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April 17, 2020



No big plans here. The boyfriend is getting take out tonight and grilling sometime so I’m off the hook with cooking for a couple more days. Plus, we have some leftover ham for one more meal. I want to start Reverberate this weekend. I got Pierre back out and still working on my pink Painted Bricks. I’m using HHF Sorry No Sorry for my MC and ended up with 16 CCs. Lol. The colors make me so happy! I need to finish something soon. I keep starting more projects and I think I have over 60 UFOs now or more. 😂🤷‍♀️ Dogs are still sleeping so I’m sneaking some extra knitting time before getting up to work. I do need to clean. My parents are coming after next weekend. I have a table I need to clean off too! Thanks for the motivation! I’ve been telling my mom for way too many visits that I’ll have that table cleaned off this time. I use my dining room table for blocking so I need that extra table so I can start blocking again! Grass is mowed and I think it’s going to start warming up! I’m looking forward to fire pits and deck knitting! Hope you have a good weekend!


Thank you for putting a smile on my face this morning.


These are so funny, especially the dinner one!

I’m reorganizing my stash and putting together all the skeins I bought specifically for projects so I don’t accidentally use them for something else. Right now, everything is in a big bin.

If the weather cooperates, I hope to start prepping the vegetable garden for spring planting.

I hope you have a great weekend!


Thanks for the laughs! I especially like the one about road construction. They’re redoing the spaghetti bowl just west of downtown where the Dan Ryan, Ike, & Kennedy expressways meet & lane changes on the Ike just west if there. I swear it is actually taking about 31/2 years to do it. If they actually spent more time working on it, it’d get done in half the time or less. We go through that interchange every 2 weeks & have only seen actual workers a handful of times! I’m trying to decide what to do with my $1200. My intention is to spend it at small businesses especially woman owned ones. Some, of course, will go to SSYC but I have to figure out where else. I’d like to divvy it up. I don’t need any pajamas - being retired I already have a lot of them 😉. Don’t know if we’ll get any snow; it may be confined to the south suburbs but, either way, I’m sick of cold & wet weather!


Loved the road construction one. I pulled out all the leftover Vesper sock yarn and will be making one sock of each color for a 10 yr old girl who does not wear matching socks. I then went to Costco...yes, I did...and managed to get everything we needed and was hoping for frozen veggies to stretch out trips for fresh veggies bit all I could find was Spanakopita. I made the supreme "sacrifice" ;) and bought it. They had Costco-sized coffee creamer and I thought of you. Have a great weekend. I am ready to knit!


Thanks for the laughs. I liked them all. Snowing here in Southeast Michigan but it will be 50 degrees tomorrow so the pretty white stuff will not last. I’ve been organizing stash and found some yarn that I had neglected to add to my Ravelry stash, that was like finding candy. Trying to stay on task, start and finish a project. DH ( does DH stand for Dumb Husband?) had to go to Walmart yesterday. He comes back with groceries but does he wash his hands ? NOOOOOO. Is making me crazy 😜.
Allison, about your method of bring groceries into your home, NO, I DO NOT THINK IT IS OVERKILL. I believe you are being very smart and cautious.
So knit on Ladies and Gents, Stay safe, Stay in, Stay Alive.


Love the funnies! The El Arroyo sign is from where we used to live - they always have the greatest sayings on their signs!

Me, I am going finish a sock, start another sock or two and make some masks!


My three kids are driving me nuts. My husband is grouchy working from home and nowhere to go. He is a social butterfly. I am more like a hermit crab. It's too peoply in my house.

I used to be an infectious disease epidemiologist at my state health department. Some of my former colleagues who are still there are donning PPE and going into the nursing homes where people are sick. My friend who is an RN, MPH, PhD epidemiologist did that this week. I miss working in public health.

I have worked from home as a writer for nearly nine years. As a 1099er, I am not sure how this will economically fall out for me. I am taking projects I wouldn't usually do and creating COVID-19 related content for businesses that need to update their marketing in order to reflect the current conditions.

Since I work for myself, it's hard to stop. I know you know this problem! Setting boundaries is hard. I always need to be doing stuff.

This weekend, I hope to do a little more yard clean-up in my flower gardens. Today was rainy in Ohio, so I did all the laundry. I won't have to go to the grocery store until early to middle of next week.

I have a very good friend who is in recovery from COVID-19. She was diagnosed 33 days ago, and is only 40 years old. Her recovery has been very difficult. She had to go to the ER last weekend for oxygen, as her blood O2 was below 90 all night (she has an oximeter). I have been texting with her to check in and see if she needs anything.

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