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May 22, 2020


Anna C Marr

Big sur but I love all of them.

Jen Summers

It is so hard to choose just one. I would have to say I love Holi Festival though!


Oh I’m loving Night Fell!


Although I feel like I usually wear black and grey, I am totally in love with the new 2020!


Beach bonfire!

Diane MacMillan

I love the botanical feel of Bittersweet.


Beach Bonfire

Rose Tussing

I love anything blue or green, but I think Author is my favorite in this case.


Happy 15th! 🎉

I am loving Steam Age.

Debbie H

Patagonia is talking to me. My favorite blue, but fairly neutral and calming

Talena Bruce

Big Sur and Bittersweet!

Lara Neel

I love Ceremony. So pretty!


Garden Party is screaming for mr


Not sure I have a favorite - several grabbed at me! But the hardest grab today was Heart of Glass. Just gorgeous! Happy Anniversary! And thank you!


I like so many but celadon is one of my favorites

Sheryl Rohn

I love Heart of Glass! Blondie and purple, my favorite color.

Susann Lusnia

Cathedral and Popoki


Heart of glass


Happy Anniversary ! Fragrant and Heart of Glass


Love the Cathedral, but have been on the blue kick lately and also love Betty. Happy Anniversary!


Drawn to golds recently, really love Chamomile.

Joyce Morrow

My favorite MT color depends on which one I focus on that trip down the "page'. Right now I am in color -again- with seaglass, so the new LYS 2020 came out at the perfect time. And today you posted Mansfield;s Garden Party which is so right for this season. . .
And Happy 15 for ALL of us!!

Marilyn H

Today it's Mansfield's Garden Party. Tomorrow It may be something else. All are so beautiful.

Angi Thiry


Sue K

Mansfield garden party for sure!


It was a tough choice between Blue Nile and Light Plunge, but Blue Nile wins for me!

Joyce Correia

Blue Nile just gobsmacked me in the eyes. It is beautiful.

Nancy Yaple Womick

You seriously want me to pick ONE favorite?? I can't. I love most of the blues, teals, and purples. It depends on what day it is, and what pattern I'm going to knit! Night Fell, Seaglass, Patagonia...

Gwen Simpson

Oh wow! How do you decide on one? They are all so wonderful, but I think if I had to chose one it would be Hi Lo.


I have a deep and abiding love for Madtosh. My favorite color changes every time I see it. But Eleven Dark is always a favorite!


I'm loving Eleven Dark. So pretty. Happy Anniversary!


Mansfield Garden Party is a fave. So happy you featured it in your blog.

Carol Burdette

Oooh...loving that Mansfield’s Garden Party!

Debbi Satterlee

Cosmic Wonder Dust. It makes me happy. :)


I love Iris!

Dana Snyder

Love Danger will Rob!


I was craving something soothing like Posy until it started raining this morning - now I think Beach Bonfire would brighten my day!

Thanks for the opportunity.


I can’t be the only person whose favorite yarn changes everyday. Today it’s definitely Constellation! Something bright popping out of the grey is just what I need.


Amber Trinket has been a fave for ages.


Spectrum is definitely one of my favorites but it's so hard to pick!


I have been admiring Sky Wash every time you have featured it on your main page, but when I browsed all the colours I was also drawn to Sea Salt. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to every day, I thoroughly enjoy your blog and yours is my favourite online shop.

Happy 15th year in business and looking forward to the next 15!


Currently, I'm all about a good strong neutral, so I have to say Dirty Panther.

Sarah D.

One of my all time favorite yarns!
I love yellow, and Gold Lion is just beautiful!

Diane N

Quick before I change my mind! Steam age.

Jody Laake

Just one?!? What a hard choice especially with all the re-releases of retired colors sure complicating the matter lol! But today I have to go with Cathedral. Happy Anniversary! Stay safe and healthy and please keep blogging!


Congratulations on the big anniversary! It’s really amazing watching your business grow. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

I am really loving Whiskey Barrel and Bitterswert right now. Firewood too. There’s just something about those lovely earthy colors that has my full attention.

Janica Carter

Just finished Breathe and Hope with Danger Will Robinson, which is just a great color!


Oh, picking just one is so hard. I’d go with the Uncola!

Sue Boisvert

I live ALL the colors. My original favorite is electric rainbow and my new favorite is Love. PS unicorn tails ROCK!!!

