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May 23, 2020


Debbie H

My favorite project was learning to knit socks, which is something I’ve never done before. I went to my LYS and learned to knit toe up socks. It was challenging but very satisfying.

Donna Gerber

My favorite project so far this year is my current one - the Breathe and Hope Shawl. Hoping to finish it this weekend.


I ran to my LYS for a curbside pickup during all this, and due to the absolutely ridiculous amount of snow coming down in April, I actually went inside to pick up. Well, that led to an impulse buy of a cheerful yellow bulky yarn, which led to a quick cowl project:

Janica Carter

My favorite project so far is one I designed for Expression Fiber Arts. The pattern hasn’t been released yet, but it has a simple shape and features three mosaic knit patterns reminiscent of geometric patterns found in traditional kimono fabrics.


Okay, so I’ve had a difficult time finishing knitting projects during the pandemic. I’ve enjoying working on a cowl and shawl, but mostly I’ve enjoyed sorting and resorting my stash, looking for new projects on Ravelry, and ordering new yarn from Simply Socks!

Lisa Duffin

My favorite “ go to “ projects are socks and felted items. However this year I knit a baby blanket for a coworker who was having her first baby. She loved it and it made all of the time knitting the blanket so worth it.


I think Breathe and Hope is my favorite project so far this year. Especially in the colors I chose.


It's easy for me to list my favorite project, because I have only completed one this year (so far!) I've lost my knitting mojo but using this stay at home time to get back to my needles. Made my 'coronavirus sweater' in MadTosh DK. After a small hiccup in the beginning with the yarn, Allison and SimplySocks crew took great care of me, and I have finished! Very pleased with the finished product. Now I am working on a pair of Urth socks for son with size 13 feet. I may even finish 2 projects before 4th of July!

Dora Nelson

My favorite pattern of 2020 is Breathe and Hope. I purchased my yarn from SSYC and am enjoying the pattern. Not only did it signify for the pandemic and lockdown but it also resonated while I was caring for my sweet husband while he was on Hospice. Sadly he passed away this week but this project keeps me breathing. Now instead of hope for him it’s hope for myself and his family as we begin feeling our way towards our “new normal”.

Anna Marr

My favorite project so far this year has been the Breathe and hope shawl by casapinka.

Tara Crites

I'm working on a love note sweater! I absolutely love it. I'm already planning my next one. I still have to finish the sleeves, and then it will be ready to wear for next winter. This is my favorite so far, but I'm casting on some socks from yarn I bought from you that might knock it out of first place!

Robyn Durand

My favorite project so far this year is a beaded scarf that I'm actually not that crazy about. Let me 'splain: it's been on the needles since 2003. I took a class, followed the pattern, strung 1000 beads, knit to gauge, almost finished and was running short of yarn (discontinued). Adopted 2 babies in 18 months, shoved scarf in bag. Took out periodically, made rude comments, shoved back in bag. Finally took it out last week, frogged about 75%, reworked the pattern, and finished the beast. It hangs weird, is not my favorite color, and who knows where I'd wear it...but it's DONE! So it's my favorite 😁

Wendy Swanson

I like to knit socks. That tiger sock yarn is awesome......i have to get on the list.

Erika Price

My favorite has been the Broken Rib Hybrid Heel socks on Ravelry. I normally don't like making short row heels bit this looked interesting. This heel construction makes for a nicely fitted heel that doesn't slide around for me like a standard short row heel.

Karen Simonich

Humulus sweater out of Malabrigo Rios. Socks for some players on my sons college lacrosse team.


Socks!! Urth might be my new favorite yarn

Cindy Norman

I'm currently working on Cirrus by Natasja Hornby. Outside my comfort zone but I'm loving the challenge!


Favorite so far is my xlb mittens. Can't wait to wear them next winter.


I made my son some socks that fit me perfectly.

Sara Oldenburg

My favorite project so far this year is a cabled cardigan that I started more than three years ago. I’m so happy to have finished it, and thrilled with the result.


