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April 02, 2020



We are at the opposite side of the spectrum. My husband has another possible basal cell carcinoma and the office is only doing tele-visits. The technology is mind blowing, we do not even have a cell phone....and they want us to take pictures!??! We are hoping the phone call from the dr will be enough.
Here in Louisville, the school district is trying to reach 15,000 different needs students and provide Chromebooks and Wi-fi if needed, so they can at least connect with therapists during this changing time. It's a step in the right direction.
Ha Ha watch those Snickerdoodles..17 pounds is the average weight gain when anyone starts working from home....or is quarantined as the case may be.


Good Morning Allison,
In a word, I’m scared. Scared for myself and DH, for my children, grand children and great grand children. Mostly I’m scared for my child that works at Amazon. Enough of that. Waiting on my order. Been tracking it. The Post Office must be having a difficult time with getting things to the right place. They sent my package 30 miles north of me, when it was less than two miles from me at a hub. Should get it tomorrow. Stay in, Stay safe.
Going Crazy near Detroit.


Thanks so much for caring about those kids who learn differently and have special needs! As a former special education teacher and diagnostician, I think some of those kids are just being forgotten. Unfortunately, a lot of those same kids are the ones without computers and internet at home as well. I don't know what the answer is, but I hope the powers that be are thinking about them as well.


We have an old, older, and really old laptop, laptop and desktop for our three kids to do their remote learning. They are all slacking though. Too many platforms / sign-ins / no single list to look for assignments and what is due when.

I'm worried about a lot. My husband has had a chronic cough for months. I have autoimmune disease and asthma. One of my kids has severe asthma.

I'm the only one leaving the house to grocery shop. I can't find a mask or gloves (I don't want to wear a Halloween mask or winter gloves LOL).

A lot of walks in my neighborhood, wave at the neighbors or talk from a distance.

Very distracted, can't get much done :(

Donna T

My life hasn’t changed much. The only times I’ve left the house in the past month have been to get my B12 shots (I have pernicious anemia). I’m really a home body, since we quit the gym in favor of working out at home. My partner feels the need to go out every day or 2. I only feel like going out if there’s a reason - movie, visiting family, go to BN, a walk along Salt Creek. For Jessica & anyone else who might like a mask, I found this video on HuffPost. It makes a not pretty but very serviceable mask. No sewing is needed. It’s as comfortable as masks get &, because it’s an old tee shirt, it’s soft & conforms to the curves of your face better that any other mask I’ve seen. If you want to be even safer, you could insert a coffee filter or piece of non- woven interfacing, if you have it, every time you go out (a fresh one each time is optimal).


Thank you for providing a consistent voice of compassion through your blog. I also appreciate the escape provided by shopping through all the gorgeous yarn. Today I received a wonderful package from your store which provided a bright break in my day. I tried, but failed, to post a photo of my roomy canvas “Stay home and Knit” bag filled with the vibrantly colored skeins of TOSH, Six and Seven, and Flock Fiber yarn. You will have to take my word that they are beautiful and filled with potential.

Dana Snyder

I’m doing very well, actually. I’m a French teacher in VA and this whole thing took everyone by surprise. There was no plan. Things change everyday. We have been using this time to connect with the kids and make plans for online learning. I teach high school so all my kids have a chrome book and all but one has internet or a place they can go. Most of my kids have responded to me and have even done work I’ve posted. We are able to start new lessons on April 14th. The thing is, we can’t give grades. I think they’re working on a plan to have it help the kids with low grades. The kids with A’s will do the work. Companies like Babbel are giving our students free accounts. I just finished part 2 of a Google class so I feel prepared to teach online. Many don’t. I’m pretty sure that the teachers will be available to kids who need accommodations. I think they’re thinking the kids will get credit for the classes pass/fail. We are out the rest of the year with a stay at home order in place till June 10th. I feel bad for the seniors. There’s no prom, no graduation, no trips, no parties. They’re working on a plan for those.

I was supposed to leave today for Florida today for spring break to visit my parents. Of course I’m not going. The flight was canceled after I canceled.

Each day, I run, work, talk to my parents, knit, and do a little around the house. I try not to sit too long. I have dogs so I’m able to take them out for walks. I’ve only been out of the house in the past two weeks to run and see my boyfriend. Haven’t been to the store for almost two weeks. Starting Monday, I will be babysitting for a girl who has no childcare on the days she has to be in her office. It will only be a day here and there because she is mostly working from home. It’s going to be the new norm and it’s very strange. Hang in there!

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