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May 01, 2020



Yikes!!!! Washing the car with sandpaper! Hopefully they were just idiotic kids & it wasn’t mean spirited. All the colors of Mineville I wanted sold out before I even saw the blog post about them 😢. So I didn’t get the yarn for another Breathing Space.


Well, one of my kids' teachers sent me an email that they finished their remote learning through a specific platform 75% faster than recommended or average, and only scored 1 point above passing for three different lessons. This child dislikes school and is gifted. They put in the minimum effort to just get stuff done. This child is planning to go to a different school for the next school year, and we hope they will have a better experience in a different learning environment.

My oldest child, 13, is on the "why do it now when you can do it *later*" frame of mind (she gets that from DH). Youngest is supposed to participate in a birthday parade for their friend, since birthday parties are not allowed.

I am one of those people who cannot rest. Ever. Not even after major surgery (probably why I had complications after my hysterectomy last year). By 10am today, I had already completed some work for a client, peeled two dozen apples for applesauce, hulled two pounds of strawberries, chopped an onion, three tomatoes, two peppers and 10 potatoes for our meals today, gathered three bags of stuff for the nearby blessings box, took out all the garbage, emptied the dehumidifier, made breakfast for my three kids and cleaned the coffee maker. So the procrastination, I do not understand. I am the do it now in hopes of resting later, and the rest never comes because there is always more to do.

I plan to take that walk to the blessings box after lunch, and drop off the stuff. I walk and knit. I am working on recovery socks for my friend who has been fighting COVID-19 for seven weeks. I caked up that yarn I ordered from you that had a staycation in Indianapolis for nine days. My friend picked out three colors for me to make her socks. I am already at the heel of the first sock, yay!

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