My favorite project so far this year is a rainbow shawl with yarn from a local dyer.

Marilyn H

A pair of vanilla socks I made with Biscotte and Cie yarn in their watermelon colourway. They are a very happy which is great because I am gifting them.

Sabrina Snyder Snyder

My favorite thing that I made this year was a baby blanket for my bff's first grandchild. (Little Sadie arrived safely in this world on April 30th.) My bff has been a second mother to my children for 20+ years. She was there to celebrate my first grandchild in 2018. Trust me when I say having a second mother around really makes raising your kids better!

Robin L

I haven't knit anything this year that I absolutely loved. I'm working on Sailing with a Manos de Uruguay yarn that's nice and will be lovely when finished, but I'm just not loving the process. :( I took a break to knit a F* 2020 dishcloth for a fiend who is struggling with quarantine, that put a smile on both of our faces. I'll check you out on Ravelry. Thanks!

Samantha T

I made a Chevron shawl that you guys were selling yarn bundles for a while back. It was a really fun knit!

Michelle Gardner

Favorite do far has been the Kodikas shawl!!! I love it!! Praying I win these!! Lol!!

Kelli Spencer

My favorite project has been Joji’s Lounging Top in fingering! I found some great yarn for it and it’s been such a nice, relaxing knit. I’ll be finishing up the hen and adding the collar edging today! Thank you for the opportunity to win this lovely yarn!

Amy C

That yarn is beautiful! I’m currently working on a Georgetown cardigan (by Hannah Fettig). I’m a slow knitter but getting close to finishing!


My favorite project so far has been the breathe and hope shawl by Casapinka. A great distraction and positive message during the pandemic.


I’m working on a shawl now in colors that make me smile more than the pattern does, just finished a lovely test knit shawl in colors that were good for pattern and used up stash but were bland for pandemic knitting. So, half/half faves of color/pattern.

Donna M Norris

My favorite project I'm working on this year is the outline scrappy shawl. Easy fast knit. Using spring colors nicknamed it my spring fling.

Gretchen Barger

My favorite project was a crocheted poncho for my 6 year old granddaughter.

Deborah Gill

I just finished a pair of socks with the Dream in color yarn in True To Life. I love this yarn! It is so soft and easy to work with. I made another pair in a pink shade and am not using the "left over" to make a pair of footie style socks.

Laura O’Donnell

My favorite knit so far this year is the Childhood sweater by Ankestrick. It has an interesting saddle shoulder construction that I’d never done before, so I learned something new. And I used ancient stash.

Thanks for the chance to win, and Happy Anniversary!

Andrea Sanderson

My favorite project this year has been Campfire Socks.

Barbara Montemayor

Favorite project so far in 2020 has been a hat in a pattern I made up out of Malabrigo Rios, which I donated. Love the rainbow color!

Michelle K

My favorite project for this year has to be the Mash it Up hat from Miss Babs.
It’s just fun and I get to use up those precious leftovers,

Melissa Hellman

By far, my favorite project was the sweater I finished last month...even though I’m not happy with the way the yoke fits, and I therefore will be doing some major surgery on it to rework from the armpits up!


Favorite project was the mad Tosh socks I made for my son for calendar.

Tracy Craven

❤❤❤that color combo!!! My favorite knit this year, so far, is the current project that I have on needles......Jupiter Crop by Caitlin Hunter.
Happy Anniversary!!! I look forward to shopping in person again.....someday.


My favorite project for 2020 has been my Spellman Sweater by Dragon board yarns. I just loved maing the bobbles and cables on the sleeves. It's cropped Ns light weight and came out just how I was imagining it would. I resl winning project!

Happy birthday SSYco!


You would think with being home, I'd be knitting. I am usually knittin.
I have not finished anything in 2020. My favorite is still on the needles and is a shawl by Lisa Mutch, Tremble.


Cheeky Ribbed socks!

Cathey C

I've been knitting since I was 3 yrs. old so it's hard to pick one favorite pattern. My favorite item to knit would be socks or mitts. Or shawls. I love shawls. I'm so decisive, am I not?


