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May 24, 2020


Sabrina Snyder Snyder

I haven't had my favorite cake since I was a little girl. My grandmother made homemade devil's food cake with homemade caramel icing. It was simply delicious! Moist chocolatey goodness. My other favorite cake that my grandmother made was homemade oatmeal cake. Oatmeal cake is a delicious moist spice cake.


My favorite is an angel food cake with icing that had orange zest in it - so light and summery.

Kind of fun that the only other reply so far was for devil's food cake!

Thanks for the opportunity.


Mmm...cake. Favorite is angel food cake with chocolate whipped cream icing. Chocolate but not too heavy. Mmmmm.

Thank you for the contests!


My favorite cake is Pineapple Upside-down Cake! It is the only cake that is requested at family gatherings


Wow, definitely some yummy cakes! I love pear cake.

Happy Anniversary!


My mom’s sour cream chocolate chip cake, which was a special treat for our birthdays only. Frosted with a chocolate chip glaze. Thanks for sharing the virtual party, some day I would love to visit your store!


Red velvet cake! It was always our Christmas cake when I was growing up.


Sticky toffee pudding is a steamed cake with vanilla ice cream is simply delicious!

Patsy Coat

Pineapple Upside Down Cake


That would be a sour cream chocolate chip cake that I found the recipe for on Epicurious. It has pecans and cinnamon, and I often add a chocolate drizzle. I make it a lot for potlucks and parties, and it always goes fast.


My favorite cake is a carrot cake. I don’t have a recipe, but I know it when I taste it...there must be pineapple and a few nuts and cream cheese frosting that’s not too sweet. I love seeing all the pictures from the shop and previous parties. They are giving me the itch to get out and go shopping, and eat delicious treats.


ANY cake is my favorite cake! And, honestly, is the "cake" just a vehicle for FROSTING!? Happy Anniversary!

Janica Carter

It wasn’t anything special, just a boxed lemon cake mix. But Great Great Aunt Nell would make it for me every time I got to visit her in south Mississippi. Super moist with a tart glaze made with lemon zest. Still my favorite.


My favorite cake is called a banana split cake that comes from our local grocery store. It has layers of banana split toppings. Yummy! 😋

Sharon Popp

My favorite cake is a white cake with milk chocolate frosting, and a Funfetti cake mix just makes more colorful and fun!


I'm with several of the others....ANY cake is my favorite. It's really all about the frosting! Sometimes skip the cake and put the frosting on graham crackers :)


My husband and I eloped and made our own wedding cake to eat during our honeymoon. We made an accidental yellow cake (forgot to remove the egg yolks for a white cake) with white icing and coconut sprinkled all over. We ate it every morning with slices of fresh pineapple. Beautiful memories...

Cindy Norman

Mmmmmmm, German Chocolate!


German chocolate cake with coconut pecan icing. I grew up in Fort Wayne so it had to have German in it somewhere even if it isn't German at all.

Candice Hope

My favorite for the longest time was devil’s food box mix cake with cool whip between the layers. My mom used to buy the whipped frosting from the grocery store deli/bakery. I hate super sweet frosting but that whipped stuff is like a dream. Now that I’m older and love to bake, there’s nothing like a scratch-made cake and it’s not hard at all. For my kiddos’ bday parties we always have invited a lot of people (big family) so I used a 9x13 and made two layers of white cake and a 9x13 layer of box mix brownies (have to use 2 boxes to make a good thick layer in a 9x13 pan). I laid one of the white cake layers on a big tray, smothered it with mascarpone whipped cream (it helps it stay thick and not leak any liquid) then the brownie layer and repeat with cream and white cake. Man, it got the most compliments of anything I’ve ever made at the time. Until last year when my 8yo requested a 6-layer rainbow unicorn cake. Then I just felt like I was showing off. ;)

Diane M

My favorite cake is a white cake with a apricot and amaretto filling and almond frosting.
The icing you made sounds like a recipe from the 50's-60's. It was called boiled frosting, though in my 2000 Betty Crocker Cookbook it's called White Mountain Frosting.


I don't think there's a cake that isn't my favorite!! My absolute favorite is chocolate cake with real buttercream/vanilla frosting. I love to eat a piece for breakfast with a cup of tea; absolute bliss!

Margaret OReilly

My favorite cake is actually not really cake; cheesecake. If I had to pick a cake it would be devils food.


I always make lemon cake with a lemon glaze for my kids. But my favorite it cheesecake topped with strawberries and whipped cream.

