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May 27, 2020


Cindy Carpenter

I work in a prison so I am ‘essential.’ People please wear your masks, keep social distancing. This IS NOT OVER! Stay smart, stay safe, stay healthy. Others are counting on you.

Dana Snyder

Hey! I’m a teacher and I work more now than I did before. We have one more week left but the kids are done this Friday. VA just mandated we have to wear masks in stores. I’m ok with that since I really don’t go to the store very often. We were told this week to make sure our computers are in good working order for the summer and to start preparing lessons for the fall. Sounds like a pretty good chance we’ll be starting school online. What I’m scared of is i love being at home. I’m a little worried that when things start getting back to normal, I won’t be able to handle all my things I do. When I moved here a few years ago, I had been coaching 3 sports and I decided that was enough and it was time for me. I really did get way too much stuff to do and then I found a boyfriend. Lol. The problem is, I loved everything. I’m not sure if I should continue everything. It’s a lot to think about. Right now, I just want to stay home with my dogs and knit, run and ride my bike. Lol


I agree with you. Three school age kids: 7, 9 and 13 years old. Tomorrow is the end of the school year. Today I drove to their school to pick up everything that was left behind on March 13. My oldest got the "most crap left in their locker" award for middle school! It was a no-contact pickup of their belongings. The teachers just loaded it into the cargo area of the minivan. I also returned the books belonging to teachers and the school library.

All the learning platforms, no central spot to check for assignments, the Zoom and Google Meets, platform/login problems. Yeah, I'm over it.

I've been trying to find a job in public health. I have my MPH. I worked as an epidemiologist for 8 years. I applied a few weeks ago for a contact tracing job. No response. I took the certification class from Johns Hopkins University (and passed). So I continue with my self-employment, working from home with SEO marketing and content development. It's nice working from home, but my house has been more peoply than usual.

I've only gone to the grocery stores and a couple of thrift stores- my 13 year old grew a LOT (as girls will do) in the past year, and none, not one of her shorts from last year would go over her backside. I wear a mask and don't dilly dally. We haven't socialized with anyone. No play dates. No outings. No restaurant food. Just waving at people or talking from the sidewalk when they're on the porch.

I miss knitting with friends or having play dates for my kids. I miss Raising Cane's chicken and the local sushi place and the Chinese buffet. But again, it's not worth the risk.

Yes, Ohio is opening up. About all that's left are the amusement parks and playgrounds, places where crowds congregate. I have underlying health issues, as does a child of mine. I'm trying to minimize risk for us.


Things here in Texas are opening back up and my little city/county is one of the lucky ones. We have had about 700 cases of COVID and 50 deaths, but no deaths in the last 18 days which we are thankful for. I work for a group of orthopedic surgeons, so we are essential, although the doctors had to stop doing all buy emergency surgeries for a while. They are free to do elective surgeries again, although both the hospital and surgery center we use are both restricting the number of surgeries that can be scheduled due to not having enough staff. It seems a lot of the nurses and staff that were furloughed from the surgery center have chosen to stay at home and draw $1000+ a week in unemployment rather than return to work! Crazy times we are living in!


We've still got 3 more weeks of e-learning ahead of us! But I agree that we've already reached the limit of our tolerance/patience for school-at-home. So much of going to school is the social aspect, and my daughter is really missing that part. It will be an interesting summer for sure (and one full of lots of video gaming, I predict!)

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