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April 16, 2020



I have had good experiences at Aldi. I miss having Meijer around the corner (they closed that location a few years ago). What I can't find at Aldi, I get at Kroger.

I noticed an increase in produce prices also. I have autoimmune disease and am no-added-sugar and gluten-free because of it. Some produce went up by 50-100% in price (cucumbers, I'm looking at you)! There are no sales either, so everything is full price.

We are a family of five, and only have a regular size fridge with top freezer. I've been going shopping once or twice per week. I just got a mask from a neighbor. Before that, I tried the bandana thing with hair ties, but it would unfold itself in 15 minutes. The mask fogs my glasses. But I can't see without my glasses.

Try to bag my own groceries. I wait for people to pass me or move instead of standing next to them.

Elizabeth SanMiguel

Those carrots look fantastic. Have to try them someday.

Yes, the grocery bills are much higher now but not complaining because it is tough for all the people in the thread to get the food to us: farmers, factories, truckers, warehouses, stores, etc.

Be safe as you can. Be well.

Anissa Miller

You can make your own buttermilk in a pinch. It's just white vinegar added to milk. Google it for a specific recipe.


I’ve been going once a week to the grocery store. I’m spending way more on groceries because I’m cooking more. My boyfriend always pays when we go out and we’re not going out. lol. He does chip in though. He has some things to grill so I should get a break from cooking this weekend. I don’t think I’ll need to go back for another week but I’m almost out of fresh produce. One more avocado, one more salad (I make 5 or 6 at a time so they’re made for a quick meal) a few carrots. My boyfriend will run to the store if we need something since he lives in town. Hope if to make it without another huge grocery trip till after next weekend when my parents come. They’ll need fridge space since they’ll be on their way back to PA from FL. It’s an adjustment. This is the first week we can give new work to the students so I’ve been busy setting things up. Should go pretty smooth once we get in a routine. I only have one block of classes each day to have meetings for and post work. It’s nice because I can set my own schedule. I decided to have all my meetings in the afternoon so I can get out and run and sleep in and knit a little. Plus, I figured the kids would appreciate not having an 8 am meeting. This will be their only chance to sleep in! I’m also spending way more on yarn because ... I love it so much and why not!! Plus, I have more time to browse! Lol


My partner & I are both high risk both because of age & other medical conditions. So we mostly order online & have it delivered. I have to go out every other week to get my B12 shot for my pernicious anemia. My partner discovered that the Minute Clinics in CVS would give me the shot if they have a prescription on file. So I contacted my doctor’s office & asked them to send prescriptions to our closest CVS. Got my first one yesterday & was very pleased. So much easier than going down to Northwestern, paying $12 for parking & dealing with the traffic. Interestingly, the nurse at the Minute Clinic used to be an ICU nurse at Northwestern but switched to this when she became a mom because of the hours. I find I’m sleeping more & watching a lot of streaming especially Britbox & Acorn. I’m doing far less knitting because I always have a lot of pain this time of year. It’s looking almost certain that we’ll not be able to go in our family vacation Ireland this summer which kind of breaks my heart. But compared to what others are dealing with that’s nothing.


Forgot to mention that we too pretty much treat anything delivered the way you treat your groceries. We have an enclosed (unheated) front porch. So, except for perishables, everything sits on that porch for at least 2-3 days (even SS packages!). Then, when we bring it in, we wipe everything down with Clorox wipes. We’ve ordered pizza a few times & wipe the outside of the box with Clorox wipes before we open it. everybody stay safe.


My sweetie goes for groceries, etc., every two weeks. Did you know that Google will tell you when the stores are the quietest?
Meanwhile, I knit, sew, bake, and cook. I control the things I can.


I don’t have any great grocery tips, but there is a powdered form of buttermilk which keeps for a long time and works very well.

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