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May 06, 2020



First comment? Wow!

The Grey Cuckoo chicken is hilarious but I love the yarn for the Black Australorp.

Caitlin Saraphis

Who knew chickens made such beautiful yarn? I love the Welsummer, but honestly they're all perfect combinations of colors.

Kate C

She has done an excellent job of picking up the many different hues you find in feathers. My eyes are drawn to Sumatra.

Melissa Van Rossum

Black Australorp does it for me. So beautiful!

Dana Snyder

I like Rhode Island Red. My neighbors have chickens that look like them. Love the colors in Black Australorp though.


I love the Ayam Semani set (and chicken). The speckled Sussex, too, is beautiful. How does anyone choose?

Sarah D

they are all pretty but the Sumatra is just gorgeous!

Anne B

I love Onagadori chickens, but the Grey Cuckoo Silkie yarn colors are right in my wheelhouse!

Julie Vance


Dana Snyder

I have changed my mind. I love the ayam cemani. I lived in Indonesia for a year and that did it for me. Lol. Plus.... the greys....

Rose Birchall

Black Wheaten Ameraucana.

Samantha T

That’s tough! I think I like onagadori best.

Heather Galpin

But love them all.

Barbara Dubois

Choosing 1 favorite when they are all so wonderful is a challenge. However, as I can only choose 1; it has to be Barnevelder. The hues in this set are so rich.

Ruth Anne


Kathy Robbins

Ooo, love the adorable little Grey Cuckoo Silkie
subtle hues.

Brandy Schmidt

Welsummer! I love them all tgough. I love her colors.

Jen Cobb

I love the Sumatra! What fun combinations!!


Welsummer! The matching minis are perfect!


They are all gorgeous. It is difficult to pick just one. Blue Laced Red Wyandotte Rooster

Jenn Hen

That Welsummer us perfection the cuckoo silkie is a close second!


Blue Langshan is so pretty!! Thank you! These sets are AhhhMAZING!

Sara Lee Albright

I really like the Welsummer colorway ! it reminds me of the Lake Superior shoreline here in Upper Michigan ......


I love Welsummer

Eileen Burza

Rhode Island Red for sure

Looks just like my hen Frances!


I like the Black Australorp.. I never thought I'd see yarn colours based on chickens! Imagine that, wonderful idea though. They are pretty ....


They are all spectacular. But I am drawn to Welsummer.

Donna Shannon

I think barnsvrlder is awesome!

Cecilia Robinson

Rhode Island Reds remind me of the chickens that I used to have!

Jody Laake

Who knew there were so many beautiful chickens in the world!! It’s very hard to pick but my favorite is Black Australorp.


Each of these is more wonderful than the last! I love Barnsvrlder, Welsummer, and RI Red... really, any of them look like they would work up beautifully!


I am partial to the 2019 Welsummer or Black Australorp, but from the 2020? It's a toss up between the Onagadori or the Silver Duckwing Araucana. The colors of the Silver Duckwing kind of remind me of November and that's my favorite month!


What a fun colorway scheme! I'm drawn to Sumatra but I love several of them.

Rickye Heffner

I like them all but I think Barnvelder is my favorite. I will make a 'squiggle' hat for my granddaughter who loves her chickens.

Bridget Koupriaynov

Beautiful! The birds and the yarn. I like the Mille Fleur D'uccle Bantum, but my favorite is probably the Black Wheaten Ameraucana.


This is a tough one but the Black Astralorp is calling my name.

Mary Yacovone

these are all so beautiful, but I'd have to choose the Mille Fleur d'Uccle Bantam! I gained a new appreciation for the beautiful colors of bird feathers while observing a flock of wild turkeys in our neighborhood this winter--so many colors!!

Amanda dommer

I love the black astralop, but they're all lovely.

Sharon Keane

Omaha dork is my fav! But quite frankly, anyone of those sets makes me smile as I hear the rooster next door making his presence known.


How do you pick!?! All so lovely. I think my favorite is Onagadori Rooster.

PAmela Morgan

I like Welsummer. This blog on colors from chickens brings a tear to my eye. We just lost two of our pet chickens to a bear who has been raiding everyone around our neighborhood. They looked something like the road island reds, but were called red sex links.

Sandy Harwood

They are all beautiful but if I have to chose, Blue Langshan, it is!

Nancy Wilson

I love Welsummer. Makes me want to get get some chickens, but I live in a 7th floor condo! LOL

Doro Anderson

Wow! Great color combos! I’d go for blue langshans if I had to choose (I’m my mother’s daughter—she’d say “I like any color, as long as it’s blue”)


I really like the Welsummer.

robin zalob

Welsummer is my favorite although there are others that are close. These chickens are just like the ones in my daughter’s yard!!!
Stay well and thanks for the posts.

Katie Porter

It's so hard to pick a favorite. I really love the subtle colors in Grey Cuckoo Silkie. They would definitely make my new favorite shawl.

steffi prigoff

welsummer is stunning. Although any of them would be welcome in my home..


I love Black Australorp, but still have that stashed from last year... my favorite that I don't have is Blue Langshan

Becky Creighton

Who knew there were so many beautiful breeds of chickens. All I knew were white chickens growing up on the farm so many years ago. Welsummer is my favorite. Such rich colors!

