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May 13, 2020



Yes, Ohio is opening up retail, restaurants, salons and all that.

I'm 40 and have a few grays popping up (probably more the past few months), but I don't care too much. I'm strawberry blonde, so the grays look kind of weird.

I went to the thrift store yesterday... our libraries have no plans to reopen, so I was looking for books. I don't like eReaders. We have a few... I actually gave mine to my 13 year old. I like a regular book.

The nice weather has helped. It's been beautiful here in Columbus. I got out for a few walks. I've been leaving can/box items at blessings boxes in the area. I've been rotating our food and dropping off what we won't eat by the expiration date. Hoping it helps others.

Sue Boisvert

Florida is getting ready for Pass 2. Not sure I am ready to eat in at a restaurant but I am loving the beach. And looking forward to Mad Tosh uncicorn tails - hooray!!!

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