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May 25, 2020


Sabrina Snyder Snyder

We've been trying to save money this year so I haven't purchased any yarn. (Until this weekend with Simply Sock) But,I saw a skein advertised from a local dyer a couple of weeks ago. My husband surprised me and went to pick up a skein of hand dyed yard from I Feek Like Dyeing.The color is New Day. It is mostly white with some bright pink, bright blue and bright green. It makes me happy when I see it.

Theresa Soukup

My favorite yarn purchase this year was from a pre-order from BeachBumYarn (Etsy). The yarn colors were based on the colors of a hummingbird. We have hummingbirds that come to visit us, and the yarn colors are glorious. I intend to use the yarn to make a Amigurumi dragon.

Marilyn Ross

My favorite yarn purchase this year was the Urth Uneek striping sock kit. I love how easy it will be to knit up shaded socks in cool colors and they will match perfectly. Haven’t started yet, as I am forcing myself to finish up another project first...


A bag of Opal mini balls! They've already been added to my Opal mitered square blanket.


My favorite yarn purchase this year was from a local craft fair and the incredible artisan had very small dye lots. She was actually hand spinning while she was at the craft fair and I was truly fascinated. She is a true fiber artist!! Her lovely skein of fingering yarn in beautiful turquoise, teal and brown was made into a fun one skein wonder shawl.

Linda Lau

Malabrigo Rios yarn in highlighter colors to make a blanket for my daughter.


My favorite yarn purchase so far this year was two skeins of Hazel Knits Artisan Sock yarn in a special colorway, Flutter. This was exclusive to my local shop, Twisted, during the 2020 Portland Rose City Yarn Crawl. Twisted was planning to close it’s brick and mortar shop and this was to be it’s last year in the Yarn Crawl. I was eager to see and buy this yarn!

It was early March, and I was becoming wary of going on a yarn crawl because of the emerging Coronavirus. I ultimately decided to skip the yarn crawl and order the yarn online instead. Little did I know that Twisted would close down early and I would never get to set foot inside again. They went online only soon after the yarn crawl, so my Flutter is a souvenir.

With the pandemic still raging, I don’t know when I will shop in person again anywhere. Thank goodness for online yarn shops!

And I’d also like to give a shout out to SYSC for all the Opal I have bought already this year. First, there was a sale in January, and later I bought several skeins of a blue UNI that I have big plans for. Thanks for being there!

Patsy Coats

My favorite yarn purchase was Urth yarn for the Butterfly Shawl.

Mary Jacques

My favorite yarn purchases this year have been the purchases made to help out my favorite LYS and online shops during this time of self-quarantine. I have made Breathe and Hope, and Pirate’s Cove. I will be making Pappillion, and Exploration station, if I can get the swift to stay in place! Best to you on this Anniversary, and many years to follow!


It would be the yarn I got early last month to help support the only LYS in the county during shutdown. I was able to order and pay by phone, then had a nice drive on a gorgeous day to the shop, picked up my bag of goodies at the door, and had a lovely return drive home. In the bag? Five skeins of Malabrigo!

Dale Ashera-Davis

You had me at Unicorn Poop! The colours are gorgeous & I really want some-but that name😍😍😍😍 So guess what my sister is getting for Christmas this year-she loves anything poop related!


I bought twenty skeins of BT Loft at the beginning of the lockdown to make a blanket for my sister-in-law’s wedding. I’m on skein five now, after a few rows had to be ripped out to fix crossed cables. I’m glad I have until next spring to finish!

Margaret O'Reilly

My favorite yarn purchase this year (so far) was the Plumpy kit by Hedgehog purchased from SSYC. So squishy and colors that are outside of my box but in a super fun way! Casted on moments after its arrival Saturday and have not been able to put it down!

Cindy Carpenter

Lichen and lace had a special order for Yarnbox once that reminded me of peppermint bark candy at Christmas. I just loved knitting those socks. So much fun. I have all these dyers in my stash currently. Right now Urth is my go to fave. Thanks SSYC for supporting the indies. I have been showing my love to Must Stash Yarn too.


My favorite purchase has been the Urth Uneek sock yarn. So fun to watch the patterning develop. It becomes an addicting knit!


My favorite yarn purchase was some dk weight wool which was spun and dyed at my local micro fiber mill. I was able to order it online during the stay at home order.


