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April 05, 2020



Really digging the Yellow to Lime fade!

Diane N

I think the Silence was Golden speckle would make a great pair of socks!


Dragonfly Fibers colour Lichen would be my choice.

Sandy Harwood

Love Limelight by Dragonfly fibers!


I would have to go with the Party of Five, Botanica by SGY. I like the fading!

Donna Tritz

I love the Sweet Georgia Botanical fade. I used to dislike yellow tinged green. But one of my daughters loves it & about 12-13 years ago I knit a “slinky” cowl for her using 3 full skeins of a darker yellow-green DIC Classy; I can’t remember the name but I think it’s been discontinued. It’s gorgeous & I began to like the yellowish greens more. And I love the bright fresh yellow greens that scream SPRING to me.

Kate Greenwood

Silence was golden

This post is great as this winter I bought my first green skein like you’ve posted. It was Chartreuse (Tanis Fiber Arts) and I really didn’t know if I’d like it but it was so fun to pair with MadTosh Tacenda in a couple of Kentia hats.


I definitely lean towards the blue-green end of the spectrum, but there is something wonderful about a lime green. I think Silence is Golden would make a great pair of socks. Feet are such a great place to try out new colors.


I like to try Frog Prince by Yarn Love - the color looks lovely in your picture.


I am leaning towards the Frog Prince. Looks so soft and comfortable just what is needed at this time.

Theresa M

Agree with those who like the fade! I can see a cowl....


I like cooler greens, but that Botanica one is pretty!


The Botanical Fade is so pretty! I made her Swirl E socks and that was a fun knit!

Sarah S

I like the Maple Leaf color on Tosh Sock - I appreciate the slight yellow tones that blend with the green.

mary m cronk

pond scum - flock sock.

It is great sock yarn! It was hard to choose.

ravelry honkcronk


I like Maple Leaf on Tosh Sock. All the greens are very pretty, though.


Silence was Golden is spectacular but Madelinetosh Jade has always been my very favorite green!
Thanks for all these choices!


I love limes but for a long time hated lime green. I changed my mind thanks to a beautiful yarn in Texas bluebonnet colors, purchased at DFW Fiber Fest— blue-purple with little lime green speckles. I still do prefer it as an accent to a main color though :)

Perhaps because of this, I am most drawn to the Wonderland Yarns Yellow to Lime set.

Dana Snyder

I love green and especially love lime greens! I’d pick Yarn Love’s Frog Prince!

Rita Gosorn

sweetgeorgia, party of five, is perfect! 1st fade I've seen all in green! luv it. would love this for next year's st.paddy's birthday sox! I just got the Cheshire cat pattern for it and was going to it out of my stash

Brenda Michalsen

I love Silence Was Golden


Vrinda Sour Grass is my favorite of what you’ve shown. Thank you for the contest!


You are too funny. Green is not my color. I like the mini the best


I like Lichen. Not a fan of bright lime green...but think Lichen is a prettier shade of it.


For me, it’s the Frog a Prince by Yarnlove. I could use some sparkle in my life about now!


Loving the Party of Five and Maple Leaf.

Kristi Petersen

I’ve wanted to try a Party of Five by Sweet Georgia for ages, and Botanica looks like a great place to start!!


Sweetgeorgia Party of Five Botanica is my choice.
Stay safe to All.


My fav has to be Silence Is Golden. That would make an amazing pair of socks! I think the Walnut Street Pattern would be perfect for this colorway, too.


Loving the sour grass!

Diane MacMillan

I've fallen in love with speckled yarn, so my favorite is Silence Was Golden.

Nancy F

Silence was Golden!


I'm all about the sparkles - give me the Yarn Love Frog Prince.


Oooh! Love the queasy greens! Scorched Lime is a thing of beauty (though Pond Scum you are near and dear to my hearty) 💚💚💚


Definitely Maple Leaf.


Madelinetosh's Silence Was Golden definitely speaks to me!


Love, love, love Frog Prince! Color just screams spring!

Julie Olsen

I love Party of Five


I love Limelight by Dragonfly fibers and Pada Sour Grass@


Love the Frog Prince but fear I'm too late.

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