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April 18, 2020



I would love to see updates of how your shawl is coming along!!


My 40 year old friend has been sick for five weeks with COVID-19. Her test from last weekend was negative, so she has cleared the virus, but she still has shortness of breath, pain, fatigue, decreased mental acuity, low appetite and coughing. I've known her for 17 years. I used to be an infectious disease epidemiologist at my state health department, so I am worried about my friends who are still there and are now going out in the "field" where the cases are. My good friend who is an RN, MPH, PhD epidemiologist is going to nursing homes with cases. So I am worried a lot about my friends.

I'm worried about myself and my son. We have asthma, and I have Hashimoto's disease. I also have another issue that I need to see a specialist for - could be a sign of cancer, and my aunt who had this same symptom did indeed turn out to have metastatic cancer. But the specialist cannot see me until the middle of June because of the pandemic. I am hoping my problem is just a nuisance, but there is no way for me to know.

In the meantime, I am trying to eat as healthfully as possible and go for a 2-3 mile walk every day.

I have three school age kids, and between their at-home learning, my own sole proprietorship and my husband working from home, everyone is getting on my nerves.

I asked my friend if she would like some hand-knit socks. Her response was "HECK YEAH!" so I am going to shop from you today because she picked out some colors from your site :)


LOVE that MT yarn. Could you tell me which colorway it is, please? I’d love to knit a cardi using it.

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