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April 06, 2020



So last night I remembered I wanted to order something so I could of course get the bag!! In my search I found that you had listed some of the DIC Colossal yarn in the SALE section. I got two hanks of the Milky Sprite.( I almost ordered 3 - it was that beautiful) This morning I see that it is already gone. So glad I remembered last night to look on your site!!
We moved to the lake in January and our lives changed just because of that and the then the Covid-19. We are just taking it day by day.


Yes. We are on the struggle bus with school stuff. I have 1st, 4th and 7th grade kids. Every teacher is using multiple platforms. No single sign-in. No single way to keep track of what assignments, when they are due, which ones are missing vs complete. Currently 1st grader is having a fit.

Husband working from home. He's in IT and has our stuff set up in a convoluted way. So the kids can't figure out how to get to any site or use any camera, mouse etc. And I can't help because I don't know how he has it all configured. He's getting mad that they can't figure it out.


I’m almost ashamed to admit that my life hasn’t changed much. I’m retired & have fibromyalgia which is worst when temperature drops below about 60° & even worse with approaching lows (storm fronts). I usually do go out to a movie or book store about once a week. That’s pretty much all that’s changed. And I go to Northwestern Memorial Hospital where my doctor has his office every other week for a B12 shot. For the past month that’s all I’ve done. I found out that the CVS Minute Clinics will give the shot with a prescription on file. So right now I’m trying to get that done (can’t talk to anyone at the clinic so I don’t know if the prescription for cyanocobalamin [B12] is enough or if they need a prescription for the syringes too. I do worry about my DC daughter who has been told she’s essential & can’t work from home. She has to take ubers because public transportation in DC has pretty much stopped.


I have everything pretty much in control. We’re on break now so no work till next week. I do need to do a little prepping though. I’m helping out a colleague of my boyfriend. She is working from home most days but doesn’t have a sitter for all the days she has to go in to the office. Yesterday was my first day with the 8 year old girl. We had a great time! I think that will be a nice distraction. We are crafting! I’m teaching her to knit and play the piano. She is begging her mom to bring her back. Lol

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