Mineville Wool for Lights and Twigs shawl.


Turtlepurl Yarn’s Trenchcoat. It was in my stash from before, but loved it too much to use. I ordered more of the same from her this year to make it into a dress to wear any season of the year. Unexpectedly, she even threw in extra yardage because it was late shipping. Her colors are lovely and she really cares.

Elizabeth SanMiguel

Yarn: Indigo Guinea, Chickadee Sport in the colorway Inspire. The colors have a lovely calming and refreshing effect.


My favorite purchase so far was Andorra from Kelbourne Woolens. It knit up into a beautifully warm and soft colorwork cowl.


My favorite yarn purchase this year has been the original color Plumpy kit by Hedgehog Fibres purchased from SImply Socks Yarn Company.

Tara Morr

I don't have a fav purchase for 2020. Been trying out smaller companies like yours with online orders but it's just not the same as seeing and touching in person. Was really looking forward to attending Woolfest in Cocketmouth England and coming home with a whole suitcase of wool but they had to cancel. 😪


I’ve been on a serious no yarn buying stint this year, but my most recent purchase was a Plumpy shawl kit in sporty singles from Hedgehog Fibres. I finished the shawl earlier this year - such happy, cheerful colours!

Shanidy S

My favorite purchase this year was several two pair skeins during Casapinka’s breath and hope promotion. I ended up with Walk yarns and uschitita. Also love my Urth yarns tiger skein!!

Shana Reff

I haven't purchased yarn yet this year. But I did get new needles and I'm working on projects. I think I finally decided it was time to use the yarn I kept saving for a rainy day.


I don't have a stash page but I did post it on a project page. From a dyer local to me -Unplanned Peacock - a gorgeous rainbow set!


I’ve been getting Farmer’s Daughter’s sock club this year and it’s been so cool to see colors that I may not choose, but love. And the surprise of not knowing what’s coming.

Elizabeth osborne

At the beginning of the travel restriction I started thinking about the small yarn shops I had been to over the year. I tried to place online orders from several and got some lovely yarn and felt good about supporting them in my small way. My favorite is a exclusive color way called White Alligator from the Quarter Stitch in New Orleans. It is on a sparkly base and goes from white through several tones of pink. It was dyed in Covington, LA.


My favorite yarn purchase so far this year was called Sully. It was from a local indie dyer, Rebel Purl.


Camel city dye works midnight garden

Lorie Konopka

I love my Opal sock yarn! Maybe not Indie dyed, but I love it. Haven't bought much without going to the fiber shows. 😞 So glad I can get what I need and want from you!


My favorite yarn purchase this year has been a We are Knitters Frisbee Blanket Kit that comes with their The Cotton yarn because I’m starting a blanket for one of my best friends who is expecting her first baby. We’ve talked about her and her husband starting a family for so long and I can’t wait to watch kiddos grow up together.

Summer Lee

My favorite yarn purchase this year was five skeins of Hedgehog Fibres and Qing I ordered from you guys! It was the first time I had ordered that much indie-dyed yarn at one time, and getting that big pouch in the mail, stuffed with glorious yarn, was the most exciting day ever!!


I haven't been able to buy much yarn this year, but I was thrilled to purchase a couple of hanks of Malabrigo Sily Merino that matched a WIP I started a few years ago! I was scared I wouldn't have enough, but due to this lucky purchase I now have plenty.


I couldn't decide on just one. My favorite skeins this year are, MT Work Sock in mercantile, The Backyard Chicken Collection, barnevelder, Qing Fibre Donegal Sock, ink and Urth Uneek Sock Kit #57. What can I say, I just love the colors.


I bought a custom dyed skein of yarn from etsy - in pansexual pride colors, so I could knit myself a pair of socks for my first pride. Now that all our pride events have gone virtual, it's likely no one will see these socks till next year, but I'm still excited about it.

Lydia Sweatt

Honestly, I buy too much yarn to have a favorite. I just got the Farm egg collection from Cece’s wool and it is gorgeous. So is the single skein I got from Alexandra the art of yarn. And absolutely anything from Robin at Birch Hollow Fibers. I could go on!


