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May 08, 2020



Have a great Mother’s Day, Allison. Thanks for the recipe - gotta love cinnamon.

Dana Snyder

I went to the store yesterday. It was two weeks today since I had been to get groceries. I got just about everything I needed. The paper isle was completely empty but I scored some TP on my last visit. I even found some wipes in the travel bins! That was a bonus! The county I live in has only had 12 cases. It’s a rural area. I bought some flowers too. The girl I babysit when her mom doesn’t have someone to watch her is here today. We planted them in pots! She had fun! I have to bring them in all this weekend because as crazy as it sounds, Southwest VA is in a freeze warning tonight. I’ve been cooking and my boyfriend will grill. Tonight’s treat is take out Mexican including margaritas! Have a great weekend!


I just got home from Aldi and Kroger in Columbus, OH. Aldi was well-stocked on everything except hand sanitizer, disinfectants and meat. They only had a little meat. I got a two-pound package of ground turkey for tacos and turkey burgers.

Kroger had no hand sanitizer. I think the panic toilet paper buyers messed up their ordering algorithm, because now the store has pallets of TP *everywhere*! All the TP you could ever want, every brand and type and thickness and plies of your dreams, haha!

Kroger did have a better selection of meat, but no chicken at all. Their meat prices were pretty high. I just got a pack of deli meat there.

Otherwise, I found what I needed. With five of us (7, 9, 13, 40 and 41), we go through a considerable amount of fresh produce, milk, bread, eggs and cheese. I am gluten-free and no added sugar because of my autoimmune disease. So I especially eat a LOT of fruit and veggies, and a little meat (I get most of my protein from nuts/seeds/eggs/nut butter). My fridge is kind of too full right now, but that also means I don't have to go back for a week.

Linda Marlatt

That cinnamon bread looks so good I followed your link and printed the recipe. All I need is buttermilk and I will be baking this.😊


My middle child is turning 14 Sunday. We are making the day all about her as much as possible. Presents are a bit delayed but she picked all the meals. Lemon Meringue pie for the BD cake. I did grocery shopping 10 days ago. I could get most of what I wanted except for fresh meat. I have been trying to buy for two weeks at a time, the biggest problem is packing it up, loading the car & then unloading and trying to fit it in the fridge and cabinets. I have learned to hid the extra kids snacks and warn them that if they eat them all I won't get more until we run out of milk/egg/pet food.


That cowl is beautiful! Great idea for a teacher gift. As I am in the age group to be careful I have been doing instacart. And that has been working out fine. It’s snowing here in Upstate New York. Not sticking but snow in May! Hope everyone has a good weekend.


Linda, a good buttermilk substitute is milk with some lemon juice or vinegar. Put a tablespoon of lemon juice or white vinegar in your measuring cup and then fill with milk to the 1 cup line. Let sit for 5 minutes or so. Another option is to use plain yogurt thinned a bit with milk or water. And for this recipe, I imagine apple cider vinegar would also work.

Donna Tritz

Since both my partner & I are in the high risk group because if both age & concomitant medical issues, we’ve been ordering food online - from Jewel-Osco, Whole Foods. Amazon, & I’ve rejoined Imperfect Produce. Imperfect Produce now carries meat as well as produce & some dairy. So I got a small steak, a pound each of ground beef & ground turkey. I’ve only been out of the house 3 times since the beginning of March - to get my B12 shots. If I weren’t such a baby, I’d do them myself. But I doubt too many people are able to give themselves intramuscular injections. I discovered that CVS Minute Clinic will give me my B12 shots & there’s never been more than one other customer when I went there. I think a lot of people around here really take Gov Pritzker’s stay at home order seriously. Except one set of neighbors in the townhouse next to us. Our south lot line is 15’ from our house & the patios of the townhouses are between our lot line & the townhouses. The owners of one of them had visitors over for a cookout last week. I’m glad we stayed in our single family home rather than getting a condo of moving into a senior high rise. Happy Mother’s’ Day to you Allison & all the other moms reading this. I already opened my gift from my girls - a digital photo frame. I’ll have to read the directions. I just sewed on the buttons for a baby onesie I knit & discovered that somehow I missed making one of the buttonholes!! I’ll have to tell the mom that the button will easily fit between stitches!

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