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April 20, 2020



We had a truckload of mulch delivered to our house last week (and we hustled to spread it before it snowed)! One upside of the at-home restrictions is that without weekend sports, errands, etc. we have more time for yard work. It feels nice to get outside and gives me a sense of accomplishment. Our yard has never looked so good!


I have three kids who have to do at-home learning... overwhelmed with too many platforms, logins, sites to check. No single place to find all the assignments for each kid, etc. It's a mess :(

My 7 year old does like sorting coins though, she had an activity with that last week!


Thanks for posting your sourdough adventures. Looking forward to it when Flour is more consistently available here.


I think legos are great. Worth the money!

And they are expensive!

Not quite fair (the cost)

Keep buying them !

I think i should be sending some to my grandkids... ages 10 8 and 5.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!!! Last time i read the box description. Sad i can’t support a really good toy store...

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