Hedgehog sick in Kimono


My favorite yarn purchase was my only yarn purchase while sheltering in place. It was a load of a Brooklyn Tweed Loft to make a Hansel Hap. I can’t wait to safely get back in your store for a little yarn therapy. ❤️🧶


Quite frankly, every yarn purchase is my favorite, especially those I've made during this pandemic. The colors buoy up my mood and help keep me somewhat sane. I also know that my purchases will hopefully keep businesses I love in business so they will be there when these troubling times are over. Knitting the yarns also calms and gives me great joy. I am now knitting a cowl in Lollypop yarn impulsively bought at my lys--shades of pink and green, and white. It sort of sounds silly but I find myself smiling a lot as I watch the colors blend. So perhaps what's currently on my needles is my favorite purchase.


Do I have to pick just one?
I bought the Grimm’s Black Forest Cowl Kit which included hand-dyed yarn from Olive & Two Ewe in Florida. That Spindle Prick Red was perfect!!
I’ve also bought several skeins of Emma’s Yarn from Four Purls (also in FL) including the original colors for the Hope & Breathe Shawl. Beautiful yarn and colorways!

Mindy Weaver

My favorite yarn purchase has been 3 skeins of Colossal sock yarn from SSYC so I can make larger shawls. Honestly, I have many favorites. I just like to look at it all.


I bought a Scheepjes mini skeins box of 56 colors to make the sliding tiles blanket. I am almost finished and I love it!!

Donna M Norris

My favorite yarn purchase this year has been Colossal Sock yarn by Dream made for simply Socks. Have many projects in mind - never enough yarn.


So hard to choose one favorite purchase, but it has to be Madelinetosh in Popoki (which I’m pairing with methanol blue to make Breathe and Hope).

Kate s

My favorite so far is one I just got last week - the Unek sock in Tigress! I can’t wait to cast on!

Shanda Greene

My favorite yarn I’ve purchased this year so far is from Dragon Hoard Yarn! I ordered a couple of her colors on the Beast fingering base and it is just uniquely stunning!! Her themed yarns are so inspiring!!!

Stephanie Gordon

I bought three colors of Lichen and Lace to knit the Echoes of Color Shawl by Joji Locateli- it is so soft and the colors are perfect!


So hard to choose.... some Miss Babs, some gorgeous Suri from the Wool Baron......anything hand dyed calls my name!

Angela Simon

My favorite purchase was a skein of Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere. I made the most beautiful socks that are so comfortable!

Dana Snyder

Hello!! I love that you’re able to share your anniversary weekend celebration online! I wouldn’t be able to come since I live in VA! Thank you! I consider you my LYS now that the one here closed in February. I actually worked there so I learned a lot about yarn. I love your kits and clubs. The current one is great because I love art, especially Impressionism! I love the kits and clubs because you feature different dyers that I might not have tried or even heard of. I actually just got back to working on Nelia that I started with a fiber story gradient set in a club from last year! I love it! I love all the yarn I buy but I’m really excited about the tiger stripe socks I bought! I’m going to start them as soon as school is finished. The next two weeks are going to be crazy. I love the chicken sets too and the self striping! I haven’t tried I bought a fade for six and seven fibers to make Painted Chevrons. I had to buy another for the main color but I’m all set now. Can’t wait to get my Monet set too! I’m thinking a casapinka would be perfect for it! I’m pretty bad at linking things in my Ravelry account so I can’t share that. :)

J Monroe

My favorite yarn purchase this year is Apple Yarns. Apple fiber studio has a sparkly blue that was a pleasure to knit. (A close second is Dream in Color with their blues.)


My favorite purchase so far this year is from Brine Dyeworks, a brand new dyer! She bravely opened her business on April 15th. I purchased her Merino Soft Sock in Pewter. It is lovely and squishy!


My favorite yarn purchase this year has been the few skeins off Emma's yarn in Dutch Dance to support my LYS and to have a small part of the cancelled Tulip Time festival.

Alene Sternlieb

I have been trying to work from my stash, but my favorite purchase this year was some beautiful bamboo for a sweater for my daughter!


Tosh Merino Lite. Perfect softness, color, beauty. You cannot go wrong with it. I used it to knit a gift and have been wanting to buy more ever since.

Hannah Mason

My favorite yarn purchase was some bare sparkly yarn from knit picks so I can play around with dyeing.

