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May 18, 2020


Linda Huson

I say - go for the yellow door! But find a really different/unusual yellow....


When we did ours we washed it with Dawn, very light sand, wiped off, primer, and oil based paint.

What do you think of a lilac door? Question inspired by that skein of Steam Age above. That purple looks great with the gray.


While I like the Quaint Peche better, I think it has too much grey in it. If you’re looking for a pop of color, I think the Peach Blossom would be better. That said, I agree with Staci. I think a nice purple color would look fantastic.


Be bold, go with peach blossom


I would go bolder than either of those colors (coming from the person who chose this color for the entirety of my house exterior:

Donna May

Your color choices are nice but as someone who deals with beautiful colors in yarn, you need a bolder choice. My house exterior is white with chocolate brown trim. For my metal doors I went with a really pretty tropical blue. We have gotten compliments from all the neighbors and dog walkers. Don't be afraid to stand out and shine!


I love the color Teasing Peach!

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