Colleen Dallura

Jaded dream!! Congratulations on 15 yrs. It has been a joy watching your store grow.

Sabrina Snyder Snyder

So many pretty colors! My favorite is Labyrinth!
Happy Birthday!

Anissa Miller

My eye was drawn to the blues and greens in Nassau Blue, so pretty!!

Melissa - aka Witchknit

I love Hi Lo, but it was a hard choice given all the beautiful colors available.

Melissa Westphal

It's so hard to narrow it down to one. That said, I absolutely love the colorway Author. It beats out elven dark by a sliver.

Sandra Sprouse

Night Fell... I love the contrast.


Looked them all but Mansfield's Garden Party is spectacular - guessing that's why you chose it for the blog!

Donna Stull

I’m digging golden lion

Brenda Michalsen

Right this minute it's 2020


So many beautiful colours! I have a new favourite every day! Ink and Dirty Panther in the winter, Holi Festival too. I love those new LYS hard to pick just one...

Liisa Westen

I don't think there is a madelinetosh color that I don't like. I love them all.
Today's favorite is Ceremony, no, make that Firewood, maybe Himiko.


How do I pick just one? STORMBORN!

Patricia Hall

I love the Joshua Tree colorway, although Grey Garden is a pretty close runner up!


Congrats! One day I will make it up there to see the shop.

I love Light Esoteric with Big Sur following closely behind.

Jane Page

Cardinal is my favorite!


Happy Anniversary...hats off to you. I applaud you for such a successful business. Your hard work shows! My pick... "Author"


Happy Anniversary!! Congratulations on 15 years. I'm currently knitting a shawl with Candlewick. It is a beautiful color.


Happy Anniversary!!!I love "Zhivagoes Sky" and "Barbara Deserve". SSYC has the most gorgeous colors. I am knitting a pair of socks with some Madeline Tosh in "Forsta", in a Ravelry pattern called Phloem...very Springy!

Barbara Montemayor

Madtosh heaven! My favorite color is cherry light.


Cathedral 💜💙


Wetever...the color is perfect and the name perfectly matches the color. Happy Anniversary

Patricia Elbrecht

Many TML colorways to love. Favorites are Whisky Barrel and Coffee Grounds

Wendy Swanson

Auburn Afternoon


Holi Festival!


Happy Anniversary! You are doing a great job. My favourite id Jaded Dreams

Katrina Bergman



Ceremony! Thanks for the chance to win.


Today's favorite: Light Cathedral
I'm just adding it to my long list of faves


I love the color Fragile which I don’t see that you have it on Tosh Merino Light. I also like Yoko.


Hard to have a favorite but I love the celadon color.


I love 2020- such a pretty blue and green and I think it looks particularly great on Tosh Merino Light!

Kate S

it was hard to choose - but today I pick Constellation


I’ll have to pick Video Baby, and here’s why:
My grandson was born during this pandemic, and I cannot drive up to Seattle to see him in person yet. I have no idea when it will be safe enough to visit. So far we only see him in photos and FaceTime chats. I would love to make him a little baby sweater in Video baby!


Silence (Was) Golden!


Bee Wax. Those pops of pink and purple on yellow are so beautiful. It makes me very happy.

Brenna Delosier

I love Nightfell.

Stephanie Gordon

Love Kilim (and...... almost every color)! Thank you and congratulations!!!

Andrea Egeland

Its usually a blue or a green so it has to be Light Esoteric since it has both.

Luanne Garcia

That Mansfield’s Garden is amazing!!!

Andrea Cover

The greens are jumping out at me today so TANNENBAUM is today's fave!

Andrea Cover

The greens are jumping out at me today so TANNENBAUM is today's fave!

Kim Spolarich

So hard to choose! Seasalt

Julie Olsen

Mansfield Garden Party


Grapefruit. I love how bright and happy it is.


So hard to choose. My favorite of the moment is Hi Lo.




Holi Festival


It’s nearly impossible to choose one!

If pressed, my top two are Dubrovnik and Dr. Zhivago’s Sky. Between those two, Dubrovnik has a slight edge, as I tend to prefer darker colors.


In this moment, Prairie Fire, but there were others only a half step behind.

Laure T

Happy Anniversary! Since I've had several skeins of Tosh Light in my cart all week trying to choose, I obviously have a problem picking just one! I guess I'd have to go with Jade, as green is my favorite color.


So hard to chose only ONE! I’d have to say that Labyrinth is my fave today.

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