Kathy Robbins

Taramasu (spell?) while sitting in an outdoor cafe in Italy.


My favorite cake is the blueberry cheesecake my grandma made for my birthdays.

Carol Burdette

Oooo...carrot cake with cream cheese frosting! Double win because it’s made with veggies - am I right? 😄

Joyce Morrow

My first favorite cake was a bakery white cake with coconut on a white icing. I won it at my elementary school carnival in a cake walk. Everyone was so upset because I chose the bakery cake instead of a homemade one, but I said I could have a homemade one anytime and I had never had a bakery cake. Now, I love pound cakes, homemade.

Wendy James

My favorite Is chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.

Colleen Dallura

Yellow cake with chocolate frosting. My favorite. My mom used to make it for me growing up.


Cheesecake is my favorite 😍


My favorite cake would have to be a rich black forest cake we had years ago at the Trapp Family lodge in Vermont. We took a x country skiing trip and it was so fabulous. Maria Von Trapp waked around in the dining room at dinner and we spoke with her. It is an experience I will never forget!!

Anna Marr

My favorite cake is german chocolate with coconut frosting. My mom always made these when I was a kid and I loved them.


My favorite cake is yellow cake with chocolate frosting!


Favorite cake is yellow with chocolate frosting that my son and I made for my husbands birthday. 😊


Has to be my Mom's homemade German Chocolate...She made only for our birthdays. Three layers, took about a dozen eggs! Makes me smile when I think about it. Haven't had one like that for about 30 years.


Angel food cake with my grandmother's chocolate sauce on top, I have it every year for my birthday.


My favorite cake is chocolate fudge with raspberry filling and then a white chocolate buttercream frosting. OK this was also my wedding cake. It was wonderful. Tasty. This was my husband's pick and well it seems it was a winner with most everyone who attended.

Allyson Randel

Hands down favorite.....
Red Velvet!


My favorite cake is my mother’s pound cake! Sadly my mother is no longer with us and I am unable to get her recipe just right.


I have two favorite cakes: one I can make myself, Pineapple Upside Down Cake (especially yummy with mango and candied ginger instead of the pineapples!), and the Ultimate Chocolate Cake from my local grocery chain. I have no idea how they make it, but it is awesomely chocolately!


The burnt almond torte from Prantl's Bakery in Pittsburg/Squirrel Hill and I believe I am going to get one for my birthday in a month or so. I am so lucky that they opened a branch in my town a few years ago, even if my pants have grown tighter as a result.

Hilda Clegg

My favorite cake is an Italian cream cake that my sister makes. It's a white cake with white frosting with nuts sprinkled on top. I haven't had it for a long time but it is wonderful.

Teresa Knittingdancer

Strawberry Coconut Pecan Cake

Anissa Miller

HoHo Cake for sure. Yup, a homemade cake that tastes like the HoHo's you buy in the store. YUM!


My favourite flavour of cake is a Chocolate Raspberry from a place called the Wooden Shoe; but my favourite cake memory was a Chocolate Sour Cream Cake my sister-in-law made for my 30th birthday. We were camping and our husbands (brothers) were racing dirt bikes cross country. It was pouring rain and with our kids in our 14 foot trailer, she lit the candles and smoked us out of the trailer and into the pouring rain.

Corinne Ehrfurth

I agree that simple white cake is always good, yet at the same time I can never pass up multiple servings of a chocolate chip cookie cake! Remember that store that used to be in malls when we were kids & made the giant cookie cakes? Always chewy with just the right amount of icing!! Yum! :)

Melissa Westphal

My favorite cake is the chocolate cake I make for everyone's birthday. It's super rich, dense enough to be carved, and has the perfect buttercream frosting.

(It's based off of Aunt Velma's Chocolate Cake recipe on the Penzey's website, but I do alter the steps a little and I wrap and freeze the cakes overnight.)


Favorite cake would have to be chocolate!! I always use the recipe from the Hershey baking cocoa on the back of the box. Sometimes the family will ask for that white fluffy frosting, the one I make is called 7- minute frosting. Yummy


Store-bought white cake with white icing, please. Thanks for the contest!

Cheryl Costa

Thank you for your continued shipping of yarn. I’ve been keeping busy.


I really love almost all kinds of cake, including cheesecake, but my two absolute favorites are carrot cake with pineapple, nuts, and coconut in it with cream cheese frosting and my mother’s chocolate cake recipe which calls for a cup of hot coffee as part of the liquid; and when you add it to the batter you’re afraid you’ve done something wrong because the batter gets very runny. Not to worry, the cake comes out great! Top it with a white buttercream frosting, although my mom used to make the icing you mentioned, Allison, cooked, cooled, white and fluffy. If I find the recipe, I’ll send it along.
Happy Anniversary and best wishes for many, many more!