Tracy Craven

I have been trying to downsize the stash. Last December, our LYS closed......I sorta lost all self-control........A Sharma that I had a reading with informed me that I see the world and love thru color. Very dangerous when you see yarn like the samples posted on your blog post today....👍🙂💕 My favorite purchase was the undercover Otter polar vortex, which I purchased last year to make socks for all of my friends that I retreated with in Shipshewana...during the polar vortex. FUN TIMES!

Diana Albert

My favorite yarn purchase so far this year has been a sweater quantity of Brown Sheep's Serendipity Tweed to knit a sweater for myself. (Finally!)


I am awaiting arrival of a 3D printed hand crank sock ma hone. My fave yarn purchase so far this year is a set of eco processed mini skeins from Etsy from nikkislipp


My favorite yarn purchase this year has been Uneek Tiger stripe sock kit! I can’t wait to knit up my tiger queen socks! 😎


I've been on a yarn diet. I took an honest look at my stash on 2019 and decided to spend some time knitting the awesome yarn I already own, much of which came from SSYC! I'm particularly weak when new Mineville Wool comes out!

Renee Huffman

I have actually only made one yarn purchase this year 😲 but it's a great one! A friend and I are knitting a colorwork sweater in Hazel Knits MCN. Soooooo soft and amazing colors!! I am excited to work with it, and then wear it!

Breanne whitney

I just purchased my first bare yarn to try my hand at dyeing. It’s my favorite because I will be expanding my fiber arts addiction

Rachel omer

My favorite yarn purchase has to be the preorder from ladydyeyarns for the schitts Creek mystery box!!!!


My favorite purchase has been the Urth self striping yarn


I’m currently waiting on a lace weight gradient skein set from an indie dyer for a lace shawl that’s going to be amazing as long as I don’t screw up the pattern! :)

Heidi Maloney

Stitch Together Studios Stitch Single “A Boy Called Sue”! I just love Stitch Single. Flock Fibre Lonepine Single in “Oxidation “ -absolutely gorgeous plus generous yardage. 💕💕

Sarah D.

My favorite yarn purchase is actually a yarn that my husband bought for me. He travels a lot for work, and on one of his trips he looked up to see what yarn stores were near him, went and visited Knits and Knots Tahoe, and picked up some yarn for me. Such a sweet surprise!


My favorite purchase this year wasn't actually purchased by me. Before the pandemic my son was able to go to Arizona to the Chicago Cubs spring training camp. It's a testament as to how well I raised him that he bought me two gorgeous skeins of local to the area sock yarn. He actually sought out the store and knew my favorite colors! 💞


My favorite yarn purchase this year Is a dusty rose skein from the farmer’s daughter. The yarn base has a gold sparkle spun into it. It’s been so fun to knit with it.

Peggy Rohleder

A skein form the Buxom Cat in Portland while touring Pinot Noir tastings.

Candice Hope

My favorite yarn I bought this year was a baby skein of rabbit angora lace weight that is ridiculously soft. It’s just natural off white color. No clue what I’ll do with it, but it’s fun to pet. I have two skeins of natural alpaca that are deep espresso brown that are a similar gauge so I might do something with both together. Bought it all at the local spinner’s flock fiber sale I. February when we could still do those things.

Dawn F

I love sooo many dyers.. Six and Seven Fibers, Allison Barnes Yarn.. One recent purchase changed my usual earthy color palette. It was a mini set of rainbow bright colors from Chelsea Yarns. It’s so gorgeous!! Now I’m hooked on brights.


I haven’t received it yet, but I just ordered a bunch of yarn from La Bien Aimee. I’ve been fighting the urge to order for 2 years and just couldn’t wait any longer. So excited for squishy yarn delivery day!

Dawn A Eck

I bought a linen blend from at my lys from WWYC
Never used this kind of blend before. Hoping it will make a nice lighter weight sweater.


My favorite purchase so far this year is Stitched Together's "No Doy", my catch phrase as a kid! The colors remind me of my LA Gear workout set I got for Christmas 1990.


Usually my favorite yarn is the one I am currently knitting with because who can have just one favorite?! My current favorite is Knitterly Things stripe in Unicorn is so bright and cheery and just what is needed right now.

Judy B

Malabrigo - Caracol, Rasta, Rios, Sock

Diane Jespersen

My favorite so far is yarn I scored from Yarn Love at a local show. It was a mistake dye so she offered it at a incredible price and it had cashmere in it. I was the first one to the booth but chance, and I scored 5 skeins! I just sit and look at it and pet it. It's so beautiful!