My fave project this year is an ongoing one, a very simple super huge rectangular garter stitch shawl with deep stash yarn.

Donna Kuehl

I have been working on a log cabin throw for my daughter - have had the yarn forever and 2020 quarantine seemed like the right time to start!

Joan Brown

My favorite project was making a sweater for my granddaughter!

Donna Williams

Happy Anniversary 🎉❤️.! 15 years is quite an accomplishment! You are doing something right! I hope you have 15 plus more years of "Spinning Bliss!"
Thank you for this opportunity 💖
ALL of your colors are Stellar! So many to choose from. But here are a few I narrowed it down to... Seaglass, Mansfield Garden and or LYS 2020 My second granddaughter was born this month, 2020!

Loren G

I have two favorites, both completed during stay-at-home time. Hashtag Cowl by Cheryl Faust and Silver Linings Hanger, a free pattern by Sandra Paul. It features a rainbow, a smiling sun and two clouds on which I embroidered the words "hope"and "pray".

Ann Feltz

My favorite thus far has been a Palette sweater by Lisa Ross, for my 19 year old niece.


My most challenging project which I finished knitting just before the pandemic hit was Stephen West's The Doodler shawl in Hedgehog and Fiberstory fingering but the pattern I most enjoyed knitting was Casapinka's Woven shawl in Tosh Sock. I'm now knitting the Sockhead Cowl in a Lollipop yarn from my stash, and that may just end up being my favorite project--very relaxing, ribbing and stockinette, watching the colors come together.


It is hard to pick a favorite project of 2020! I have knit a lot this year already. I did really enjoy knitting the Marit Cardigan because of all the color work and steeks, but the Mariechen cardigan was lovely with the lace border down the front. I guess I will say Gridlines because I have been wearing it the most!! And it was a totally new kind of pattern for me, which I enjoyed a lot! Happy 14th Anniversary!!!

Ginny Graydon

My favorite project so far was a baby blanket for my newest Grandchild. Excited to receive the striped sock yarn and project bag I just ordered.


I love my full of minis hat so far this year!

Diane M.

My favorite is Urth Uneek sock kit #57. I love seeing how the colors move from one to another.

Jen Cobb

So far my favorite projects have been Christmas 2020 socks for my BIL. He wanted something fun (but not too fun) because he’s recently “upped his sock game.” I bought two skeins of Regia Pairfait from you and they are so much fun! He approves, but still has to wait until December for them. Happy Anniversary!


I knit my third lace ribbon scarf with some Dream in Color Smooshy.

Sarah B

I made a flax sweater for my niece in a really wild colorway from madelintosh!!! I love the colors you put together- they’d make a great yoke. Happy anniversary!

Teresa Ronk

I think the sweater I'm making for my grandson. It's challenging.

Chiara Jucha

My absolute favorite knit was the Flying Fringe shawl that I knit in record time during the early stages of the quarantine.

Lorie Konopka

While I enjoy all of your projects, my favorite is still the Sockhead cowl. So relaxing and addictive. 😍

Kate s

I am making a shawl (exordium). I am nearly done and loving it so far.

Heather M

My favorite project this year is a Sockhead hat that I have been knitting with my daughter.

Mary Elder

I just enjoy knitting Vanilla socks. It’s alway rewarding to see how the yarn looks. So my favorite project is Vanilla socks!

Colleen Dallura

Nightshift by Andrea mowery. It was such a fun knit.


Twigs and Lights shawl.

Barbara Altman

My favorite project so far this year has been the Lacy,Not Lazy socks, which I did as part of Sock Madness on Ravelry. Such a fun pattern!

Rose Wilson

A very plain shawl, so easy to work on while watching tv.

Erica Lauriello

My favorite so far has been a Calyx sweater in a cotton/linen blend.


My favorite project from 2020 so far has been my Rhapsody in Cables sweater. The construction is just so interesting!!


I finished the Sound Stone poncho in March just before St Patrick's day and it's been a cold enough spring to wear it...a lot. I haven't made anything I love as much in a long time.