My favorite cake growing up was the Tunnel of Fudge cake that came in a box, which I typically made. My mom made me one though for my 16th birthday back in 1978, and when she got it all done and turned it out of the bundt pan, it just kind of fell apart on the plate. She was so upset...and then I asked her how many eggs she'd used...she'd forgotten the 3 eggs it called for! We laughed about it for years especially when she volunteered to make me a birthday cake.


I am more of a pie person than a cake person, but I do love lemon cakes of all kinds. My mom used to make me boxed lemon cake with blueberry preserves between the cake layers, with lemon buttercream frosting & fresh blueberries on top.

My current favorite cake is an olive oil cake made with lemon and/or other citrus, with lemon curd between the 2 layers, and frosted in old-fashioned boiled white icing (which is basically Italian meringue).

Now I want to go bake cakes, but alas have too little flour left in the house and no desire to go to a grocery store on the weekend.


My favorite cake is my grandmother’s pound cake. Melt in the mouth goodness.

T Martin

A S’mores cake! We had a cottage birthday and to make do with what we had on hand, we spread Nutella on a warm chocolate cake, sprinkled crushed graham wafer crumbs on top, and made a ‘campfire’ with pretzel sticks. Slide some pretzels through some marshmallows, arrange ‘artistically’ around the ‘campfire’ and voila, a camp/cottage cake!

April Boomershine

Chocolate cake with chocolate icing, noooo wait, carrot cake ..... whoops, I mean white cake with white icing.... oh wait, there was that 3 layer coconut cake..... but that cream de menthe cake that one time or that jello cake where you pour jello on a white cake after you put holes in the cake and then there’s the Angel food cake my grandmother made and only iced half cause my grandad liked icing and she didn’t ....oh shoot! I love them all!!❤️🎂

Wendy Swanson

Yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Simple but my favorite.

Kate Greenwood

German chocolate cake!


My favorite cake is definitely chocolate with chocolate icing. A great big glass of milk to go with it. YUM!!!


Lately I have been making the crock pot applesauce cake from the Mason Dixon Knitting’s blog, it’s great! I make a 1/2 recipe in my small round crock pot, and it’s delicious.

Diane Stevenson

My Grandma made a bittersweet chocolate cake with SUPER sweet icing drizzled over it. I don't even know where to find the recipe, but it was fabulous.

Virginia H

Chocolate Raspberry cake made with Chambord in both cake and icing. Topped with raspberries

Laure T

Definitely Texas sheet cake. All that chocolate - yum!

Denise Kastner

My favorite cake is red velvet with cream cheese icing. My mother in law only made it for special occasions. I spent an afternoon learning all her secrets of baking it before Alzheimer’s took her memory and her life. Since, it has been my pleasure to pass it on to my daughters and bake it for special family occasions.

Elizabeth SanMiguel

Carrot cake made by my aunt. She is a fabulous baker.

Shani Neal

When I was about 5 or 6 I had one of those doll cakes where the dress is the cake part. I loved that thing!


My favorite of all cakes would be the basic Pound Cake from a Southern Living cookbook that my mom picked up ages ago. I don't know the publishing year. But it's such a simple pleasure.

Jody Laake

My grandma made the best red velvet cake with cream cheese icing I have ever tasted! It was all from scratch and a true labor of love! My second favorite was her German Chocolate cake with caramel, pecan, coconut icing. I don’t think she ever heard of box mixes or canned icing.


Classic. White cake with white icing.


My guess for your childhood frosting is Swiss meringue.

My favorite cake is chocolate, but I am picky and don't like it too sweet!


My Mom made the best banana cake. My older brother would tease my other brother and tell him the little black specs were worms and David would not eat it. Such a good memory.

Susann Lusnia

It's a toss up between Coconut cake and Red Velvet.


Hi Allison - my grandmother was a wonderful cook and baker. She would bake the best crumb cake. She had a special sheet cake pan and the cake was about one inch thick and the crumb topping was about one inch with lots of powdered sugar. She would bake it usually once a month as she knew it was my favorite. Great memory.

Brenna Delosier

The German chocolate cake from the package instructions is tradition at our house.

