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May 05, 2020


Shaw Mumford

The colors are indeed amazing! and what's a stash for, anyway? Thanks!


Thanks for the updates!


Allison, you are so on point! Every day is a new challenge from somewhere.

I truly enjoy reading your blog every day, whether it is tempting new yarns/colors or family things.

Best, always.


People in my area are making a special effort to patronize small businesses in the area. Here that means mostly locally owned restaurants. One woman came up with a brilliant idea. We are contributing money to 2 local restaurants to provide food for essential workers at our 2 local hospitals. Sort of killing 2 birds with one stone. And another woman posted on Next Door encouraging people to order from our local independent book store. As seems to be happening consistently lately, the colors I’ve really wanted in the sale section have sold out before I can buy them. I console myself with the thought that my stash is huge & someone else who really needs the yarn is getting it.


This is just what I've been waiting for! A sale on Dream in Color! You have made my day! Stay well. 👍


I'm a sole proprietor. To say things are challenging right now is an understatement! No unemployment options, worried about my husband's job in the public sector, etc.

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