Hitchhiker shawl....have had a "knitting slump"
Trying to get motivated once again.


My favorite project so far is my current one, my Winston pullover, it helped me get my knitting mojo back.


My favorite project this year has been Baby Genius Burp Cloths.

Sandra Sprouse

I’m working on Bracket Form right now, I think that’s my favorite so far. It’s easy and perfect for those single skeins of fingering weight yarn.


I'm loving my Woods in Winter shawl by Laura Aylor which I'm knitting in Madelinetosh Pashmina.


Starflake by Stephen West in purple and off white shibui yarn.

Dana Snyder

I have really enjoyed working on Painting bricks. I started it and had only planned to use 8 contrast colors and it has turned into 16 plus the main color. I’ve slowed down a bit on it since my rows have passed 600 stitches but iI’d still like to finish it soon. All the bright colors make me happy!


So far 2020 has been the year of small projects. I've knit several pairs of socks, fingerless mitts and hats. My favorite ongoing project though is my sock yarn scrappy blanket. Is so full of memories. I might not remember the exact yarn name but I sure remember who every project was for. 💞💞


My favorite project has been my quill shawl!

Nancy Eckel

My favorite project has been making helix hats😊

Nicole S

I think my favourite so far has been Groundswell by Rich Ensor.


Duck socks! They were super fiddly since I was doing them at a smaller gauge but I felt so accomplished when I finished them. Bonus the whole baby shower loved them.


Happy anniversary! My favorite has been finishing some of my sock projects. Such a great feeling of accomplishment. Have to finish a few more before anything new hits my needles.


Very much to my surprise, I enjoyed making socks with a KAL with Laure . We did the Rye Light pattern and I’ve actually cast on another pair!

Annie Tarbox

Mine has been the hooded sweater I made for my USMC daughter stationed in Japan. We haven't seen her in more than 2.5 years. She was supposed to come home on leave this spring. Making the sweater and seeing her wear it is the next best thing to hugging her.


My favorite project so far has been the Oaklet Shawl in a lovely peachy pink tonal yarn.

Luann M.

I totally enjoyed knitting the She Walks These Hills shawl, a Laura Aylor pattern.

Kathleen Hooker

So far my favorite project has been the Mosaic Baby Blanket from Nancy Lekx designs that I made for my great granddaughter.


My favorite project so far this year has been the sock head cowl! They are just so fun and I don't have to think!

Donna Reed

I have been doing. Quarantine knitalong that is just what I have needed.

Ellen C.

Trying to use up some of my stash so I'm knitting cowls and doll sweaters. Something fun and quick.

Joyce Correia

My favorite project has been Roiling Waters. It is the third time I made it. I have changed the pattern a bit to fit my skills and it goes much faster now. It's not such a mystery as the first time.

Agatha Gallion

My favorite project so far has been the Longline Cardigan by Joji Locatelli.

J Diane Oliver-Jensen

My favorite project is usually my next one, but so far for 2020 my favorite has been a pair of fingerless gloves knit of bison fiber yarn for a Native American friend to wear while drumming or in some ceremonies!


My favorite so far is my Nurtured sweater which I’m making out of Rios


My favorite project this year is actually two that I'm currently working on, the Blueberry Waffle socks using Spun Right Round SW Sock, and also the Coastline Shawl using DIC Smooshy w/cashmere.

Diane N

My favorite project of 2020 has been a crochet afghan that I started in 2018 with the Cosmic Cal. I set it aside when the weather warmed up and there it sat. I finally picked it up again in April 2020 and I am now on the last round. I learned a lot from this project. And I am so-o-o happy to be closing in on finishing!!


I’ve made three Western Hills baby blanket, and I love the pattern. I’ve had lots of babies to knit for this past couple months.


My favorite project of 2020 has been the Stashbuster crochet scarf (it's really simple v stitches and cluster 5 fans in the Vs) and can be modified to any width and to use any yarn. I did one with lace weight and a 3mm hook and it looked so delicate and professional.

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