Lisa S

My favorite cake was one my mom made for my 4th(?) birthday. My birthday is in April, often close to Easter, so my mom made a cake in the shape of a bunny head. It must have been a kit - she went all out with the different piping of different frosting. As a single working mom, she never ceased to amaze me with things that required much more effort than she really needed to give. Funny thing - not sure what kind of cake it was - probably marble fudge, the cake of my childhood.

Dana Snyder

I’ve never been that crazy about cake. Crazy, I know!! I love cookies and pie! But growing up, we always had ice cream cakes! I loved that for years but now sadly, I’ve developed an allergy to dairy so I can’t have real ice cream anymore. I would have to say, I love angel food cake! That would have to be my favorite cake! I make crème brûlée for my students for club days and it takes a lot of egg yolks so I freeze the whites! You need 12 for an angel food cake. Then, I give them to my mom and aunt who makes home made angel food cakes! Would I also be crazy to add that my absolute favorite cake is a yarn cake!! Lol!

Judy B

Anything chocolate with chocolate icing, of course.

Linda Lau

Tiramisu cake from Veniero’s in NYC!

Gale Nichols

Maida Heatter's Mocha Chip Chiffon cake Not too hard to make, light, and very delicious. Try it, you'll love it!


Honestly I prefer pie to cake. But if it's gotta be cake, then I'd go for a carrot cake with a cream cheese frosting. 😊

Beverly J White

My favorite is angel food sliced into 2 or 3 layers and filled with lemon curd. Then it's covered with fluffy white frosting. Yum yum.


Ice cream cake, any kind! My friend Linda makes the best!


My mom makes a chocolate cake with whipped topping and bananas. Delicious and comes with lots of family memories.


When I was a kid my favorite cake was chocolate, with chocolate frosting.

But now, my favorite is carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. I just love the cream cheese frosting, and I love anything that is a delivery system for it! And carrot cake is so yummy! Crunchy nuts add a wonderful chewy texture. You can always tell yourself that the carrots make it HEALTHY, right?

Kathy aka Yarndork

My favorite cake is one my piano teacher made for my birthday when I was a kid...angel food with mint icing. I remember feeling so grown-up when eating that as it didn't have any sprinkles or even look like a kid's birthday cake. And angel food cake is so fancy anyway, right?

Beth Fulton

Oh! My favorite cake is Carrot Cake....from scratch. The box mix just tastes like spice cake.
My hubby bakes me a carrot Cake from scratch with homemade cream cheese frosting every year for my birthday 🥰

J Diane Oliver-Jensen

Generally speaking, I'm a chocolate devil's food cake with chocolate buttercream frosting girl, black forest cake in a pinch, but the BEST cake I ever ate?
The bottom tier of my wedding cake was an orange cake with a lemony moose filling and buttercream frosting... O.M.G.!!


It would be a dream come true to visit your shop... clear across the country from me! Instead, I’ll just mention I love strawberry shortcake using angel food cake.... and lots of whipped cream. Says SPRING to me ☺️

Sherry Rohn

My favorite cake is actually the cupcakes:


My favorite cake of the moment is tiramisu.


My local grocery store does an amazing soft white cake with a layer if lemon filling. Yum!


I pretty much love all the cakes, but a classic favorite of mine is carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, so moist and delicious! Standing in line at your shop sounds like so much fun, hoping some day we'll all get to do that again!

Crystal Parker

Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting is my absolute favorite. I don't eat a lot of cake, but that is one I can't turn down!!

Loren G

German Chocolate, since I was a kid!


Chocolate cake of any kind is the best! My favorite cake with a memory is my Grandma’s German Sweet Chocolate cake, because it’s hers. It’s moist and chocolatey.


I have two favorite cakes and can't pick one. The first is a layer of chocolate and a layer of vanilla (best of both worlds, right?!) with either vanilla or chocolate buttercream icing. The second is a vanilla pound loaf cake with chocolate or vanilla icing. This was a favorite where I worked, and if we were having some rough days, someone would pop into the bakery that made them and bring one back to cheer everybody up. I was thrilled that my retirement cake was a sheet pound cake from that bakery. Good memories!


Chocolate Cake with Apricot filling and cream cheese forsting!

Suzanne C

Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake or Peanut Butter Sheet Cake. Yummy 🤤


Usually Chocolate Cake with white frosting but I sometimes go the opposite of white cake with chocolate frosting. My father always ask the birthday person what kind of cake/pie that they want for their birthday and makes it for your birthday dinner. My nieces husband has come up with some interesting ones that we've never had so I have to do some web searching so my father can make them.

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