I haven’t made any yarn purchases yet this year, working through my stash instead! My favourite yarn I’ve worked with this year has been from the Blue Brick, it’s an ombré yarn called Heavy Metal, I made her shawl pattern of the same name. It was so fun to work through each color in the skein, this was a birthday present to me last year and it was a lovely gift. I haven’t gotten around to blocking it yet but I can’t wait to see the finished product!

Kathy Phelps

My favorite was Stitch Together's One Big Dark Room, and Malabrigo's Pearl for this project! One Big Dark Room is such a BEAUTIFUL darker colorway and I think I choose the perfect project to show it off! Here is the ravelry link for it!


My favorite yarn purchase this year has been a very colorful skein of Leon Alexander yarn called “We Run This Show” - it’s going to make an awesome pair of socks!


My favorite purchase is the Mineville yarn love the colors!


My favorite purchase actually is several balls of Knit Picks Chroma in Mermaid. After 7 years, my friends are finally having a sibling for their daughter. This yarn is becoming a Prairie Star baby blanket for this very much wanted baby to be.

Second would be the Valentine kit I got from your shop. I love the yarn and the little tote bag. I just haven’t decided yet what the yarn wants to be.

Glenita Dearden

I haven't bought any yarn this year, or for quite some time. Love the look of this yarn.


I'm really missing the fiber festivals too - seeing and touching the yarns in person and talking to the dyers. My favorite purchase over the past year was from a dyer from near my home town. I had a great chat with her and her husband and they helped me pick out a nice fade

Victoria Young

I haven't purchased much this year for yarn (more spinning fiber so far) but I did splurge for Expression Fiber Art's May Rain Kiss - it's a gorgeous pearlescent with soft blues, pinks, purples and green - absolutely lovely!

Samantha T

Favorite yarn purchase was a kit where the proceeds went to suicide prevention. Lovely yarn and an important cause.


My favorite yarn purchase lately is a hand dyed fingering weight skein I purchased from Palmer Yarn co. It's a gorgeous mix of soft pinks and purples. The beautiful colors are helping me stay motivated to get through my first pair of socks.


I bought some beautiful Dream In Color in pinks and purples with a coordinating black in just looking fur the right shawl pattern niw.

Renee S.

I haven’t purchased much this year so far but one of my favorites has been Lang Jawoll Magic, love the way it goes from open color to the next, lots of warmth!!

Teresa Ronk

Knitted Wit sock yarn is my favorite, my husband loves the fact that his feet don't get too hot in them.

Jennifer Bowman

My favorite purchase so far has been the urth tiger sock set. My 8 yr old asked for a pair for his birthday and I was happy to oblige him.


My favorite yarn purchase was to support my LYS during this pandemic. I asked them for two sock skeins, a dark blue-family color and a light contrasting color, and received a teal from Onix Fibers and the Kewpie color from spun right round! I love how they look together, and I'm so glad I asked them to curate since I don't think I would have gravitated towards the Kewpie light orange color with green speckled by myself.


I just purchased a skein of amazingly dyed yarn from The Periwinkle Sheep. I LOVE her stuff. This is a new type of yarn for her. I decided to buy it in less than 20 seconds. Seriously! No hemming or hawing. No waiting 24 hours. The yarn should arrive next week. If you go to her etsy shop, you can see it there. And it's sock yarn!

Heather Haun

I’m really torn with this question! My favorite yarn I’ve bought is definitely the Danube from Hedgehog Fibres. I was so excited that you had it in stock! However, I recently bought some yarn in a mint color and some light gray to knit up a baby blanket for my sister who is finally pregnant! I cannot wait to knit this baby everything under the sun!


My favorite yarn purchase this year is 4 skeins of Mirasol Sulka Legato to make a shawl. Being sassy yarn, once it arrived it announced that I really didn't need the shawl and it wanted to be part of a Crazy Scandinavian Cowl instead. So now I have some blue of the same yarn base coming to fulfill that dream.

Trac Swanson

My favorite this year was Malabrigo Mechita in the color Paprika! It is so bright and spicy! Will probably use it in a Stephen West pattern.

Sandi Aichele

I just bought some La Bien Aimee yarn for the first time. I haven’t received it yet, but, am anxious to see, touch, and feel it.

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