and I've been leaving all sorts of stuff in there. Craisins, peanut butter/jelly, soap, shampoo, toothpaste/brushes and so forth. I hope it's helping people. I see different things in the boxes each time I drop stuff off.

Yesterday, I collected the rogue carts from the Aldi lot (they disabled the quarter things during the pandemic)- usually no carts because people would get their quarter, but with no quarter to get back, people are leaving them all over the parking lot. I also picked up garbage, using a plastic bag as a glove. I hope these little things help.

Karen machado

Henry did an absolutely lovely job of modeling! He is an awesome kid and so is his brother! They are just adorable! Thank you for donating to the boys and girls club. I think this is an outstanding way of making a difference! It is more effective than screaming at someone and not getting your voice heard and it will make a difference.


Boys & Girls Club is definitely a worthy cause. Henry is an adorable model. Enjoy This period of his life while you can. Before you know it he’ll be at that stage where you’re embarrassing - not because of anything you do but just because you exist. Our local schools had an annual 3 day trip to a not very distant state park that has large cabins with 2 bunk rooms & a few smaller rooms for chaperones. I volunteered to chaperone the year one of my girls went. At bedtime the parents were sitting around chatting in the common room when my daughter came up behind me & gave me a big hug. One of the dads said he was jealous & I should enjoy it while I could because it wouldn’t last long. As the father of a boy, he was already missing those hugs.

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