Mel Westphal

Ack! How do I choose? I love so many of them, but my current favorite is the Ayam Cemani 😍

Julie Kochevar

I love Barnevelder!

Cindy Smith

I really love Mille Fleur D'Uccle Bantam. They are all striking!

Devra Neal

I love the Mille Fleur Duccle Bantam Colors!!! I would look beautiful in a shawl and remind me of days gone by. I grew in North Carolina with chicks in the back yard and live less than a mile from my homeplace. Would welcome any of your gorgeous colors in my door!!!


I like the Welsummer Rooster colours, but the Grey Cuckoo Silkie is a close second and an adorable bird.

carolyn ensminger

Chicken colors, I love it! Especially the Welsummer, those skeins are beautiful together!


Lavender orpington, but they're all so lovely, it's nearly impossible to choose one!

Ginny Burgus

All the colors are beautiful which makes it hard to choose just one. I would go with Black Wheaton Ameraucaun

Linda Cepeda

Linda Cepeda
[email protected]

I like the silver duckwing araucana - the colors match the chicken perfectly and those colors are good all year 'round. Beautiful earth tones!


Black Australorp

Joyce Correia

Silver Duckwing Araucana is my choice. Would make great-looking socks.


The Barnvelder is gorgeous, but love them all!

Agatha Gallion

Black Australorp is my fave! They are all simply beautiful

Laure Trimmer

They are all beautiful yarns, but my favorite is Welsummer!

Kathy Pavlica

Welsummer is my favorite


It is such a clever idea and all are so interesting.
I think i could make a shawl with Blue Langshan or Silver Duckwing Araucana and it would be easy to wear. I probably won't win, so why sweat over choices.

Kristi Cunningham

Wel summer would be gorgeous for a shawl!
And hey, are used to live on a chicken farm 12,000 those babies in the backyard!

Donna Reed

I love Black Wheaten Americauna.


I have to pick Rhode Island Red! Because we used to have backyard chickens, and the fiestiest ones of all were the Reds. You couldn't keep them out of the trees.

Pam Owens

After waffling around for nearly 20 minutes because they are all so fabulous, Welsummer gets the vote.


I am torn between Barnevelder and Welsummer. If I was forced to make a choice it would be Barnevelder.

Amy Holterman

I can’t decide between Barnevelder and Welsummer. Both have gorgeous colors but are very different. The Barevelder really draws me in, so I guess that one is the winner!

Jackie Taylor

I think I like Welsummer. Or Onagadori!😂


I love this yarn so much... I have a few of them. Today I am in the mood for Welsummer but it will probably something different tomorrow. :-)

Nancy F

Blue Langshan. They're all beautiful!

Daniela Cecil

It is hard to choose just one. I really like the Black Astralorp, Barnevelder and Welsummer.

Sarah P

I love the Barnevelder! The colors are so delicious! They are all so gorgeous but the barnevelder is my favorite :)


I can't choose just one, but will narrow it down to the Sumatra or Blue Langshans. I love my chickens and guineas all 30+ of them.


Tough decision - I think I would pick Silver Duckwing Araucana. My nephew and his wife raise chickens in their backyard. I would love to make something for her with this yarn.


Blue Langshan is beautiful!

Kristi pretty!!! i'd probably go with Black Austra Rooster! thanks!!

Lisa Smith

All of them are so pretty. My favorite is Silver Duckwing Araucana though. Thank you!

Teri E Persing

Do you suppose Nicole has to go on safari to find such beautiful chickens? Today I love the Mille Fleur D'uccle Bantam


Tough choice. Black Australorp just barely beat out my second choice.


Barnevelder - love the reds, and I would definitely use this set for a shawl. Thanks for the contest.


Oh! Barnvelder is my favourite with the red. I think this is such a unique collection of colours.

Jessica Miller

Ohhhh I love them all! But if I have to choose one, it would be Onagadori ❤

Diane MacMillan

Partridge Silkie Bantam- I love the browns and blues together

Faye J

It's like a kid in a candy store when you can only select one so I'd pick Blue Langshan. All are lovely, so you can't go wrong!


Hi love Blue Langsham, but I really love them all!

Pat W

Love that Onagadori! I had never heard of that breed, and theyre so exotic looking!

Happy Wyatt

This is so hard since I have both silkies and Araucana! I think I would have to choose the Silver Duckwing since I love the combo of silvery grey and gold. Thank you for giving a set away, someone is going to have an amazing day! 😁


The Silver Duckwing is my choice at the moment. They are all so pretty!


All are great, but Black Australorp is my favorite.


Welsummer is my favorite. Would make a beautiful shawl or socks.

Christie Bowie

Picking a favorite out of all these beauties is like picking a favorite child.... but I like the Mille Fleur best today.

Vicki Schmoyer

Black Australorp, but really I love all of them :)

Wendy Chase

It's so hard to choose, I love them all, but Welsummer rooster is probably my favorite.

Donna Gerber

How can I pick just one? They are all gorgeous! I guess if I had to pick just one it would be Barnevelder.

Patty Turner

Love them all but Welsummer is my fav!

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